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How To Overcome Your Productivity Addiction For Better?

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Even after reading hundreds of articles and motivational quotes, if you are stuck in a parallel world of your thoughts on how to boost your productivity, then you are at the right place. We are here to tell you some of the tips we feel can help improve productivity at your workspace.

Have you ever thought of being super productive today, and ended scrolling in your phone throughout the day? Sometimes even after working so hard, we can’t figure out why couldn’t we put our best foot forward today. If you apply these techniques, improving your productivity at work will be much easier.

How to be more productive at the workplace

1. Making it clutter-free:

The number one tip to boost productivity is to clear all the clutter in your workspace. The more clutter you will have in your workspace, you would be more stressed. Try to remove the papers lying on your desk from the last century and files which aren’t urgent. You can also scan and keep the electronic copy if you don’t want to search for it again. And also keep clutter away from your desktop so that you can focus on tasks that are essential and urgent. As per a survey conducted by OfficeMax, 77% of the working force said clutter damaged their productivity. You should make sure all your files are not in one place either physically or electronically. And don’t create too many subfolders that it makes a hard task to find the one you need. Also, follow a consistency between your local file system and electronic file system.

2. Add colors to your files

Science has proved that having color codes in your file system will let you stay organized. Your job will be a lot easier if you have color codes for your files. You will be able to find the data you need in no effort at all and be super productive. It can also change your mood and make you want to work even more.

3. Put a timer on your desk

More often, when we work, we quickly get disturbed by notifications on our phones or other distractions. The scientific way to deal with this problem is to work in small blocks of time. For example, you take out 25 minutes to do a specific task, put all your distractions away, and then take a 5-minute break to do whatever you want in it. And for that, you would need a timer so buy a good one and put it in front of your eyes so that you can keep a check on it.

4. Seed a plant

Sometimes little things add up planting a tree might seem to have no relation with productivity, but the people who have used this technique feel quite the opposite. Planting a tree makes your office livelier and increases workspace satisfaction. It will also give a cleaner air in your workspace, helping in having pleasant thoughts. As per a study, planting a tree at your workspace can increase productivity by 15%.

5. Outsource your minimal tasks

To get things done faster, you can also outsource your work like social media marketing or content writing jobs to other people. This way you can focus on better things, that are more important to you. One such company is Cannibals Media which you can outsource your content writing gigs.

6. Personalize your workspace

It is also advised to put personal items in your workspace to build up the connection with your office. But this doesn’t mean you put so much personal stuff that it looks clutter. Choose only those personal items which are meaningful and inspire you to work even more. You can also set your own goals on the wall which you want to achieve.

7. Paste your to-do list in front

Your to-do list for today should be the first thing you see when you start working. Make sure you make to the point crisp major tasks and compartmentalize your day based on those tasks. Most of the people start making a to-do list, but when they can’t complete it, they quit. But not leaving is a big success in itself. Don’t include too many impossible tasks, start with small jobs, and increase the intensity of functions day by day.

8. Comfortable Furniture

It sounds like a small thing but it can make or break your concentration level. Don’t spend too much on lavish furniture to make sure the colors aren’t too bright, the chairs are comfortable, and the table is friendly. A good chair will not be a pain in your back and let you concentrate freely.

9. Lighting

One more important factor often neglected by many is the lighting of your workspace. Ensure that appropriate light is at your workspace with accent lighting. Changes in lighting can decide your mood while working and also destress you when the work pressure is high. Choose lights that don’t harm your eyes and the environment.


So, we hope that if you follow these tips by heart, you can make your workspace super productive and perform your best. We often forget these things when we are finding the reasons for lousy unproductive days. But after following these tips, you will only get better at productivity. There is no way back.

And the most important thing to remember is to respect your workspace like a temple. Your workspace can make your career and life, so if you maintain it properly, do all the hard work, success will fall into its place.

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