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A new Export Co-Operative is coming together to reduce prohibitive delivery costs and create innovative opportunities for small firms exporting from Ireland.

I even wonder if we are going to kill it for some people because we simply can’t stop following every tiny change and many could be accused of blowing things out of proportion.

This is Incredible! Try out The Museum of Me from Intel, (Thanks to Fred Caballero for the share)

'What Makes Videos Go Viral?' I really enjoyed this Social Media Examiner interview with Scott Stratten, author of the book Un-Marketing.

acebook is in vogue but! 4 reasons your brand should avoid Facebook from Lisa Barone at Smallbiztrends.

The week that's in it! Elaine Rogers of Seefin Coaching shows you how to mindmap your way to romance.

Which blogs do the experts read? The New York Enterprise Report asks Anita Campbell, founder of, Gary Vaynerchuk, wine and social media guru and author of The Thank You Economy

Have you flicked on the TV recently and seen an advert for a comparison site? Travelled on the tube or looked at the side of a bus? As annoying as the song is...

As a cash-strapped small business owner, I had to come up with creative ways of promoting my business. And by creative, I mean free 🙂 And no, this is not going to be another post on how to use Twitter, Facebook...

Bloggertone and BizSugar would like to announce our second Sugartone Sweet Business Blogging Contest called: HP SugarTone: Making your business amazing. We are delighted to welcome HP onboard as sponsors for this event. In case you missed the last one, here’s how it will work with just a few small changes.

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