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Switching to a VoIP Phone System Means a Better Future

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The Public Switched Telephone Network is slowly being phased out globally. It is possible that you may not have a lot of choices soon with regards to phone solutions. Fortunately, due to the evolution of technology, now we have Cloud phone systems. Unlike the old days choosing the best phone system for business in 2020 can be tricky for some. The business phone system’s capabilities and uses are gradually expanding. A business needs vastly more advanced features from its communication system than making and receiving phone calls. For example, companies nowadays want video calls, faxing, conferencing, voicemail, auto-attendants, music-on-hold, instant messages, and many other features at the same time.

Research shows that companies and employees appreciate those telephone providers who can provide these features. According to 67% of employees, they achieve better workflow with these features. At the same time, 65% want to increase productivity with their telephone solution. With the fantastic results that VoIP phone system offers, we should expect the surge in the number of the business adopting this telephone system. With a hosted VoIP system, companies can increase their productivity and consolidate all communication tools at one podium. With an upsurge in selecting cloud-based phone services, you also get a large number of providers to choose from. Hence, in this article, we are going to help you determine which phone system is well suited for your business.

How to Choose the Best-Hosted VoIP Phone System for Business?

These days you have a plethora of VoIP telephone system services in the digital market. Therefore, choosing the best telephone system that suits your business needs has slightly become more challenging. Accordingly, leading telecom companies now keenly focusing their efforts on IP phone systems, the telecommunication market has plenty of systems and services with negotiable budgets. So, anyone can find VoIP phone services according to their budget with the same beneficial features. According to the result of a survey, VoIP business is one the leading online telephone provider in the UK among SMB’s. In addition, this system is ideal for small and medium-sized companies. There are several considerations that your business needs to make while selecting IP phones. Few of them are;

  • Which feature is beneficial for the business?
  • How will the business’ growth plan impact the VoIP telephone system?
  • Number of extensions needed for the business
  • How many VoIP phone lines the business need?

These few questions might help you in choosing the right and best suitable service for your business.

VoIP vs. Traditional PSTN Systems

Different business VoIP providers in the UK offer telephone services with different budgets and priorities. Service takers become confused when they are presented with a lot of options. And, in this confusion, they get back to PSTN and forget about VoIP. VoIP telephonic system offers a considerable number of benefits over the traditional phonics system. Let’s discuss both telephone systems to understand their qualities and drawbacks better.

PSTN Phone Systems

It stands for Public switched telephone network. The majority of us grew up with these standard telephones. One can easily understand this system, and it is a quite mature and reliable technology. It has been tried and tested. But, as a business expands and wants more productivity, this old technology cannot fulfill every business’ needs. Also, these traditional landline systems have become a lot more expensive for international calls. Companies want instant messaging, faxing, video calls, and other features that PSTN is unable to provide.  This is one of the main reasons why people adopt a hosted VoIP phone system for their business.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. The system successfully routes voice traffic over an available internet connection. These systems not only reduce the extra expenditures but also do not need any PBX. A user can easily use all features (video calls, instant messaging, etc.) at very low rates. And, this is the reason why business prefers it more.

How Many Types of VoIP Phones Are There?

VoIP phone systems are flexible, reliable, and scalable and offer comfortable calling solutions. There are three leading telephone systems including;

  • VoIP Conferencing Phones  

These internet phones are mostly used in a large organization for conferencing purposes.

  • Wireless VoIP Phone Systems for Business  

According to the name, these systems have built-in DECT transceiver or WiFi.  These cordless phones allow users to move freely and work remotely.

  • VoIP Softphones

Softphones are software that can be easily installed onto a computer system to equip users with the facility to receive and make the calls. Android or iOS users can also use these apps. VoIP softphones are tremendously useful for remote workers.

I hope that this guide provides you with the information that you need to make a wise decision for your business. If you want to understand the VoIP system more read the pros and cons of VoIP phone systems.

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