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The 5 Emerging Technologies Worth Investing In For 2020

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Do you seek to stay on top with the latest technological advancements?

Well, here are the 5 emerging technologies that are promising enough to generate a competitive advantage for companies over the next six to ten years.

Looking up to future Technics and envisioning the possibilities makes this era of innovations more exciting.

It was just a while back when we got into the flow of current software trends, and now the advancements are already gearing up to shake the business world.

Each of these emerging or we can say, prominent technologies are maturing at different rates.

However, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Technology, Machine Learning, etc. have been there for quite a few years. But their rapid growth elevated potential, and innovations always led them to be in the category of rising technologies.

While many discoveries around some existing Technics are already taking center stage. Let us explore the types of emerging technologies that are worth investing, to thrive in your business in 2020.

#1. Internet of Things (IoT)




Internet of Things has been one of the most captivating technologies around and still continues to hold its place.

Currently, almost 9 billion devices connected to the Internet, and it would not be unreasonable to expect this number to rise to a whopping 20 billion by the upcoming year.

This concept has been very instrumental in smart home innovation. It has also made possible for devices like Alexa and Google Home to function.

In 2020 the Internet of things will consider more functionality and control to allow vaster integration of different aspects of the smart home.

Its utilization will expand gigantically in the future as most of the things around us will get smart soon.

Well-known companies like Apple and Samsung are also coming up with their products with this technology to give Alexa and Google Home a competition.

Bixby Technology of Samsung and Homepad of Apple are all set to get launched in the coming years.

If you are related to this industry, then you can think of advancing in this technology as there is an enormous scope of getting success.

#2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely not a new term, but any list of emerging technologies would not be complete without it.

AI refers to the computers having the capabilities of performing tasks like a human.

Its precision and benefits have made it so popular among organizations to leverage this technology. 

The availability of enormous data is allowing the AI to develop at a rapid speed, and a lot of significant advances will be seen in its algorithm in the future. 

Now, a few tasks still require human intervention to work. For example,

  • Facial Recognition
  • Effective Computing
  • Speech Commands, etc

But very soon, the level of advancement of AI will get so high that machines will take over all the human tasks.

Many reputable brands like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have profoundly invested in resources to incorporate and promote Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

With an aspiration to render hassle-free experience for its customers, Amazon has featured the high-tech retail store AMAZON GO with a self-checkout station.

The brand also announced recently its plan to open 3000 Amazon Go stores in different locations of the country by 2021.

So ultimately we can assume that AI will be in all aspects of our lives by 2020, whether shopping, business, transportation, banking, healthcare, or any other sectors. 

#3. 5G Connectivity 




5G is the most awaited cellular network technology and has been the talk of CES this year. It is, no doubt, going to become a driving force in the growth of wireless technology. 

5G is bringing to us, so many things including, faster internet speed, lower latency, higher capacity, congestion fewer networks, and a lot more.

This technology is all set to get launched by the mid of next year and will definitely see a tremendous amount of implementations.

The world’s largest telecommunication companies Qualcomm, Huawei, AT&T, Verizon, and Nokia are making sure, to keep their deployment of 5G technology on pace.

The manufacturers are also ready to come out with more 5G phones.

In addition to this, WiFi 6 is also in its developing stage and soon to be released in the market. Both of these technologies will drastically enhance the wireless communication protocol and accelerate business development.

Will there be even a need for wires anymore in the future?

#4. Voice Technology 

Past developments in voice technology have been incredible. Great strides are already occurring with Alexa and Siri. But still, human expectations have fallen short when it comes to the usefulness of these devices in daily life.

Voice is something that cannot be easily translated into digital technology. It is a medium that tends to be free-flowing and organic.

As Artificial Intelligence and Computer Learning Programs are growing, voice creating software is also escalating towards a more human-paralleled realm.

Soon, voice commands and smart devices around us will prove even more useful in our day to day lives.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one prominent aspect of voice technology that will allow systems and computers to better comprehend the true essence of voice.

This new programming language will bring more understanding to computers about human tone, puns, sarcasm, and even more profound clues like double meanings. 

Together with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Language Processing, the possibilities are limitless.

#5. Digital Ecosystems



A digital ecosystem is the new flashy buzzword in the business sector. However, we had ecosystems since starting, but digital ecosystems are something new in the industry.

They integrate with digital technologies to provide enterprises with more reliable communication with their trading partners and customers. 

Digital Ecosystems are becoming more digital and decentralized to reduce the friction of the business ecosystem. Soon it will enable users to have control over their data, reducing the power of Internet giants.

This revolution has already started in workplaces and will shortly take over homes also, to make routine tasks more productive by leaps and bounds.

Some of the examples of digital ecosystem technologies are synthetic data, knowledge graphs, DigitalOps, and decentralized web.

2020 promises to be exciting 

The pace of technology innovation creates substantial opportunities for any organization to grow and deliver the best service at the ideal time.

Therefore, it is vital sometimes to be ahead of time and consider the emerging technologies for your business that can make your future bright.

There are a lot of fascinating Technics to look forward in 2020, but these five technologies are certainly the ones that can provide you endless benefits in the long run.

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