Keeping Remote Employees Engaged and Why It’s Important

Employee Engagement, an often misunderstood yet crucial term. Most of us know that employee engagement is a good thing, with a general understanding that it brings a range of benefits. We also know that it’s difficult to accomplish, especially when working with remote employees. Below you’ll find more information on how employee engagement can benefit […]
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What Is Customer Feedback and Why Is It so Relevant for Your Business?

The term customer feedback refers to the information that comes directly from consumers about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction they experience regarding a certain product or service. In other words, it is all the information generated by consumers and/or buyers of a certain brand. This information comes in many formats (e.g., text or speech) and through […]
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Income Producing Niches Online

Are you looking to create some income online and using niches online? Online market research or finding a niche is critical to the success of your online business. In order to sell products and services online, you need to know your niche’s needs and wants are and then make sure your product or service meets […]
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Online Businesses Propelling in This Tech Storm

Autumn is lingering to its end. We can feel the cool winter breeze settle in. The warmth of sweaters and cardigans, and the cozy feeling of woolen blankets, that makes us want to laze in bed all day, yes winters are finally here! Taking a comprehensive trip into the world of fashion, we realize how […]
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Marketing Strategies to Build a Diverse Customer Base

Building a diverse customer base should be your number one priority, no matter your company’s sector, strategy or developmental stage – startup or established business. With a broad clientele come other operational challenges, but those are offset by the increased sales you can derive over time. To diversify your customer base, you can use many […]
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15 Tools to Improve Your Social Media ROI (on a Budget!)

For businesses seeking to boost their social media presence on a budget, 2015 was an excellent year. A whole new menu of amazing tools has been released, and some older ones have been reimagined. Here are 15 of the best social media tools for businesses on a budget. Use to shorten even […]
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Strategies for eCommerce Mobile Application Development

The real value of e-commerce mobile application lies in the notion that it “extends, augments, and transforms” the customer experience in digital commerce.  To provide a seamless mobile-first experience, an application should be scalable and build using the principle of continuous integration. What it requires is just right people, right processes, and the right technology. […]
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