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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

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People think of good morning as a greeting but, growth-oriented people think of good morning as ‘good more earning’. Growth in ascending order is possible with a holistic mindset that pushes you to have a proactive approach over a reactive one. The following web blog is the by-product of extensive research and personal understanding of different domains of business strategy and digital marketing. It is well suited for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and aspiring students, as it highlights the untold pains, unexpected gains, and the skills required; to build your business steadily.

The 8-Block Rating Model

Before helping you gain perspective and explain the new trends in business strategy and digital marketing, I am presenting you with an 8-Block rating model which includes:

  • Website
  • Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Paid Promotions
  • Analytics

Rate your digital performance out of 100. Each piece is equal to 12.5. The ones that fall under the 90+ category need to scale up and widen their scope further to make sure that all the blocks get their due attention. The ones falling under the 60-90 category need to examine carefully which blocks are missing and what obstacles are coming in the way. The ones in the 30-60 category need to realize that their marketing strategy needs restructuring and revamping. The companies in the 0-30 category seriously need to ‘wake up’ and start working towards their objectives that will bring fruitful outcomes.

Evolution of Business Entities

While many think of this challenging phase as a bane but, it has turned out to be a boon for many ambitious business entities. In these rough times, a futuristic sight and creativity are a prerequisite for businesses to survive and sustain. Nowadays, many companies have made it online to widen their scope, and many have tasted success through above-benchmark results and growth.

One of the prime examples to justify this evolution is ‘Apple’, they launched the ‘iPad’ and all the variants of ‘iPhone 12’ online. Apple realized that the digital world is way more powerful than a physical keynote event. When a comprehensive business strategy and digital marketing campaign comes together, the results are unimaginable.

Businesses have discovered the potential of e-commerce and have started utilizing it in the right manner.

Break the Misconceptions

Before continuing, there are certain myths in the minds of people regarding some prerequisites; to excel in business strategy and digital marketing.

The following myths are:

  • I need to be proficient in English
  • I need to have a degree and knowledge about the fundamentals of marketing
  • I need to be a technical person
  • I need to be creative to write and draft engaging articles

These pointers act as supporters, not conditions. Therefore, to gain an advantage, you need to analyze the trends in the industry and understand the user queries. If you can keep up with the trends and solve the users’ problems, your content will surely rank higher as compared to your competitors in search engine results.

Not a Search Engine, but a Librarian!

Think of Google as a librarian. A librarian goes out in the market and collects relevant books related to a particular field. When a reader comes and asks the librarian, “Which is the best book in Business Strategy and Digital Marketing”? The librarian will scan the category and then pick the most relevant and informational book. In this way, it will gain popularity and sell like hotcakes. Therefore, to become a master, you need to simplify things, understand people’s problems and signals, and use them to your advantage.

This process also involves choosing the right keyword for your content. Keywords describe the content. They are phrases or words that searchers usually search. A keyword should be informational, critical, and transactional.

  • Classify your keywords into three major categories:
  • Awareness (What is XYZ?)
  • Discovery (XYZ V/s ABC)
  • Purchase (Buy XYZ)

Find or Create your Niche

‘Niche’ means a specific area or environment which has its customer and user behavior. After finalizing the niche, the role of business strategy and digital marketing comes into play. With these two terminologies, make a ‘call of action blueprint’. The ideal blueprint to becoming a lead magnet in your niche should be in chronological order:

  1. Niche
  2. Content
  3. Recognition
  4. Confidence
  5. Deal

You have won half the battle after finalizing the niche. The next step involves creating a subject matter which is relevant and a work of art according to the searchers. Relevant content will bring acknowledgment, thereby boosting your confidence and instilling a sense of trust in the niche. All these steps will help in creating a captivating image in the minds of people, leading to increased clientele or customer base.

Points of Action

A business strategy and digital marketing entity should incorporate ‘3 points of action’ in their business model, known as the 3-POA formula. The ‘3-POA’ formula will help you identify the loopholes and fill in the gaps.

The 3 points are:

  1. The first point of action is when a consumer first encounters your product or service, irrespective of the medium. At that point, the marketer has to convince the potential client that their product or service outsmarts the other options in the market.
  2. The second point of action comes when a consumer experiences your product or service for the first time and gets an opportunity to compare with the initial promise or the other options. Therefore, continuous monitoring is indispensable to ensure brand loyalty and future purchases.
  3. After realizing the potential of digital marketing, there is a third point of action in which marketers should undergo steps to convert their product users into ‘product advocates’ that triggers the fastest and the most cost-efficient marketing channel- ‘word of mouth’.

These points of action should be looked into and implemented in the business strategy and digital marketing plan to ensure uniqueness and efficiency in the working pattern.

Make a Comparison

Periodic comparisons and continuous monitoring are necessary. Before comparing yourself with the competitors, a comparison of the steps of your ‘call of action blueprint is mandatory. The ideal layout for this comparison should be:

People Know You


Leads You Got


Sales You Close

The above layout will help you analyze where you stand and what is the ‘Planning to Implementation’ ratio of your company.

Concept of Micro Videos

This term needs no explanation, owing to its usage by millions of people on various social media platforms. Its appropriate use and importance, and the reason to include it in your business strategy and digital marketing plan require explanation. Micro videos will help you get the best of sales and marketing.

Look at this flowchart:

  • Good Story
  • Make a Connection
  • Increase your presence
  • Generate Leads

Start all the micro-videos with a ‘hero introduction’ that gets automatically memorized by people, and people repeat it like a jingle.

The micro-video should be personalized and exhibit untold pains, fears, and frustrations. It should focus on the prospect’s future and not the product’s features. It should create new slogans and words that differ. For example, think of one plus one as eleven rather than two.


To summarize, a business can do wonders when they realize the true potential and power of innovation and creativity and using them while designing their overall business strategy and digital marketing plan. Lastly, content is the king & creativity is the queen. If a business understands this anecdote and functions accordingly, then no person or entity can stop your growth and success with flying colors.

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