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How Mobile Apps Are Driving Business Growth in Every Industry

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Are you a business owner or industry leader trying to find ways to grow your company? Developments like technological innovations and globalization have resulted in a more competitive business environment in every industry. To achieve a competitive edge over your rivals requires adopting the latest technologies, like mobile apps, to promote and manage your company.

The use of highly-interactive mobile apps from developers like Rocket Lab can make the difference between surviving and thriving in the marketplace. Whether you are a startup or a significant market player, promoting your business is crucial to expanding your reach and achieving more sales and revenues. According to mobile developer Mariusz Karwowski, mobile apps can provide unique experiences for your clients and help your business in various ways.

Ways Mobile Apps Can Enhance Your Business

Almost all people nowadays own smartphones where they can access information and essential services anytime and anywhere. To increase your engagement with these potential customers, you need to have a mobile app or website adapted for mobile. Based on a 2018 Clutch study, 42% of small businesses already have mobile apps, while 30% plan to create one sooner than later. Here are some of the benefits mobile apps provide for your business:

  • Mobile notifications – Mobile apps allow you to notify your customers about things like promotions, new products or services, and other related information. Instant notifications open a new window of communication with customers while increasing engagement and loyalty.
  • In-app payments – Being able to offer convenient and user-friendly payment systems through mobile apps help reduce customer apprehension and attract customers to your business.
  • A/B testing – Mobile apps can help you better determine customer needs and develop marketing strategies by optimizing user interface (UI) and customer experience (UX to target specific customer groups.
  • Geolocation – Through this feature, you can monitor the locations of your customers, enabling you to offer coupons or discounts to your customers automatically when they are near your vicinity, further boosting sales.

Industries Benefiting from Mobile App Technology.

Mobile app development is thriving due to the benefits they provide to customer experience, engagement, and business success. By creating a mobile app customized for your business, can significantly improve productivity and profitability. Here are the most notable industries which mobile apps have proven very worthwhile:

Hotel and Restaurants

Anyone who has ordered a takeaway meal or browsed an online menu, booked a room, function, or corporate function would be aware of the convenience and insights apps provide.  Mobile apps have shown to significantly increase customer experience and business profitability in the foodservice industry.


The global healthcare mobile app market is increasing exponentially. Based on Zion Market Research data, the healthcare industry is projected to grow from 8 billion dollars in 2018 to 111.1 billion dollars by 2025. Among the benefits of mobile apps in the market are remote patient monitoring, hospital visit scheduling, patient record management, and online consultation with physicians.

Due to the growing interest people have shown in their health and wellbeing, the number of healthcare and medical apps launched in the market has increased significantly. Examples of healthcare apps are those designed to assist with medication and chronic care management, general health, and fitness apps. In contrast, medical apps focus on areas that support healthcare professionals and healthcare efficiency.  Some examples of medical apps include consulting and communication apps, medical education apps, patient management, and monitoring apps.


Mobile apps are revolutionizing the transportation sector. The emergence and success of ridesharing services like Uber, Grab, and Lyft was due to their use of mobile apps to engage and transact business with customers. Benefits include enhanced vehicle safety, operational efficiency, real-time monitoring of vehicles, prompt payments, better customer experience, and less paperwork.


The advent of the Internet has resulted in the growing popularity of online education worldwide. The use of mobile apps in the sector increased the interest of students in learning and facilitated the continuous training of teachers. These apps also improved communication between teachers and students and allowed students to access online learning resources anytime and anywhere. 

Other benefits of mobile educational apps are seen in areas like content development, infrastructure development, curriculum planning, and academic administration. The use of mobile apps during the COVID-19 pandemic is envisaged to increase growth exponentially. 


E-commerce is a particularly competitive area that has prompted a growing number of online stores to integrate augmented reality (AR) technology into their sites and apps. With this technology, customers can see a 360-degree view of products, making it easier to decide whether to buy it or not.  The other benefits include push notifications of promotions and online sales, 24/7 customer services, product promotions, and reputation management.

Travel and Tourism

Mobile apps continue to revolutionize how the industry is doing business. Tourism companies use apps to improve their brand image and grow their business. Travelers, meanwhile, are benefiting from these apps by using features like maps, weather forecasts, and information about hotels, restaurants, and stores/shopping malls.

The other advantages of mobile apps to the sector include seamless customer data management, one-stop booking solutions, improved customer communication, and reduction in delays and costs.


Harsh competition in this sector has prompted service providers to look for ways to improve their delivery of service and overall productivity. By using enterprise apps, they can improve their customer service, expand their reach and brand visibility, and better monitor their operations. Through these apps, they can also integrate things like exclusive offers, billing information, customer support, and payment options.


Financial technologies and mobile apps are changing the way banks conduct business. Many financial institutions launched mobile apps to ensure a seamless banking experience for their customers.  Some of the benefits these apps provide include convenient banking transactions, ease of access to your bank account, better financial services, and personalized experience.

Games and Entertainment

The use of mobile apps in the gaming and entertainment sectors is increasing rapidly.  Based on data, the global gaming market was worth an estimated 152 billion dollars in 2019. Meanwhile, the entertainment sector is using apps to advertise songs, videos, and films before their release. With excellent user experience, accessibility, user-friendly interfaces, and live alerts, mobile apps continue to make a difference in the industries.


Manufacturers around the world are continually finding ways to boost their productivity, efficiency, and product quality at reduced costs to gain a competitive market share. Mobile apps are proving to be an effective solution to these goals. Through the use of these apps, many manufacturers were able to meet the expectations of their business partners and customers in terms of product quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps are radically transforming the way every industry approaches business. Improvements are reflected in operational efficiency while reducing costs and driving business growth.  As a business owner or industry leader, your decision to use a mobile app, and how well it meets the needs of your audience can significantly influence business growth. Choosing a reputable mobile app developer like Rocket Lab with proven development experience helps better guarantee the success of your business app.

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