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WiFi: Beyond Merely The Internet

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The development of the internet has been one of the most significant advancements in the field of information and technology. It is evolving even now and new trends are emerging. It is making life easier almost every day. With every passing day, new applications are being developed for the proper usage of the internet.

Applications, such as wifi, were also developed in line with the evolution of the internet to make the life of the users even easier. Meant to help the users to connect to the internet without any wired device, the wifi has also found its use beyond the task of merely connecting computers to the internet. There are several offline functions, which can be performed by using wifi through computers or smartphones. Remember to perform a few easy steps to secure your wifi network.

Use Wifi to Connect a Printer, Scanner or Camera from a Remote Location

One of the major problems that you might face while working in a large office is with connecting the printers or the scanners and other devices to the computers. And there is absolutely no need to use any internet connection for this purpose. Even if you have the printers and scanners located in one corner of the office and you send the files for printing from another end, it will never be a problem. This will also help you get rid of the repeated task of connecting the printer to your computer and then unplugging it. You can even link a camera with the computer through wifi and transfer the relevant files to store in your hard disc.

Connect Office Computers through a Wifi Network

If you use laptops in the office, each of them can be connected to one another, without any wire, through the wifi connection. They can be made a part of the wifi network that you have in your office. All you need to do is configure the laptops properly to make them part of the same wifi network. This will help a lot in the process of sharing the files from one laptop to another. There would be no need to send them through mails. Thus, you will be able to save time and increase productivity.

Enjoy Songs and Music by Connecting Speakers with the Remote Computer

Listening to songs and music while lying on the bed – this has always been an excellent experience. However, you might have missed out on this pleasure if your computer is in the drawing room or the study room – you would have to be in any of these rooms to enjoy the music. This would not be the case if you have the wifi network of your computer on and connect it to the speakers through the wifi. Now you can place the speakers in your bedroom and enjoy the music in an unperturbed ambiance, even when the computer is in some other room.

Use a Smartphone to Monitor Computers Connected through Wifi

When you have a number of computers in your house, it might be difficult to control them separately. Hence, the only thing that you can do is use these computers from their separate locations. If your computers are connected to one another with the help of wifi, it would be a completely different story. However, for that you will need a smartphone.  All you need to do is connect the smartphone to the wifi connection as well. This will help you use the smartphone to monitor the different computers in your house. Thus, the old and used smartphone can be turned into a remote control for your computers and all you need for it is the wifi connection.

Wifi has probably been one of the best introductions in the field of technology since the advent of the internet. It has made life much easier for the users of computers and laptops. Contrary to the common belief that wifi is usually utilized only for connecting computers to the internet, this form of technology finds several other uses as well. With every passing day, the face of computer technology is evolving fast. The advent of wifi has taken it a few more steps forward, making the process of using computers easier and more comfortable.

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