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The Best User-Friendly Online Tools to Increase Productivity

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The advent of technology has increased humanity’s ceiling for productivity. Because we have all the tools, it is expected that our outputs are done with more quality and speed. With the rise of various applications to cater to the demand of online workers, identifying the best for specific tasks can be a difficult feat. To answer this problem, I have compiled the best online tools for some of the most common users in the cyberspace.

For the Freelance Writer:


No matter how spectacular a writer you are, a writer’s block will come visit you some time. If this happens, slow down and just jot down simple notes to start off. Evernote is the perfect application in times like this. It lets you write what’s on your mind, no matter how useless and raw you think it is. These ideas are saved on your device and can be easily revisited by the time you gather more inspiration!


No writer is perfect. In fact, the most brilliant writers have some grammatical lapses from time to time. Prevent these lapses through the help of Grammarly. It is an application whose aim is to transform your grammatically unsound article into a flawless piece of art! Apart from grammar, it also provides other services to improve the quality of work, including vocabulary improvements, spelling corrections, and citation suggestions.

Google Drive

As a writer, you have to choose the best storage for all your masterpieces, right? Google Drive is definitely the most reliable of them all! Its storage is more than enough for all your files. If not, you can always upgrade. Also, the app allows you to work offline, so you can write wherever and whenever your inspiration comes. Most importantly, it can be easily shared through a variety of devices, with the optimum protection you need!


Another important characteristic of every freelance writer is credibility. As a writer, it is expected that your work is free from plagiarism. Although you have this intention every time you write, sometimes, your idea is exactly another’s, in form and in substance. To avoid this, use Copyscape. It is a plagiarism checker that most employers trust. It’s also inexpensive, so you don’t have to spend too much just to prove that your idea is unique.

For the College Student:

Soda PDF

As a college student, you need an online tool that is free, secure, and reliable. Soda PDF is definitely what you are looking for. Apart from the staple criteria that every online user is looking for, the plethora of unique features adds up to its value. It has a picture converter, it can sync with a variety of devices such as Google Drive and DropBox, and it protects files from unauthorized access through the password protection feature!

Writing House

You are a senior and your thesis is stressing you out. What do you do? Get an online tool to lessen the workload. Writing House does the dirtiest work in researches: it creates bibliographies. In such a brain-draining university requirement, a few hours saved can really create miracles. Writing House takes care of those dreadful bibliographies, whether they are in Harvard, Chicago, MLA, or APA citation styles.

Scientific Research

Online research can be very stressful, especially with tons of information to filter. Don’t worry about the lack of reliability in the cyberspace, because a program was created to make sure all information you get are from credible sources. Scientific Research’s main niche is allowing filtered access to peer-reviewed articles and journals, so that students would have an easier time navigating through questionable websites. With Scientific Research, students are kicking off their research on the right track.

Word Counter

Professors bombard you with the number of words required for each writing assignment. While the programs you use such as Microsoft Office and Open Office have accurate word counts, Word Counter has more specific statistics for your essay. It also counts how many words you have repeated to suggest the quality of your work! Word Counter is definitely a more helpful tool!

For the Social Media Advertiser:


Every social media manager knows that the key to attracting visitors is eye-catching graphics on a social media page. Therefore, managers have to be extra careful in choosing what pictures to post and what infographics to create. To make image-searching easier, try TinEye. It works as your online assistant in getting the perfect image. You just have to key in the term for the image, and TinEye will direct you to its original source. This means that more time is saved and there are lesser chances to infringe on intellectual property.


For growing social media accounts, managing simultaneously is a problem. Hootsuite is the solution that will save you from the threat of stress. It has a dashboard that lets you browse through notifications on various social media accounts for more convenient monitoring. It also allows you to coordinate with group members in the delegation of tasks, so that every message is responded to and every social media account is updated.

Google Analytics

In social media management, knowing the target audience is important. Once you understand who your customers are, the next crucial step is knowing where they are and how they can be reached. To get this information, analytics is necessary. This determines the demographics of people who will be reached by your posts, so that you can assure that your message as a business is conveyed at the right place and time. It would take research and resources to fully maximize Google Analytics, but the benefits of mastering it are promising.

Additional Tips:

  • Be realistic on time management. Don’t do everything in a span of a few hours. It would be tiring and unenjoyable.
  • Have a conducive workspace. It should have a comfortable chair, good lighting, and silence.
  • Have fun! You’re doing what you love, right?

There you go! Be more productive! Try these online tools now!

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