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Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes to Survive in the Amazon Marketplace

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Amazon sellers and FBA veterans are making mistakes throughout their selling journeys. Some Amazon FBA sellers’ mistakes are less damaging while others can end up costing thousands of dollars. As a seller, it becomes very important that you should take Amazon Account Health Improvement tasks very seriously. So here, we have listed some of the common mistakes that you should avoid as an Amazon seller to survive for the long term on Amazon Marketplace.

Here are some of the worst mistakes you could make as an Amazon seller:

Mistake 1: Ignoring the Competition

If you are not performing well for a certain period, then it can lead to a survival threat on this competitive platform. When you do the product research make sure to take note of the competitors and their reviews. If you are not able to sell, then you are bound to lose a certain amount of investment.

Mistake 2: Breaking the Rules

First of all, when you start selling on Amazon, you must understand the rules especially, what is allowed to do and don’t. Being an Amazon seller your primary duty is to read its “Terms of Services” very carefully and try not to break any rule.

Amazon immediately suspends the seller account if they find sellers indulge in wrong selling practice or cheating buyers. The suspension of account can cost you not only loss of a huge amount, but also loss of such a privilege platform forever. In case your account gets suspended, you need to have a strong Amazon Plan of Action (POA) Strategy to reinstate your seller account.

Mistake 3: Over Order Stock

Ordering overstock is the mistake committed by many players including the giant one. A lot of sellers think they need extra stock in case the rise of demand in their product and as an FBA seller they end up in paying extra charges without sales. Choosing the right amount of stock needs a proper analysis of demand and supply of the inventory. To be in the good books of your customers you must take care of smooth logistics operations.

Mistake 4: Not Discovering Ideal Customer

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs often commit is that without setting the right kind of target audience, they start selling online. To become a successful Amazon seller, it becomes very important to discover ideal customers and it can be done with the right market research. Without thorough market research you won’t be able to set the right kind of audience for your product when you fail in that, survival becomes difficult in the longer run.

Mistake 5: Not Getting Rid of Duplicate Content

One of the best ways to convert the potential buyer into an actual buyer is through content. It is something that can win the trust of customers through the right and appealing product description. Using the product description provided by the manufacturer is the most common and sinful mistake committed while selling online as the manufacturer might be selling the same product, and using the same description leads to classic cases of plagiarism. Duplicate content not only impacts the trust factor of the potential buyer, but it also affects the search engine ranking, impact pass percentage of the platform, might confuse the buyers, etc.

Mistake 6: Not Leveraging User-Generated Content

A business report says that 20% of products sold are fake and that is why there is an increased penetration of fake and imitated products on online platforms. When fake products are delivered, the return rate increases leading to increased loss of the marketplace. So, in this case, buyers want to be sure about the originality of the products and this is possible by allowing customers to post photo reviews to confirm the authenticity of the product. To gain the faith of potential buyers you can use these images in social media campaigns instead of stock images.

Mistake 7: Not Understanding the Seller Policy

Do you think you have understood the seller policy very well? If yes, then why was your account suspended? Amazon believes in providing the best services to its customers and that is why it has got a strict customer policy. Sellers pay very little attention to seller policy and commit some serious mistakes like the website link in the product description, brand logo on catalog images, etc.

Mistake 8: Not Good Post-Sale Support

Buyers often want to engage with sellers to understand the services and quality of the product. Once you deliver the product, you must understand that marketplaces are customer-centric, when dealing with customers online.

Mistake 9: Not Ready for Dynamic Pricing

With the rise in the competition on the marketplaces, it becomes very necessary for a seller to be flexible in the pricing strategy. Price matching is a common practice as the marketplace maps the price of a popular product from stopping loyal users from buying products from other platforms.

Amazon sellers who do not choose dynamic pricing, chances are there, they may miss out on the gold opportunities. Static pricing not only loses the interest of buyers but, also an increased cart abandonment rate. Some of the additional advantages of dynamic pricing include improved search engine ranking, give an advantage over your competitors, offer error-free, and quick services.

Mistake 10: Fragile Products

Fragile products are subjected to damages and can be broken easily. Here the main concern is that it should be delivered to the customers safely as products can be damaged on the long trip. You can’t blame the delivery services for the damages caused during transportation. One way to prevent such damages is by offering exceptional packaging, with a lot of protection.


Every day countless sellers are joining Amazon platforms daily and with them new sellers are bringing new products every day and this popularity gives tough competition on the marketplace. So these were the top mistakes that can shut down your Amazon seller account, we hope that you will learn from here and will avoid the above-stated mistakes. We hope that as Amazon Sellers you can avoid these mistakes to survive in this cutthroat competition. Here are some amazing Amazon Seller Tools to Skyrocket Your E-commerce Business in no time. We hope this strategy will help you stay long and strong on Amazon Marketplace.

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