VAT Domestic Reverse Building And Construction Sector


VAT Domestic Reverse Charge – Building And Construction Sector

The Impact of the VAT Domestic Reverse Charge for the Construction Industry, and what it means for you From the 1st of October 2019, the UK will introduce VAT domestic reverse charges for building and construction services. The move aims at combating VAT fraud in the sector. Some of the areas that will experience a […]
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Tourism Industry in China

Tourism Industry in China – Statistics and Facts

China Tourism China the travel industry has seen extraordinary advancement as of late because of the reasonable monetary development, the further execution of the Reform and Opening-up Policy, just as the considerable increment in individuals’ close to home salary. The colossal outbound market has drawn the consideration of the world. The local market continues growing […]
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Overseas Income Remittance Basis


Overseas Income Remittance Basis

Global & UK Income, and how resident and domicile status impacts your tax position REMITTANCE BASIS: Remittance Basis is the basis of taxation that is an addition to the standard tax rules, which is applicable to residents of the UK who aren’t domiciled in the UK. Such taxation requires the resident to be taxed on […]
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Users Abandon Apps

Why Users Abandon Apps After Just One Use

It’s a discouraging fact that millions of apps are launched in the App store every year, however, only a handful of them become popular enough to generate revenue. Furthermore, some of the apps don’t have a single download. Alternatively, from the lucky apps that do get installed, only a few of them are successful in […]
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Best Free Notepads

5 Best Free Notepads

Who doesn’t love free software that does the job just as good, or even better– than the one you have to drop all your coins for? That’s why we have compiled this list of five best free notepads software you can download right now and install in a matter of minutes. 1. Notepad++ First on […]
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Why Your Agile Project Fail and How to Prevent It


6 Reasons Why Your Agile Project Fail and How to Prevent It

Agile project management uses an iterative approach to plan and guide projects. It involves completing tasks in small sections called iterations, instead of delivering a comprehensive solution at once. This makes it different from conventional methods such as Waterfall Methodology and Standard software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) which are known to be slow and inefficient in […]
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