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The Advantages Of Custom Color Envelopes

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Businesses have long understood the importance of marking themselves out from the competition wherever possible. In a crowded marketplace, it’s essential that businesses, both large and small, take every opportunity they can to carve out their individual identity. There are many ways to do it, yet one particularly is sorely underappreciated.

Colored envelopes are an affordable and versatile resource, which can have a dramatically positive impact on brand identity. Using different colors on envelopes can both help grab attention and solidify brand image. So what are the advantages?


One of the main advantages of customizing the color of envelopes is that it’s incredibly affordable. The rise of online printing means that it’s easier than ever to order envelopes in a wide range of colors and have them delivered straight to the premises. The larger the order, the more affordable the envelopes become – which is ideal for a resource that is likely going to be used in considerable quantities.

That affordability means that the benefits of using custom color envelopes are available to all businesses, not just those with bloated marketing budgets. Even the smallest, single-person operations can enjoy those benefits.


Another advantage of custom color envelopes is that there are so many options available depending on what a business wants to achieve. This means that it’s easy for a business to choose a color scheme which lines up with their established brand color scheme. This kind of unified branding presents an extremely positive and professional image. Though the range of colors and designs available means that a business can get truly creative with the envelopes they choose to use, without much investment necessary.

Another benefit of this is that it allows a business to diversify further by using different color envelopes for different purposes, e.g. mail drives, promotions, etc.


A third clear advantage of customizing the color of envelopes is that it can make a smaller business seem more well-established than they actually are. In the eyes of many, custom printing is still something afforded to those only with the budgets to afford it. This means that using custom color envelopes can help boost the market authority of smaller businesses, without actually requiring considerable investment.

Those custom colors on envelopes will also further reinforce an established brand identity, which is another way for a business to nurture its image.

These advantages make custom color envelopes a worthy investment.

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