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Best Amazon Seller Tools to Skyrocket Your E-commerce Businesses Today

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More and more businesses are discovering the tremendous opportunities that an Amazon FBA business holds. Amazon is an extensive platform that allows people to efficiently set up their businesses and general high and consistent income in a short time span. While Amazon is highly automated, and it is easy to set your business on it, integrating certain seller tools allows your business to accelerate faster. 

In this guide, we will be highlighting some of the must-have Amazon seller tools in order to boost your business: 

  • SellerMotor 

SellerMotor is one of the popular tools on Amazon, which is used by over sixty thousand sellers across the world. This is one of the best Amazon software tools for e-commerce sellers and marketing agencies. It is designed to automate your marketing activities so that you don’t have to spend hours doing arduous market research. 

From product research to keyword research, market insight, custom extensions, risk assessment, and hijacking alerts, among other aspects, SellerMotor is an all-inclusive Amazon seller tool that can help grow your business.

It is capable of accessing over 500 million product data in a matter of a few seconds, thereby simplifying your task identifying the right product in the market. From measuring FBA revenue to assessing buying patterns and creating pricing strategies, SellerMotor provides valuable insights. Moreover, SellerMotor offers you more than 15 custom filters, including categories, sales volume, prices, etc. so that you can find profitable products without much hassle.

The best part, SellerMotor offers a free plan to users, anyone can get a taste of it.

  • Keyworx

Keyworx, as the name, gives away a popular keyword tracker tool that is designed to help Amazon sellers. It is important to use the right keywords in order to ensure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. With the right keywords, your customers will be able to see your listing, hence optimizing your chances of generating sales. This tool allows you to obtain the right keywords based on your niche and use them to increase your visibility in the marketplace. You can subscribe to Keyworx with a monthly subscription fee, and you will obtain training, tutorials, on-going support, etc. Presently, this Amazon seller tool has 1,852 users and 128 active installs. 

  • RepricerExpress 

Setting the right price for your product is a crucial factor that determines the success of your FBA business. If you are confusing about pricing your product, then you can take the assistance of RepricerExpress. It is a cost-effective and powerful seller tool that helps you boost your sales by offering competitive pricing for your products. You can customize your pricing strategies by including customized filters such as basic and advanced rules, bulk import and exports, minimum and maximum prices, etc. to obtain the best pricing for your products. The tool has been used by over 3000 Amazon sellers all around the world. 

  • Kabbage 

You need an adequate amount of capital to run your FBA business and seller tools like Kabbage can ensure that you have the same. The tool provides sellers with necessary finance once they have listed their products for sales. The fund offered by them can help with the operational requirements. The tool harnesses data obtained from the seller’s online activity on various platforms in order to assess the business performance, in turn, extend financing options to cater to the seller’s needs. 

  • Refund Managers 

Refund Managers is an effective tool that helps sellers acquire their money back from Amazon. This tool identifies the mistakes from Amazon with regards to customer returns, overcharged commission fees, lost and damaged inventory, reimbursement issues. This tool helps you obtain the money that would otherwise be missed by you amidst tons of other things. There are no monthly charges associated with Refund Managers like other software. The tool identifies your refunds manually, and when you get the payment, the tool obtains 25% as its commission. 

  • Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller App is one of the popular seller tools for FBA business. If you are looking to carry out retail arbitrage on Amazon, then this is the ideal tool for you. And the fact that it is free and effective certainly adds to its value. You can use this app to list your product, respond to customers, determine existing price sales rank, contact Amazon, check customer feedback. On the whole, it is an excellent tool to manage your Amazon business without having to pay for any monthly subscriptions. However, it lacks decision making when it comes to sourcing products and you can’t perform comprehensive product evaluation since it only shows the lowest prices. 

  • Unicorn Smasher 

Product research is an important part that you cannot overlook running a successful Amazon FBA business. Understanding what type of products you are selling, what your competitors are offering, and what are the prices consumers are likely to pay can significantly help you in developing a successful business. With effective product research, you can accelerate your sales, and without it, you may struggle to break even in the competitive marketplace. Unicorn Smasher is an effective seller tool that offers users valuable information that helps them with their product research. It analyzes the whole Amazon market to provide you with prices, reviews, bestsellers ranks, estimates sales, rating, etc. on any Amazon product. 

  • Sellics 

As your business experience steady growth, it is wiser to subscribe to a comprehensive business management tool for your Amazon business. Sellics is a powerful tool to consider. It is a comprehensive tool that helps you with important Amazon business areas, including research, SEO, PPC, review, monitoring the competitors, inventory management, etc. It is an all-in-one solution that helps your business grow in an organized and efficient manner. However, since it is a premium tool, it is quite expensive. And you would wish that the keyword feature was a bit more extensive. Lastly, you also cannot export any data. 

  • Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools is a powerful enterprise management and automation software that helps you improve your PPC campaign. This tool helps in automatics the best prices of Amazon Sponsored Products and enables you to manage your campaign in an efficient manner. It is an extremely flexible and versatile tool that is capable of adapting to any advertising objectives or strategies. The tool presently managed over 3000 Amazon seller accounts that are spawned across the globe. Although it is a great Amazon seller tool, customer support could be improved. Moreover, the keyword feature is also a bit underwhelming. 

Final Words

There you have it; top Amazon seller tools that will help you accelerate your business. These tools are specially designed to help sellers simplify various aspects of their Amazon business and help them efficiently run their businesses. With most of the business process streamlined, sellers can make generate more sales and profit. 

Plus, most of the tools mentioned above offer free trials that you can help you identify the effectiveness of each of them.  

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