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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Web Design Trends

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Web design is something you need to think about first when you are going to launch a website. The internet is all about a website, and a website is nothing without a gorgeous design. If you are a tech-savvy person, you must have noticed that web design has experienced some major changes in the last few years. Business owners and stakeholders are very conscious in choosing business website designs because it has a great impact on selling. The digital age is evolving fast and each year brings us several innovative trends.

Here we have collected the 10 of the leading website design trends and ideas:

Big Web Design Trends

  1. Dark Mode

You must have noticed that dark mode design implementation brings a big topic of conversation in 2020, unexpectedly, the dark mode design artistic also fits in seamlessly with other widespread 2020 design trends that may comprise dark and moody color patterns blend with radiant neons as well as an innovative yet dark computer nerd and dystopian elegance.

  1. Ultra Minimalist Navigation

Due to the excessive use of wearable devices like smartwatches, web design has experienced a major change and the use of Ultra minimalist navigation has become common. For the past few years, navigation has become simpler to manage very small devices effectively.

  1. Clean Whitespace

Sophisticated web design includes a very smooth use of negative space. As simple web designs are developing into more famous for all the good reasons, also you never need your website to appear messy.  Most of the users want to leave some room for basics like ads or images to breathe and take attention.

  1. Voice-Capable Interface

Voice User Interface allows a user to interact with the website using voice commands. This trend has become very trendy in recent days. It helps to simplify the course of website browsing and improve UX tremendously.  You may have come across too many websites which are using voice capable feature these days; this most beautiful trend became popular due to the advent of smart-phones in the business and domestic use.

In fact, due to technical restrictions, voice-capable interface designs have to rely on the fundamental graphic user interface designs. And a high-quality GUI design assists improve Voice user interface designs vice versa.  For example, to let the end-users search for preferred website information with voice commands, designers must insert an intuitive voice icon to direct users to get this function without difficulty.

  1. AI or Bots

You must be chatting to chatbots on many websites this year; chatbots are a new trend that has been used by many digital firms these days. These chatbots work on the concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The role of chatbots in technological and digital business is growing and it is believed that it is the most suitable way of dealing with clients online. Artificial Intelligence exhibits by machines impersonate individual knowledge and carry out cognitive jobs like the capacity to learn, collect information, examine data, realize emotions or resolve tough problems.

  1. Motion UI design

The motion user interface is the leading trend in the web design industry these days. It deals with the use of a motion user interface incorporated into the developed. Responsive signals are intended to support you’re the visitors to understand the logic behind a component. Motion UI design-assist users to navigate the website easily, it also helps to gain attract to the most significant parts of your website and helps to adds brand identity to your website.

  1. Vintage-Inspired Colors

This approach is often inspired by media outlets, television films and magazine websites, especially if a reversion to a pre-internet time.  The 50s and 60s are a great source of inspiration for designers these days. By using earthy color shades and hand-drawn ink graphics, web and graphic designers are producing gorgeous compositions that express the home-feeling of the 50s and 60s designs.

  1. Black and White

Adopting a monochromatic approach is growing high this year, more and more websites are experimenting with no color approach.  The text over image idea may sound very simple but effective. You can select the dark image and then overlay your white text over it. Certainly, you can just make use of a black background and apply some beautiful white slogan on it.

  1. Outlined Typography

The style and appearance of printed matter are other famous trends of 2020. You can beautify your website with this emerging trend which is mostly outlined typography.  In its spirit, line art is a graphic, simplified picture style. As such, it is huge when you have to convey concepts and thoughts. It looks clean, stylish, and unobtrusive. The line art was one of the favorite decoration styles in graphic design last year and it will be leading trends in 2020 as well.  In the background of brutalism, still taking the most important places in web-design, outline fonts are in trend these days holding up the higher grounds. You will often see them in most of the headlines as well as navigation menus. By selecting outline fonts you will never risk being missing out, that’s their overall benefit.

  1. Massive Font Sizes

It is another form of the typography-based trend, you cannot overlook this increasing font sizes trend on the web, this has become a massive trend in 2020, and the thing is that you can read it from across the room.  Experts say that web design trends are a snapshot of the most admired ways of web development and these trends must not be a source to follow blindly. Trends are selected based on the requirements and needs of a business. Let us have a look at the top trends t trends of 2020 that will be considered as very crucial for web development.


The thriving web world has more than 1.5 billion websites and around 200 million functioning websites till the date. Businessmen and web developers research exploring new future trends while developing their enterprise-grade websites. Due to technological advances, web designers are coming up with more unique ideas and creative works. Different educational consultancies who promote students to buy dissertation often follow a typical educational web design themes days. You will see above-explained web design trends dominating in 2020 and beyond.  Nonetheless, what the long-standing future holds for popular web design trends will carry on to be concluded by one thing alone and that is user preferences.

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