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Why Knowledge Base is Selling Like Hot Cakes Among Online Businesses

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Do customers want to have access to something that will allow them to help themselves? Yes, they do! This is why a knowledge base software powered self-service help center is destined to become the most cost-effective and the fastest way to provide customer support.

You might ask about the whys and hows. Well, first of all, Software as a Service companies that are in charge of

It’s Easy to Use

Knowledge base (KB) software is user friendly, meaning you don’t need to know how to code nor have an extensive technical background in order to use it to its fullest potential. The authoring tool of this software can be accessed through any browser. The newest KB software is powered by the WYSIWYG editor so that the entire content of the help article can be arranged by the user.

Since it is a mobile ready solution, both authoring tools and self-service help centers can be accessed via any mobile device without losing any quality in terms of display. Besides, KB software makes searching and browsing through articles very easy for customers, too. This convenience and ease of use provide an effortless way for customers to get their answers.

Cuts Down Expenses and Increases Profits

Every business’s ultimate goal is to increase profit and cut down expenses as much as possible. While this is not a secret, how knowledge management tools lead to lower business expenses might still be an enigma, at least for some of you. Since KB software can be used to publish a self-service help center on your official website, many of the problems customers have will be resolved by the provided help documentation. The features that allow users to fully customize the entire help center makes this software product even more attractive to online businesses.

On a global scale, business that use one of these tools experience a major spike in ticket deflection, which significantly decreases the bills for the support department. On top of that, support agents will have more time to address more complicated issues and provide a better support service overall. By increasing efficiency and improving customer support, increased profits will follow.

It is a Scalable Solution

Scalability is a characteristic every serious business software must have and this is exactly what KB software can provide you with. What this means and why is it attractive you might ask? Online businesses want to use software solutions that offer numerous features and perks. Depending on the business needs and goals, they want to have the option to pay for what they will use.

On the other hand, these businesses can develop and grow over time, which might require of them to use new features and perks that will make their self-service help center even more efficient and convenient for users. This is why all major players in the KB management tools market offer numerous subscription plans, ranging from a free to an expensive enterprise subscription plan. The more scalable the KB software, the more attractive it will be.

Good Integration

Online businesses tend to use various online platforms. This is why they are always on the lookout for software tools that can be integrated with what they are currently using. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. Popular KB management tools can be integrated with a majority of the most popular web tools, such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Google Analytics, Fonts, Translate, Live Chat, Wufoo, etc.

With an integrated business software system, online business can increase productivity, get a real-time insight into the progress, costs, customer acquisition plans, pain points in their support service, etc. Since KB software can be easily integrated in this ecosystem, it automatically becomes more attractive for prospective buyers.

Provides Access to Powerful Analytics

The newest KB management tools have powerful analytics tools integrated in them. This makes them more attractive purely because analytics provide actionable data that can be used to improve the content and overall quality of the KB.

For instance, KB authors can see what visitors are searching for in their KB. Are they finding it? Why aren’t they? Which articles are the main cause for the high bounce rate? Which are the most frequently accessed articles? When you have all this info, you have all that is needed to improve the experience this self-service help center offers to customers.

Increases Website Traffic

A knowledge based software powered self-service help center can affect important SEO metrics on official websites. Here are some that significantly affect website rankings in search results:

  • It increases the average time spent on the website;
  • Using keywords in help documentation will also increase your ranking position;
  • The entire ecosystem is circular, meaning that the average time spent on the page increases traffic, traffic increases lead generation and valuable help articles increase the odds for converting leads into customers.

An online business can reap so many benefits from a knowledge management tool. These benefits range from cut down expenses and improved employee training to faster onboarding of new customers and hires and powerful integrations with other platforms.

Keep in mind that knowledge management tools are not the same. Some might have features that other do not. This is why it is important to do research in order to get the most scalable solution for your online business needs.

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