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Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in Real Estate Businesses

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With the rapid advancement of technology, people are presented with unique things day after day that are capable of making life easier, convenient, and just plain cool. Almost all businesses, more or less, have found this extremely beneficial and have incorporated innovative technology in their services. Two such avant-garde forms of technologies are augmented and virtual reality.

What is augmented reality?

What is virtual reality?

In technical terms, virtual reality (VR) is described as a computer-generated 3-dimensional environment that can be explored as well as interacted with by an individual.

How do the realtors benefit from augmented and virtual reality technologies? AR and VR are becoming extremely popular in real estate businesses because of a number of benefits. These are mainly:

#1. Engaging users through visual interactions

When real estate projects limit themselves in 2 dimensions, they seldom offer more information to the customers; thereby, missing that X-factor. 3D architectural rendering makes this information more meaningful. By presenting all such construction projects in augmented reality, clients are able to get a total visualization of the property from every possible angle.

An augmented reality app can produce a 3D representation of the property from 2D image. In augmented reality, the users will be able to do virtually anything with a rendered model. For example, through augmented reality, a house can be stripped off from the base to reveal the layouts of different floors. Similarly, many more things can be done. Now that’s engaging; isn’t it?

#2. Clarity on the product/service offered

A simple example can clear this thing up. Place yourself in the shoes of your customer. Now imagine a scenario.

You click on an app on your smartphone and select a property of your choice that you want to check out. In augmented reality, you’ll be able to hold up your phone and create a window into your selected property. You’ll virtually be able to walk around the property, check out anything as you wish.

You’ll also be able to walk down the street and discover new properties on the app. Just point your phone at any house (which is up for sale) of your choice and see several real-time stats on your phone itself, such as the price, status, contact information etc. All such things are possible with augmented reality.

So, you see that AR does provide enough clarity on the products/services offered.

#3. Publicity

The use of augmented reality in real estate businesses is greatly capable of capturing the attention of the customers.

It has been found that customers who have generated enough interest in a specific property viewed through an AR device are more likely to involve in a conversation associated with the company; thereby spreading the word around.

Bigger engagements from these campaigns lead to higher excitement, which in turn, results in increased publicity. Customers who have found an affinity to a particular property have a natural tendency of consulting with their family, relatives or friends. That, in turn results in more publicity. And since augmented reality is an avant-grade form of technology, its inclusion can cause quite a stir among the public.     

#4. Mobility

Using virtual reality technologies, you will be able to provide your customers with VR tours anywhere, anytime and from any place of your choice.

People who are taking such VR tours can also reach certain vantage points that might be physically impossible for human beings to reach and visualize their choice of property to their heart’s content. The experience is undoubtedly very gratifying.

#5. More customer reach

Mobile applications supporting AR/VR features are readily available on smart mobile devices.

Given this ease of access, it can be said that there isn’t any easier way to reach potential customers with all required information on apartment and house availabilities other than this one here. All such project information can be seen anywhere as per convenience in the form of an interactive brochure. All that’s needed is a smart mobile device, an app and the brochure of the company.

You can easily and conveniently build up your AR/VR portfolio and refer to all those projects offline as per your requirements. That makes your tasks a whole lot easier in a meeting or in an event where you are required to present some of your sample works or ideas.

#6. Cost-saving

Augmented reality, these days is considered to be one of the most cost-effective ways of growing a business and surpass geographical barriers.

Overcoming geographical barriers means more potential customers which, in turn leads to better growth in business. Thus, this point alone nods the favour in the direction of AR especially when the business in concern is one that’s based on real-estates.

#7. Improved Brand Royalty

Augmented reality or virtual reality is not all about driving sales. It’s one of the most effective ways of improving your brand loyalty. Your customers might be intrigued enough to come back to you again and again.

How do potential buyers benefit from augmented and virtual reality technologies?

If you are looking to buy a property, an augmented or virtual reality app can be immensely beneficial for you to help you make the right decision.

With a virtual reality app, you will be able to take virtual tours of any property anywhere on your mobile phone.

Through an augmented reality app, you will be able to scan a banner, a flyer or any sorts of printed material that has an integration of augmented reality in it. You will simply be able to see the property come to life. Thus, searching becomes much easier.

AR will also make it much easier for you to find the location of the property. It will also help you know the exact distance from your location to that of the property. You will be able to know the details of the property on the app itself like the total area of the property, the price, number of rooms etc. All such information will really be beneficial for you to make your decision accordingly.

So you see AR and VR technologies can almost bring in a revolution in real estate businesses. Therefore, it might definitely be a good time to adopt this trend and realize its wonders. Best of luck!

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