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Power Banks Liberating The World of Power Hunger Gadgets With Extra Batteries

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Are you one of those who constantly run on low batteries and have no time for charging their devices? Since, it has become extremely hard to survive–even for an hour–without smart gadgets such as smartphones, smartwatches, speakers, and tablets, especially when everyone has become utterly dependent on them. What’s more, how to prolong their battery life is the most haunting question for smartphone users. Thus, the advent of power banks was treated as God’s gift for all those power-hungry gadget users. A power bank is a portable device that can be used to charge several gadgets such as smartphones, earphones, tablets, and Bluetooth devices.

Modernization and digitalization have fueled the use of digital products across the globe. What’s more, the innovations in the field of electronics including wireless devices, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have amplified with the increased use of gadgets, enlarging the growth of the power bank market. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global power bank market size is estimated to reach $19.40 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 2.0% in the forecast period.

Owning a power bank can change one’s daily lifestyle and help users to get their gadgets out of low-battery situations. Following are the aims demonstrating how power banks can be convenient:

  • Carry your power bank wherever you want:

The major reasons responsible for the increasing trend of power banks are portability and lightweight. Since it is convenient the users can carry their power bank wherever they want. Having a power bank is similar to adding extra charging to the gadget. Moreover, they are manufactured with several safety protections, including safety regarding the environment and most of the time, power banks are water and dustproof.

  • Compatible for multiple chargeable devices: We often focus on charging smartphones, watches, and tablets, power banks are designed to charge multiple devices of various brands. And therefore, it mostly provides a compatible connection with almost every gadget including speakers, headphones, cameras, and Go-Pro. Furthermore, power banks are designed to minimize their own power consumption. Hence, a power bank makes all these gadgets easily usable whenever you want with a good battery backup.
  • A Gadget in Budget: Unlike other gadgets, it is not a costly device. It easily fits in the budget and fulfills multiple requirements. Moreover, there are varieties of power banks launched by several companies, offering users multiple options based on their requirements. Moreover, one can select the power bank based on its battery backup stated in mAh (milliamps per hour). mAh is a unit that indicates the time for which the power bank can deliver a particular amount of current.
  • Attractive and catchy:

Along with the latest and attractive looks of smart gadgets, the power banks have also been attractive and catchy in looks. Available in various sizes including pencil-thin and vibrant colors, with a good amount of charging capacity. Furthermore, the newly updated power banks have an anti-scratch surface. Providing, fewer chances of getting damaged and scratches.

Besides the use cases and benefits of having a power bank, one must know how to manage such a device. Though power banks are easily manageable, there are certain things including using it regularly, their compatibility, and conditions to use. Power banks differ based on its charging capabilities, sizes, and battery types. Along with different charging capacities and various sizes, there are two types of batteries such as Lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymer. Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be cheaper and have limited capacity, whereas lithium polymer batteries are expensive and have better capacity and longevity. Apart from this, using power banks regularly can help enhance its battery life. Letting it sit for too long–without discharging it frequently–can decrease its charging capacity. For instance, if you had not used your power bank for long, and not going to use it for long, keep your device going through a simple charge and discharge process in intervals. This will help maintain its condition.

No need for electric power supply with solar power banks:

Solar energy is one of the environment-friendly ways of generating electricity. Implying the resource, companies have introduced solar energy-based power banks. Therefore, one can charge their solar power banks using direct sunlight. The small built-in solar panel allows an electric field to be generated and charges the batteries in power banks. One of the benefits of solar power banks is that one does not need to search for an electric switch to charge your power banks. However, the Sun’s intensity differs timely depending on the weather and the year. Moreover, the power banks can be charged in indirect sunlight as well. However, there will be a difference in the speed of charging, as direct sunlight is more effective than indirect.

Nevertheless, one can select a power bank based on numbers of solar panels consisted of it. An increased number of solar panels can provide a better intensity of getting charged within less time. Moreover, users can charge the banks before using them, and then use sunlight to perk up their life. Solar power-based power banks can be useful during trekking, camping, and traveling.

A solar power bank is another bonus feature added to the power bank market. Moreover, it is as compatible with other devices as any other portable charging bank. Furthermore, the development of solar power-based power banks has provided growth in the global power bank market.

Although gadgets including smartphones and watches, tablets, and other Bluetooth supported devices will be developing incorporating several innovations along with improved extended battery life. Moreover, the adoption of power banks and their growing demand, increased use of smartphones, and the rise in the use of Bluetooth supported devices will garner lucrative opportunities in the global power bank market in the upcoming years.

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