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Tweak Your Biz Style Sheet For Guest Posts

The following style sheet is a set of guidelines for our guest writers so they can fit in with the style of writing we prefer on Tweak Your Biz. Not only does it make the site look more uniform but these suggestions are helpful with SEO too. Styles will change on different sites but these are ours.

It is recommended you look at other posts on Tweak Your Biz which will give you a good idea of the style to follow too.

This post by our co-founder, Niall Devitt, also points writers in the right direction for publishing evergreen content.

Your Profile

Firstly, check your profile is complete. Sync up your avatar via using the same email as on Tweak Your Biz. Fill in all your social media and website links. Email your bio to the Managing Editor, which can include one link to your business on the company name - not on keywords. This is all important if you want your network to grow. Please note, your post won't be published without the bio so don't worry if it has been emailed and not added yet.

Keeping The Editor Happy

The less work the editor has to do on the post the quicker it is likely to be published. Currently, I am limited to 15 minutes per post so any work needed over that time will mean the post is put back to draft. If you follow all the guidelines below then the less work for the editor, which means the quicker it will be published. There is a readability flag on the right-hand side so please make sure that is Green before submitting your post. Those that are green will be published before others as they will need less work on them.

I have written about guest posting and keeping the editor happy. It's definitely worth a read if you want to write for Tweak Your Biz.

Please note, it can take two to three weeks to be published as we have a lot of contributors and limited to only publishing three posts a day currently.

Tweak Your Biz Style Sheet For Guest Posts

Style Requirements

  • Each post must be 1,000+ words. We have found the longer posts get more views and shares and stay evergreen too.
  • Use H2 and H3 sub-headings. Don't just use text without splitting it with sub-headlines as that can be very boring to read.
  • If numbering sub-headings use #1. Also, double check the number in your heading and the points in your article match - you'd be surprised, especially with re-writes.
  • Don’t use all capitals in headings or titles. This is SHOUTING! For example, Your Titles And Headings Should Be In Title Case.
  • Just use 3 to 4 sentences per paragraph to make it easier to read.
  • If adding a list then use bullet points.
  • No affiliate or advertorial links. It is acceptable to link to a site providing further information, like to a blog post. However, please note (and I'm going to shout) LINKS MAY BE REMOVED. It is at the discretion of the editor - no arguments.
  • If you do use acceptable links make sure they open in another page.
  • Avoid using prices if possible, but if you do need them, point out it’s the price at the time of writing.
  • No pictures are needed unless screenshots or something specific – we’ll provide generic pics. If you do feel the need to provide a picture then it needs to be 700 pixels wide and no more than 550 pixels in height. Make sure you give an attribute for where the picture came from. It isn’t guaranteed these pictures will remain in though.
  • If a list of recommendations, like apps or tools with links, don’t put the link in the sub-heading – put it in the body of the text.
  • If including screenshots of something in a list then put the picture at the bottom of the text, not directly under the sub-heading. See this post as an example for the last 2 points.
  • Use Word spell-check and Grammarly – especially if English isn’t your first language. Please run your article by someone who does have English as their first language if you aren't sure. Don’t rely on translation tools either. We require a high level of writing on Tweak Your Biz. Online tools can only help you so far - the human eye is always the best so read through and proofread your post a couple of times at least.
  • If you copy and paste into WordPress check the formatting has copied across properly too.
  • Align your text left, not centred or justified.

Style Sheet Extras That Are Very Important Too

  • Ensure you have a Call to Action at the end of the post to encourage comments and ensure you respond to comments on your post - this creates traction to your post.
  • Never plagiarise anything. All Tweak Your Biz posts are checked via Copyscape Premium and anyone found copying words won't be allowed to write for us.
  • If you are stuck on a title use our Tweak Your Biz Title Generator to help.
  • Use the Preview button before submitting your post - this is how your post will look so it's handy to see in case any layout changes are needed that you can't see on the back end.
  • Fill in the SEO Yoast with your focus keyword, title, meta keywords and the meta description. Take note of the comments highlighted red below it to correct if needed. Until you get the green light for the SEO don’t leave the post as this information is there for you to ensure your post gets seen.

Tweak Your Biz Style Sheet for Guest Posts

  • Fill in the excerpt.
  • Add tags – two or three long tail keywords that have preferably been used before. No more than that.
  • Choose a suitable category for your post – more than one is acceptable but don’t go mad adding to loads– if one isn’t there then you might be on the wrong site within Tweak Your Biz and need to publish in another eg. Finance, Technology, Marketing.

If you want to see your post published without any problems then please do follow all of the above guidelines.


Sian Phillips

Managing Editor

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