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How to Improve the Instagram Presence for Your Business

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It can be challenging to manage your business and still have time to be active on Instagram. If you are struggling to have a presence on Instagram, then this article is for you. Here is how to go about it:

1. Photo Optimization

Be sure to use interesting, attention-grabbing, and clear photos. While Instagram offers various filters to edit your photos, other photo-editing applications can boost your pictures further. These apps can be found on Google Play and iTunes, and provide you with better alternatives to the usual Instagram filters.

The color of your pictures plays an essential role in grabbing attention. Research by Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab of MIT discovered what grabs attention regarding online photos. The research showed that pictures that display reddish tones were more famous than those that used a greenish tone that ranked second, or pictures having a bluish tone that came in last. The research was able to develop an algorithm that could predict the popularity of a photo on social media.

2. Maintain the Frequency of Posting

The consensus regarding Instagram publishing is that you have to post at least twice per day, or more. To receive the highest engagement, pick the times when your photos will obtain the most amount of activity. Some tools will offer you a report showing the best days and times to post, depending on the activity of your account.

Instagram fails to allow for the scheduling of posts through third parties. This means that you always have to post manually. However, you can find Instagram management and scheduling apps that will remind you to post on Instagram at your preferred times.


3. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags during posting can aid in the increase in the number of followers. For instance, if you post a picture of organic lunch and tag it using #organiclunch, your photo will be available to anyone clicking on or searching for the organic lunch hashtag.

To effectively use a hashtag, keep it relevant to the image you want to post. If you are not sure about the hashtag you should use, look into what other similar businesses and check the hashtags they are using. Various apps aid you in finding popular hashtags for numerous industries. Such apps can allow for saving of custom lists, and you can copy and paste the hashtags to utilize in your Instagram post. Some apps allow users to develop one custom list for free and upgrade to maintain additional lists.

In case you own a regular store, be sure to tag photos with your location. Users on Instagram can click the location and view pictures that other people have posted regarding your business.

4. Include Captions on Your Posts

Use straightforward and short captions to inform your followers about the events in the picture. If you would like your followers to take action such as visiting your store or website, inform them in the caption. You can direct users to click a link on your profile. Additionally, request your followers to tag other users to result in more Instagram followers for you.


5. Run Contests

Encourage your followers to participate in a contest through the use of a special hashtag particularly linked to it. For instance, you could run a contest requesting users to post an image of themselves with their ugliest scarf on and utilize the hashtag #uglyscarfcontest for an opportunity to win a prize. Additionally, you can request users to like your photo for a chance to win. Place those who like the photo in a draw to win the item in the picture. If you are unable to run a successful contest, you can hire companies that do the work of running successful contests. These companies allow you to view the current contests to get an idea of running your own.

6. Generate New Followers

You can do this by finding and following other users on Instagram as you like, comment, and share their images. Many will follow you. Similar to having emotional intelligence in the workplace, it is important to have emotional intelligence on Instagram by understanding other users and communicating with them on a level that shows you understand them.

7. Advertise

Instagram recently started allowing advertisements to be made. Both small and large businesses can advertise to their users. But you will need to utilize the ad platform of Facebook to advertise on Instagram. The platform offers a variety of options depending on your goals, including Video Views, Clicks to Website, App Installs, App Engagement, and Brand Awareness. Additionally, Facebook needs you to use Power Editor, which is a browser plugin, to post an ad on Instagram and offers a tutorial on how to use the tool to develop ads.

8. Pick an Instagram Aesthetic

Looks are essential on Instagram. You require adopting a general brand aesthetic to your account and stick to it. This will aid in attracting the proper audience for your brand and develop an engaged community. For instance, a fashion account could have sexy and sleek images while a lifestyle account could have brighter photos. Search for what is suitable for you and ensure your feed is attractive to look.

9. Maintain a Consistent Look

Successful Instagram accounts are known for being consistent. Consider using one or two filters only, and use them on all your photos. Having a limited range of filters to pick from can enable you in developing a niche for your account, and help in building your brand recognition.


Use of Instagram can be beneficial in building a successful brand as well as generate leads, sales, and loyal customers. Use these nine tips to improve your Instagram presence and create a loyal following.

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