Work Plan


The Small Business Owner’s Daily Work Checklist

Successful business owners regularly assess their progress towards goals to ensure they’re on track. In this post, Kelly Brown explains why and how a daily checklist can be a powerful tool to kick off your day. We all have emergencies that enter into our world. But if we let ourselves be driven by the latest […]
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saving money


Smart Moves that Will Increase Your Financial Flow

When it comes to financing, there is a straightforward rule. If you are looking to generate wealth and ensure your financial future, only earning more money won’t be enough. Instead, you will need to learn what to do with that money. The secret to improving your financial flow lies in finding different ways to make […]
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A Comprehensive Guide to Shares When Starting a New Limited Company

Learn all about shares and share structures if you are thinking about starting a new company Who is a shareholder? A shareholder is referred to as a person, company or an organization who owns shares in a limited company. The number of shares held by a shareholder indicates the percentage ownership of that person in […]
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How to Learn Digital Marketing? The First Steps

It is hard to find a lucrative business without an effective digital marketing strategy. Therefore, qualified marketers are in high demand in the job market today. Every business, no matter its size, strives to hire an experienced marketer, who will build an effective digital campaign to attract as many clients as possible. Whether you run […]
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Frequently Asked Questions Dynamics 365

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has created a stir right from the announcement of its release. There have been many speculations, assumptions and, most importantly, questions regarding this new line of business solution, introduced by Microsoft. It is undeniable that we cannot answer all the questions or clear all the doubts. However, we can attempt to help, […]
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Investment Property Tips

Things to Know When Investing in a Property Somewhere

The housing market in Costa Rica remains abuzz due to its robust tourism business. Tourists from North America, Germany, France, Berlin, and other parts of the world arrive here for a memorable vacation. Since they fall in love with this place so much, they end up buying properties here. The evidence of it lies in […]
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Accountant Can Help Your Startup Grow


How Startups Can Leverage Social Media

Social media has taken over the world. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t created a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or one of the scores of other platforms out there.  Because of its cost-effectiveness in reaching thousands of people with just a single post, social media serves as an outstanding marketing tool […]
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Reasons Why Startups Must Use CRM

10 Reasons Why Startups Must Use CRM for Success and Growth

According to studies conducted by professional marketing strategists, at the time of introducing CRM systems to any kind of business, 54 percent of entrepreneurs identified an increase in the working tempo as the main expectation of the integration procedure. In addition to increasing working speed, using CRM systems for startup projects has several advantages, including […]
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