VoIP Session Border Controller a Must For VoIP Service Providers

VoIP service providers interface with bulk telecom carriers on one side and with their wholesale and retail customers on the other. A typical setup includes class 4/5 Softswitch at the core with the session border controller as the outlier to provide security and other important functions. The SBC solution may be hardware-based but in today’s […]
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5 Effective Web Design Tips To Improve Site Bounce Rate

A website is only as good as the number of eyes on the page at a given time. If you’re someone who garners consistent traffic but fails to turn those visitors into customers or long-term readers, then you have an issue with the bounce rate. What is the bounce rate? Simply put, bounce rate is […]
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What Features Do You Really Need For Your Healthcare App?

Thanks to the healthcare apps, we all have a tiny doctor right in our pockets. Whether we have a serious health condition or merely trying to keep track of our health and body, the mHealth apps have become a constant in all our lives. And with that in mind, the app makes and inventors have […]
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Remote Working and Healthy Teams

There is lots of advice on how to manage your business in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, but not enough is being said about the potential impact working at home has on your teams mentally. As potentially millions of people across the country make a sudden switch to working from home full time, we […]
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Automation: The Buzz Word in Accounting

The world is being disrupted by automation. All professional fields are undergoing a sea change with the introduction of automation. Automation aims at deleting all repetitive and boring manual work from the life of professionals. This would leave them free to do more challenging work and also give them the freedom to take on more […]
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What’s Trending in Incident Management Software Industry?

Incident Management Software Solutions help organizations in handling incidents and accidents and preventing their reoccurrence. The software is designed not to just log the recent incidents; there are a lot more things done with the system’s assistance. IMS systems initially log all incidents and accidents that have happened at the premises of the company. Some […]
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The Different User Training Approaches for SharePoint

SharePoint is a popular business collaboration tool that has powered more than 85% of the fortune 500 companies. Whether you are planning to increase your business impact or gain some marketable skills, it is essential to learn how to use SharePoint for better collaboration and benefits. Due to the popularity of the platform, SharePoint benefits […]
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Outsource Web Design Projects to Deliver Better Quality Services

As the IT industry is booming at its full swing, the businesses tend to adopt a smarter approach for gaining success. Web design outsourcing has greatly affected the way businesses work. It has become a crucial part of modern-day business and largely contributes to business growth. Businesses prefer outsourcing their functions like manufacturing, operations, sales, […]
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Top 10 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Through Web Design

The birth of e-commerce started a radical shift in the way people shop. All around the world, the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and is taking over the business game. Most companies without an online platform are suffering a significant loss of customer and profit since e-commerce is becoming a highly preferred industry […]
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