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Website Designing Tweaks – Fuel for Improve Conversion

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A website design exaggerates three expressions of a person and they are as follows:

Yes, No and Wow!

Reaching and implementing WOW is our main aim to work on. The small elements in any website design play a significant role and thus create a memorable experience for every visitor. Study finds that a user-friendly, practical and strong website design positively tweaks fuel big investor changes.

These tweaks perform better, increase conversion rate and eventually sell more. According to a study, small changes in designs lead to a 15% increase in personalized enrollment and a 19% increase in employees taking full advantage of a company match; (those who personalized contributed on average 7.8%, compared with those who stayed at the auto-enrollment rate of 3.4%); and a 10% increase in savings levels.

How These Small Design Changes Are Revolutionizing?

1). Employ the AIDA Model: 

Maybe your website looks super cool, trendy and fantastic but waits what it is not bringing the expected conversions? Well, this is not acceptable. Apply AIDA model on your website. AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action depicted below:

  • A – Attention: Make sure to design the site in such a way that it attracts people. Make the use of good typography.
  • I – Interest: Now you are done with the attention, next you have to work on is interest. You have to add interest to your site. Instead of explaining features, focus on letting know people about the benefits and advantages of your services.
  • Also, do not write paragraphs to explain. Write chunks of information, steps, lists, bullet points and icons to make your site user- friendly.
  • D – Desire: after working on attention and interest, it’s high time to let your customer’s desire for your products. How one can accomplish that? You can do so by taking into use of some persuasion techniques like recommendations of influential people, positive testimonials by customers on your site, press list of famous websites talking good about your product or service and so on.
  • A – Action: now it’s the time when the visitor will take the action and it’s your responsibility to make the action easy and obvious for the user. Make the processing simple and understanding no matter if he/ she is purchasing your product or it’s a sign up for a newsletter.

2). Improve Typography:

It’s not easy to pick right typefaces, color and spacing in order to ensure that website works in an outstanding way with all the other elements. Right typography is the most important aspect of a website because it is what people read, learn from and get the most of your message.

Do you know?

According to Information Architects, about 95% of the information on the web is written the language.

Below are the things you must consider. Note it down away!

  • Typeface pairing: it is suggested that one should not use too many typeface pairing. Two is enough to perform the job.
  • Hierarchy: make proper use of noticeable headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points because this is the time when people notices and scans the things online.
  • Contrast: Do not forget to keep your copy darker from the background or any other way around.
  • Line- height: To make sure that the lines have enough space to breathe and considered as a clean layout, keep the range of line- height in between 1.5 to 1.75. 

3). Design for Performance: 

Well, no matter what efforts you put it, at- last what matters the most is one and only performance. It is similar to websites also because website speed matters. Do you know the fact that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then 4 out of 10 users will press the back button and thus abdomen it without having a look over your website!

This is not acceptable for a good conversion aim business. Below are the certain tips by Lara Hogan, Engineering Manager at Easy that you must follow:

  • How the images you use in your site will affect the page load?
  • Which font weights (if any) do you really need for your site?
  • What can be re-purposed?
  • Shorten out different fonts you’ve chosen to make a conversion.
  • Optimize images
  • Make use of little images that are essential. Don’t use non- required images as it adds to the loading time. 

4). Make Sure To Use Stunning Imagery: 

Images speak louder than words! There is a possibility that your viewers may not understand the services you are explaining with the well- written paragraphs but if you will depict the same thing using images, then there is no chance that they would not understand.

One more thing, don’t take into the use of cheesy stock images. Also, avoid using stereotypical and unnatural looking stock photos. There are a number of free stock images available on the internet. But it is obvious you cannot use any of it. You have to choose the one that looks genuine to your website.

Time to sum up:

So, these were the Website Practical Design Tweaks Fuel Big Investor Changes, Study Finds! you can also follow the best color combination of the website which is preferred your website visitor.

What are your views on today’s topic? Popping out any suggestions or I left out with some prior information? Should follow all the techniques to improve the website design as well as website conversion rate. that is user-friendly and search engine friendly method to improve the website ranking as well as conversion rate.

Let us know in the comment section given below. We will update our article by adding your views even. Hope to hear from you soon! Happy designing! if you have any questions regarding this write-up, you can mention through a comment, will reply soon with your comment.

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