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Why Businesses Are Switching to Quality Assurance Email Testing in 2019

Businesses Are Switching to Quality Assurance Email TestingImage Credit: Deposit Photos

Email marketing is a complex task when getting started. While this channel has the potential to create the most ROI, the lack of coding and development standards can make this process more frustrating.

Based on this challenge, we tend to overlook an important part in the process: Quality Assurance (QA) testing. And after all of the issues of trying to design and code the email, most of us want to get out of the door and not remember the experience until the next email marketing campaign comes across the desk.

Remember, email quality assurance is a crucial step to website development – it can save you time, money, and your reputation. If used correctly, it will improve your market ROI.

Why Do I Have to Test My Email?

While testing is an additional step to the email process, it directly affects your bottom line. Let’s look at some of the benefits you’ll experience using stripo emails testing and why you shouldn’t overlook this step.

Improving ROI

How much does a broken email cost your brand? With so many products and industries available, it’s virtually impossible to find an estimate that works for every business. The potential revenue that’s lost to a broken email depends on your list product price, subscriber list, ROI on your purchase, and more.

For instance, you have a product that’s priced at $700. For the sake of this guide, we’ll explain how much you gross based on the sale of the product, not its net profit. For instance, let’s say you have an email campaign that has over $20,000 people subscribed. If the email has a 25% open rate, then you’ll have 5,000 subscribers who are potential customers.

Also, consider the average conversion rate for your customers. If the average conversion rate is at 30% (this is the average amount of people that want to become customers after opening the email) – this means that the cost for a broken link is about 75 customers. This means that there is a $500 x 75 = $37,500 loss in total revenue lose because of a broken email.

Saves Time

Besides saving the bottom line, having stripo email testing will help you focus on the clients and issues that matter the most to your customers. Customer data tools and email analytics, whether it’s embedded in CRM, QA, or ESP platform will give you information on what devices and clients are popular amongst your subscribers.

Whether its Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook or iOS, the client shares stats to assist you in your QA efforts. Making an email design platform is less daunting if you simply worry about the clients your subscribers are using.

Do I Have to Test My Email Every time?

Absolutely. Email quality assurance process is an important step before sending an email, even if its a template that’s been used on multiple campaigns.

The fact is, one change in code in one template can potentially change the entire design of the final result. Plus, devices and email clients are consistently changing and is unable to keep track of which techniques work and which ones don’t.


Overall, testing your emails is a great way to prevent any issues down the line. By doing this, you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars and keep your readers engaged with your content. So keep doing repeated tests until you find the best final email that you can send to your audience.

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