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How Your Business Card Can Become Your Best Marketing Tool

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Every day we get to see tiny brochures or business cards lying randomly on lots of office desks or on the top of drawers. However, we probably don’t realize the potential marketing benefits that can be achieved from these personal business cards. People usually get their business cards designed because it is considered a necessity to invest in the very first instrument from which brand awareness could be achieved. What they fail to notice is the potential these cards hold that can work as a perfect advert for their business.

Now, is the time to see those small rectangular cards for what they actually are and what they can cultivate? They are potentially the most effective

A masterfully designed business card holds a solid place in your marketing strategy as while being effective; it is also a subtle tool that can bring potential clients at any stage of your business. The reasons why you should give importance to its design and content is the fact that the audience prefers to have it instead of long emails or boring brochures. It is easier to slip in a wallet or a pocket, so people can conveniently look out for the contact numbers instead of going through their phones etc. Along with being handy, it is an expressive marketing tool as well; the readability, pleasing visual designs and distinctive style can showcase the professionalism and seriousness towards your business.

However, there exists an issue with these business cards that the marketers do not stress much on the designs, which is why there are always large numbers of similar cards. If you take your company card as an important advertising resource, you should find a way to get around this struggle. For this, you should look for the tips on business card etiquette to make sure that you’re aware of the prevailing marketing techniques regarding business cards so that you can be a lot more creative with your job.

Take a look at some of the suggestions to bring your cards into maximum use while utilizing the creative approach.

Colors are the key

Be reasonable enough to choose the recognizable colors so that the cardholders do not have to flip it 2-3 times in search of particular information. Do not make use of the full-color wheel as the palette can be off-putting and make sure they harmonize with the content. You should also be careful about matching the color scheme of the cards with your website and other promotional materials for maintaining synchronization and a brand identity with respect to a specific color.

Offer Multifunctional Purposes

When a business card is designed to serve more than its original purpose, it becomes even more promising and worth investing for the company. The best way is to make it relevant and useful in the average person’s life so that they get used to it in their daily routines and also carrying an ad of your business at the same time. You can certainly make your card as a bookmark so that people can use it while reading. You can also prepare colorful stickers of your business cards to make it a bit more appealing.

Complementing your Business Nature

Make sure that the design and color scheme of your card is in line with the nature, mission, and operations of your business. While doing so, you portray the traditionalism and seriousness of the business by following the aspects of design that are needed to be given a thought. Unless you want to specifically create the impression of “otherness” or “oddity”, then this may be acceptable but for that, you have to carefully strategize the designs to not look out of place. Also, use textured or embossed material relevant to products or services of your company to add more personalization.

Quality cannot be compromised

The text should be perfectly legible; the material of the card should be of high-density paper and print friendly. You should bear in mind that the business cards can affect the reputation of your business, so the momentary impulse to save some money is definitely not worth risking the functionality assurance of your business. Go for the aesthetically pleasing color palette and select readable font sizes as well.

Support a Cause

Social impacts are guaranteed to benefit the businesses due to the involved sentiments of people with the society. If suitable, you can show support for a particular cause on your card to leave a positive influence on your targeted audience.

Do Not Waste Space

Do not leave any space empty on the business cards on either side while designing them, or else there is no reason to use them as a promotional asset. When the card recipients flip the card, they expect some productivity on the other side as well therefore it is disappointing and a giant loophole to leave the other side blank.

Distribute Them Creatively

If you manage to find a creative and interesting method to hand over your business card to people, it is surely going to positively impact on the recipient, and good customers come with good emotions. It may take some practice but the benefits of distributing your business cards via promotional campaigns will cultivate fruits that you could reap later. You can get it branded on your bank card, printed on your pen or just leave on the seat of the subway, just make it visible.

Stay in Touch

The contact information is the most crucial part of your business card therefore include the maximum possible phone numbers that you can be reached at and a primary email address for all the basic communication. Additionally, you can include your social media accounts, website, and messaging channels for reaching a wider audience.  In this way, the recipients will get the impression that you’re interested in communicating with them, no matter how. You can also specify the virtual business number for them to contact you at any hour of the day.

So now that you’ve learned some of the tips of using your business cards as an essential marketing asset, make sure that you keep them in mind while designing your own.

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