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Top Futuristic E-commerce Trends To Drive Revenues

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In the year 2014, e-commerce conquered the sales figures by touching the mark of $1.3 trillion. The predictions for e-commerce in year 2015 were also proved right. We are in the last quarter of the year 2015, and it is already quite higher than ever imagined or recorded in the past. Hence, to enjoy the reward of higher revenues in the future, the e-commerce companies always try to keep complete focus on the enhancement of the customer experience and driving the utmost sales with a great search engine ranking.

Now, you can imagine how the e-commerce industry has opened the ways for the entrepreneurs to become a leader and earn the desired ROI. The opportunities in this realm are soaring day by day, so is the bottleneck competition. Hence, sustaining a strong foothold in the global eCommerce market is a struggle for every business owner. In order to help, we are going to present top trends which are going to reveal the secret of triumphing over competitors with elevating revenues, traffic, audience, and brand image.

So, in order to help you to grow your business easily, we suggest the trendiest solutions that will keep you away from difficulties and boost sales.

It’s an age of m-commerce, and dominating throughout the year is challenging so you keep yourself acquainted with the market standards and the latest e-commerce trends. With this post, we are going to discuss pivotal e-commerce trends for the e-store owners that will definitely aid them to drive sales.

Emphasis On Responsive Design

Research suggests that 66% of total time online is being spent on eCommerce websites through mobile devices. The interesting thing is; 61% of visitors move to the next site if the site they browse is not friendly via the mobile gadget. Such a fact proves the need for optimizing the e-commerce sites to a responsive design for competing in the age of smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, compatibility of e-stores with manifold platforms, screens, and devices is at a high priority to enhancing the user-experience. Therefore, the adoption of fully responsive design is poised to get a rapid growth.

The primary aim of using responsive website design is to cater to streamlined viewing experience and a great user interface to ensure utmost readability. The easy navigation of a responsive design enables the users to resize, scroll, and pan the site in minimum taps on the screen. People are shifting quickly towards responsive design to elevate traffic, conversion rate, and for customer contentment.

Keep The Site Coupled With Content & Advanced Features

According to a survey, the number of e-commerce sites coupled with advanced features and fresh content will grab the attention of more visitors in the future. The content should be lengthy and genuine on the sites, which is good from an SEO perspective. But make sure that the quality of the content is not compromised at any cost. It would work as a king on the website and play a decisive role in the search engine ranking augmentation which is helpful for overall business growth.

So, reinforce your e-shop’s top-notch position by combining it with content and other features and start achieving your short, as well as, long-term objectives.

Videos-based Advertising Will Explode The Ways

As per the futuristic survey of Cisco for 2017, 69% of total consumer internet traffic will be produced via videos. Just like the e-commerce site owners move with responsive design to make the visual presentation better & find impressive responsive layouts, the use of videos will work as the front and center resource to communicate the relevant product details. This approach will also facilitate the option with uplifted webrooming.

Videos are taking a great shift in the marketing and advertising industry with enhanced ROI. This is why the primary focus of e-commerce site owners will be on the maximum usage of mobile videos in the future to improve the customer engagement.

Social Media – the Influential Way To Gain Incredible Profits

The constant use of social media would undoubtedly play a key role in the growth of e-commerce business. It is fruitful not only for creating maximum connections but also enhances the figure of sales and visibility. When social media comes together with mobile technology, then it becomes more powerful and will be considered as an indispensable element for online marketing in the future. You can see the “Buy” button on Twitter, which has recently been started on this social networking site for in-app purchases.

Many other sites are also expected to follow the same and make the online shopping experience more convenient for the shoppers.

Remarketing Works Ultimately For eCommerce Sites

With impeccable remarketing strategies, retailers can persuade an array of shoppers any time and anywhere to shop the products from their online stores. The influence of Facebook has spread across multiple platforms, majorly mobile. Smartphone users check their Facebook account frequently in a day, which automatically revamps the possibilities for the merchants to remarket their off-site targets. Hence, Facebook has completely embraced this dominance in the form of multi-channel advertising tool.

Sales through remarketing on Facebook has increased greatly recently. The mobile ads on social media platforms produced highly satisfactory outcomes and shared a good amount of total revenues generated by the e-commerce sites. In the future, this trend is going to play a pivotal role for the success of e-commerce industry.

Go With Storytelling To Jazz Up Sales

It is another popular way to multiply the sales. More and more vendors are going to get involved in this approach by incorporating stories in the form of videos and text on the e-stores, narrating the features of their products. This technique works really well, especially with e-commerce sites and truly helps the owners grab unlimited opportunities that lead their businesses towards recognition. If you’re still not taking benefit of it to reap your business revenues, then go for it and start getting those sales.

Seize the increasing opportunities of storytelling in the current digital age as you will experience its considerable growth soon.


These ultimate e-commerce trends will definitely enhance the customer experience as well as streamline the ways of shopping through e-commerce. Along with these mentioned trends, you also need to conduct in-depth market research in order to devise something new which can fruitfully elevate the business visibility or reach.

By following these trends in the future, online retailers will undoubtedly acquire a reputed position in the international market by driving more traffic, revenues, and a significant number of customers.

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