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11 Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy on Instagram

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There is no question that social media marketing is one of the best approaches to build your brand and generate online sales. Social media is now looked at as an essential investment in one’s brand.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the top social media channels to market your business online. However, let’s talk about Instagram. It is one of the best social sites to advertise your content because it is mobile based and gets the highest engagement rates in 2019. If you’re just starting to marketing your business on Instagram take a look at this blog post on How to Improve the Instagram Presence for Your Business it is packed with actionable content just for IG. 

Tips for improving your content marketing strategy with Instagram and other tools

Below are 11 tips to improve your marketing strategy and boost up your customers and sales with Instagram and other tools:

  1. High-quality images

Instagram started as an image sharing app and images still are the main source of content on the platform. However, you have to post high-quality images to attract quality traffic. If you are using low-quality images, then the first thing you need to do is change. You may not need to upgrade to expensive camera equipment you may need to just improve the lighting and better views of the subject. For this purpose, try to shoot images from different angles so that you have plenty of options. Post the pictures on a consistent and continuous basis. Consistently is key to social media marketing. You want your audience coming back craving more content. This is how your engagement rate skyrockets. The pictures should be relevant to the brand and combined with a caption that matches the brand persona. Moreover, the pictures should produce astonishing and eye-catching scenes that attract everyone.

2. Continuous videos and stories

According to some researches, only 10% of social media posts are videos. These sites are craving video and high-quality video content gets high engagement rates because there simply just is not enough of it. Just like image content videos should be relevant to the topic and well made. Try to apply some video, filters, animations, and stickers to add special effects. A video editor app I use for Instagram is shot this free app is packed with tons of editing features you can make on your iPhone. Here’s a review on the app that mentions, “Great app! I definitely recommend it!! I use it on my iPhone for mostly my Instagram stories and it’s simple, quick and intuitive to use!!”

Instagram and Facebook now have stories option. Which means your followers can easily find the new stories at the top of their feed. It is the same feature as Snapchat stories feature. You want to aim at being the first one of their storylines with cool engaging content to stay on the top of your audience’s mind.

3. Quick replies for comments and direct messages

When people are commenting on your marketing posts, it means your post has an influence on the people. You should take advantage of the situation. Make quick replies of the comments and direct messages. Moreover, if you are taking more than 24 hours to respond, the visitors will think that they are not the first priority. So, make a habit for quick replies. Direct message your followers and let them know your specials and develop relationships without being salesy. Moreover, ask individuals to share your post on their account or stories.

4. Using of trendy hashtags

Using hashtags can increase views on your content. Using hashtags increases the life of your posts on Instagram, to find popular and relevant hashtags you can use a tool like this just enter the keywords related to your post. Furthermore, you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram to boost up your post. Hashtags show up in the Instagram search feature and the ones with the best social engagement are featured at the top.

5. Attachments and links

Links and URLs can funnel your social traffic. However, Instagram only allows one link in the profile section. Use this section wisely. One tool I use is called LinkTree, Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a consultant, a brand or run an agency. With the tool you’ll get one bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers too.

6. Use friendly and relatable language

Humour is a very important part when you are engaging with your customers. When you try to increase sales and make new customers try to include some humor added to your posts. Use very inspiring and friendly language that is relatable to your post. Influence the visitors by making your daily posts more effective. Try to link with them and answer them in every possible way.

Additionally, try to influence your followers by speaking to them naturally and not like a robot or by using jargon. As an internet marketing consultant, this is a skill I have had to work on when speaking with clients as they do not understand my jargon on SEO, analytics, etc. You can also use emojis and special characters that are on trend in discussions.

7. Ask for honest reviews

Influencers are daily consumers so people trust them. Try to ask for honest reviews for your daily posts from influencers. One way I do this is by giving Instagram influencers free product in exchange for an honest review of my product in the image or video-based content. I typically target micro influencers because they have some of the best social engagement with loyal fan bases. Most micro influencers are just starting out, therefore, are willing to work in exchange for free product. In most cases, this is a win-win for both parties.

8. Offer discounts and exclusive offers

Boost up your followers by offering them several offers. Offering discounts can really help increase your sales. When you offer a discount, although your profit diminishes per unit, you increase your following, sales, and profits in aggregate. Furthermore, there will be more traffic on your IG accounts.

9. Business account

If you are using Instagram or other social sites for your business advertisement, then your business and personal account should be separate. One reason is that visitors feel uncomfortable when they see personal posts instead of business posts.

10. Consistent name and profile picture

When you are marketing your products on Instagram, you need a representable profile. People and visitors will know you because of your brand name and logo. So, try to be consistent with your name and profile photo so anyone can identify your business easily. One way you can do this is by using a tool like Canva to add a watermark of your logo on your image posts. 

11. Strategically targeting with Instagram paid ads

Paid ads on Instagram will help your content to reach a targeted audience faster than you would be able to organically. When setting up ads on Instagram you want to research your target audiences’ demographics so that you have the information to laser target them with the ads. This is where most people fail in the Instagram ad setup process costing them thousands in wasted ad spend. By matching your ads with the appropriate audience this will help improve your relevance score on the platform and your content will be served to the people who are most likely to engage with the content.

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