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7 Common WordPress Issues and Solutions

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WordPress undoubtedly is one of the most popular content management platforms across the globe. Yes, it’s free and comes with a galaxy of features which makes life easier for many working over the internet.

However, WordPress too comes with its fair share of annoying things. Yes, these small things can be hiccups that you need to avoid for a smooth run. Dealing with such annoyances is not that tough.

This is common with other effective platforms too. Therefore, as a developer, it’s important to have a clear idea of Ways To Fix Issues With Magento or be it with WordPress. The idea is to garner in-depth knowledge for better usage of these platforms.

Here are some of the commonly faced hiccups in WordPress and easy ways you can fix them –

#1. Setting Backup for WordPress

Backups are very important in the development process. In case, anything bad happens to the website, you can always turn back on the backup to fix things up. However, WordPress doesn’t come with a built-in system.

However, there are a host of free as well as paid backup solutions designed for WordPress that you can rely on and make life easier. Moreover, there is a comparison between the different WordPress plugins available. You can check and download the one that suits the bill.

Some of the popular backup solutions are VaultPress and BackupBuddy among others.

#2. Omit the Uncategorized Category

WordPress offers built-in taxonomies. So, you must be thinking what is taxonomy? Well, there are a number of things that people use in WordPress but have no idea what they are using. The two most popular taxonomies that people use regularly are Tags and Categories.

However, WordPress by default fills every new post into its built-in category “Uncategorized”. If for any reason you forget to assign a category for the post it remains uncategorized which looks highly unprofessional.

However, there are many guides available over the internet on how to fix the Uncategorized title in WordPress. By using the techniques you can easily fix this problem. This is one of the common tips for novice WordPress developers

#3. Changing the Username

When you install WordPress you get to choose a username for your Account. However, the trouble lies in the fact that there is no easy way to change the username once it’s created. Though it is annoying, there are tutorials available over the internet to show you how to change the username in WordPress.

#4. Incorporating more options to Post Editor

WordPress offers two types of writing the section in the post editor. There are two post editor – Visual Editor (a WYSIWYG) and a plain text editor. However, if you switch from visual to text and back again, it can result in the ruining of the text.

Again to go along with the proper format, a smart way is to stick with the Text editor and incorporate more HTML formatting. Again if you wish to continue with Visual editor, then there are plugins that offer advanced formatting options.

#5. Avail Shortcodes in WordPress Widgets

Shortcodes is functionality in WordPress that allows you to write in the text area without any codes. However, by default, this does not work in WordPress text widgets. However, there is an easy and smart way to fix it.

You can add the code – “add_filter (‘widget_text,’do_shortcode) to the theme’s Function PHP file. You can also add shortcode plugins to the WordPress widgets.

#6. Deactivating WordPress Plugins

When there is a troubleshooting area in a WordPress site, it is advised to deactivate all the plugins on the page. So all you need to do is go to the plugin page and deactivate all the plugins.

However, the problem turns grave when you do not have access to the WordPress admin, it’s really irritating. However, there are ways in which you can still deactivate the plugins by using FTP.

#7. Create better image galleries

Though WordPress installation allows you to create galleries, it often turns out to be not so useful as it lacks features like tagging, albums, lightboxes and more. However, with plugins like Envira Gallery, you can create beautiful images on this platform without compromising on speed.


The above situations are some of the common hiccups that developers face while working with the WordPress platform. WordPress as a developing platform is highly efficient, but to master its usage you need to hire experts or educate yourself with solutions to these commonly faced issues.

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