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A Brief Guide To Brand Activation

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Want to position your business or launch your brand in strategic marketing dynamics? Change the positioning of an existing brand? Want to make your audience aware by boosting communications? Brand activation solutions are the answer to all your marketing puzzles. Brand activation marketing is not just a buzzword in the marketing domain, but much more. Marketing activation helps the business or an organization to make the noise in the market and holds its market share. Brand activation marketing campaigns are alone enough to change the dynamics of an organization. It helps brands to gain popularity amongst masses and give consumers memorable brand experiences that connect them with the brand or business. With time a sudden boost in event management and brand activation agency has been noted. It helps any business to position them in the competitive market thereby boosting brand awareness and customer engagement.

Gone are the days when ATL & BTL activations work and serve their purpose. In the current scenario, a little tweak with technology is a must in BTL activations. Digital marketers are constantly sprucing up for new and innovative ways for marketing campaigns and satisfy today’s modern consumers. In this article, we will share what is brand activation, its concept & the marketing activation practices prevalent in current dynamics. Let’s get into a brief guide to brand activation and to carry out its marketing campaigns successfully.

What is Brand Activation?

It is a process of making your brand presence known to your potential audiences and engages them by delivering excellent brand experiences.

When a brand or a business comes into existence no one is aware of its presence and what it serves. To activate a brand and make its presence known in the strategic marketing dynamics, brand activation comes into play. It helps in growing awareness about the brand and expanding your brand reach by reaching millions of customers. Brand activations not only boost interactions between the brand and its target customers but is an essential element to move the needle of an organization and gain the much-desired exposure.

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Brand activation not only helps new brands to position themselves in the market. But it is an effective way for existing brands as well if they want to change its positioning or rebrand itself and get it noticed by people. Brand activations help in switching people’s minds and make them aware of the brand and its message.

Brand activation positions as well as promote your brand thereby expanding its reach in the strategic marketing dynamics. In the current era of digitalization, the market is full of competitors fighting for its position and market share. Brand activation proves to be a beneficial tool for your brand or business to break the pipelines of the competitive scenarios.

What is The Importance of Brand Activation?

Brand activation solutions are the stepping stones for any business. What is the use of anything when your audience is not aware of the presence of your business and audience who are aware is not your potential audience and have no connection with your brand or business. To make your brand take off and shine up in the sky, a little effort and strategic marketing planning is a must.

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For making your brand presence known boosting customer engagement is the first step in the process. Its marketing helps in creating excitement about your business to your potential target audience. Giving your brand life is the basic agenda.

Its solutions deliver excellent brand experiences through in-person events, experiential marketing and so on thereby leaving the lasting emotional connection between the brand and potential target audiences.

Brand activation marketing gives your brand life and makes it noticed to people thereby garnering attention from a new audience base.

A recent report states that 90% of the people get attracted to a brand and make a purchase decision once they attend a brand activation. With the right approach and effective brand activation marketing campaigns, let your business make the noise.

Types of Brand Activation Marketing

To carry out brand activation marketing campaigns for your business successfully, a lot of effort, the right approach & prep work is required. With advancements in technology and many varieties of options available for a marketing activation, it becomes easy for digital marketers to give their brand life and boost engagement by delivering brilliant brand experiences. They can opt from an array of effective brand activation strategies suiting their business needs and requirements. Brand activation agencies offer professional solutions that you can take into account for boosting your brand’s presence.

1. Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is one of the effective measures of marketing in the current era of digitalization that helps in making your brand presence known to all. It helps in boosting customer engagements with the brand thereby resulting in building customer brand relationships.

Experiential marketing helps a brand to create an immersive, memorable and real-world experience to engage the audience with the brand interactively. Experiential marketing is not only restricted to brands product but is an important marketing activation strategy that values the brand’s beliefs and sentiments thereby resulting in building customer business relationships with an emotional connection. Photobooths, Augmented reality, hashtag printer, social mosaic are some of the common experiential marketing technologies that help in brand activation and reach millions around the globe. When a brand opts to carry out brand activation marketing campaigns via experiential marketing. It helps in boosting your brand awareness and driving audience interest by offering fun and memorable brand experiences.

Experiential marketing campaigns allow brands to communicate with customers to build a sense of trust and include live participation of the audience at an event.

2. Sampling and a Free Trial of Products

Free trial of a product through sampling is one of the very popular. And old forms of marketing which even holds its worth in the current scenario.

Samling allows the customer to experience the touch, feel of the product that is quite effective in motivating customers to make a purchase. If a person likes your product sample he/she is likely to make a purchase. And refer it to other friends and family, thereby resulting in boosting brand awareness, expanding reach. Sampling and a free trial of the product is an effective brand solution that works even today.

3. On-Site Activation

The main purpose of brand activation is to build a connection between your business and its customers. On-site activation is one of the most effective measures of brand activation marketing among retailers and B2C brands.

On-site marketing activation, an event is hosted at the store allowing the audience to see and experience products in person.

4. Events and Trade Shows for Boosting Awareness

Trade shows and events are an effective way to give your brand life. Whether you opt for a trade show to promote your brand or host a live event.  And it gives the opportunity to introduce your brand to a new set of audiences.

We have listed a number of ways that help in activating your brand and improving your marketing game. The right approach and effective brand activation strategy will change the business dynamics by boosting engagements, delivering excellent brand experiences. 


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