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How to Evaluate a Website Design?

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Everyone talks about the importance of a good website. But how do you know if a website is good or not? Do you know how to evaluate the quality of a website? Well, these tips will help you to conduct an excellent website evaluation.

Good strategy

You need a good strategy to get the best out of your website. Without this, your website will not work and cannot be considered a good site. Your website needs to convey your intended message to your direct visitors. It should also tell them what you want to communicate with them. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your website by answering these questions.

  • Is my business category obvious to my direct visitors?
  • Is the website design helping me to achieve the purpose of the website?
  • Does the design appeal to my target audience?
  • Does the design encourage them to take the action I want them to take?

If yes, then your design is great. If not, you need to revamp it.


According to G Squared, usability or ease of use is the number one criterion to evaluate a website. The site should be optimized for all browsers and mobile users. Look at the load time since it affects the bounce rate. If the website loads too slowly, people will leave the site and never revisit it. The website should also feature only functional links. Broken links are a sign that the website needs improvement.


Another thing that makes a quality website is its good content. How do you determine if the content is good? There are two main aspects of content that matters. Its usefulness and readability. The content should have value to the reader, and it should also be easy to read. The font type, color, font size, and sentence length should make reading the content easy. When evaluating the content, ask yourself this question; does the content convey your intended message easily?

Evaluating web design


The aesthetics of a website is defined on certain principles. Thus, you can separate a good website from a bad one using these principles. Excellent web design is the one that aligns with the brand and objectives of the company. The brand’s colors and style should be visible in web design. The design should also be one that looks clean and creates an overall positive impression on visitors. The style should also suit the target audience; a luxury jewelry store should make use of an elegant layout.

Optimized for SEO

Your website design will only be classified as a good one if it is easy for readers to find your website. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. The design of the website impacts SEO a lot. Graphics and images need ALT tags along with image descriptions to make them visible in search engines. HTML also needs to be efficient. You need to use relevant keywords for the meta descriptions, title tags, and heading tags as well. The site should also have a site map. All these will make your website optimized for SEO. Once it is optimized, it will be easy to find on search engines.

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