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The Complete Guide To Live Streaming Events

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Live streaming has completely changed the marketing dynamics and is one of the most effective tools for marketing and communication in the current era of digitalization. Whether a brand wants to live stream an event or businesses want to conduct corporate meetings around the world, live streaming serves all.

A large number of people spend time on the internet nowadays. When brand streams live, audiences are likely to comment and like live videos as compared to pre-recorded camera shots. Digital marketers have included live streaming as a core marketing strategy to stay ahead in the digital race. A recent report states that a large percentage of audiences are likely to visit an event in-person the following year after they catch the live webcast of an event the previous year.

With the change in times, the audience around the world waits for event live streams of the brand they like or follow. It has become easy for brands to reach potential target audiences worldwide without any geographical limitations, all thanks to Live streaming platforms available on the internet. Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Periscope and Instagram Live are some of the top trending live streaming platforms available on the internet today. 

Earlier when the talk goes around streaming events live, various questions start popping up in the mind of the broadcasters. But today, event live streaming is not only benefiting brands to expand the reach and boost sales but allowing live audiences to be the part of the event who can’t be present in-person at the event. 

Youtube is one of the most famous and oldest platforms for watching video content which has millions of active users around the world. Youtube is the king of social platforms when we talk about video content. It allows brands to stream live on youtube absolutely free and reach its potential audience base around the world. With its excellent results of searchability and SEO rankings, many brands opt to live stream on Youtube Live. It becomes easy for the audience to search for videos on youtube when compared to other social media platforms. 

Gone are the days when youtube was only used for watching pre-recorded videos. With time youtube worked on its algorithms and started offering youtube live webcasting solutions. It has helped many brands from various sectors to leverage by expanding its reach and generating more sales. When a brand opts to Live webcast on youtube, it allows the brand to engage today’s modern audience interactively with the brand throughout the live event youtube broadcast video. Live webcast on youtube helps in driving ROI after your event webcast as it engages a large number of audiences and grows the number of attendees at the event.

Youtube Live allows brands to take their potential audiences to the company’s tour, launch products or services online, share the sneak peek of behind the scene scenarios apart from Live webcasting brand events. 

If you want to live stream on youtube Live, understanding the steps and process involved in live streaming events on youtube is a must. The market is full of youtube live streaming service providers, you can select the best out of the lot for carrying out the professional live webcast on youtube successfully. In this article, we will share how to live stream your event on youtube. 

How to Stream Live on YouTube?


If you are ready to live webcast on youtube, you can simply stream live on youtube via desktop, smartphone or laptop. You can interact with your live audience in real-time by enabling comments during youtube broadcast video or by opening a live chat window. It helps in engaging your audiences with your event thereby building customer-brand relationships and connecting them on emotional grounds. It not only helps you to connect with audiences from the real world but also helps in monitoring your events live webcast on youtube to see how it works with real-time analytics.

Once your event live stream on youtube live ends, the video automatically gets archived for a 24-hour timeline which makes it easy for the audience to catch the missed webcast. The audiences are not enabled to comment in the saved version of youtube broadcast video. A few considerations are a must before you hit the road to make your event create a buzz on the internet. A verified channel with 100 plus subscribers is the first step in the process of streaming live on youtube. Your youtube channel should be free from any sort of live streaming restrictions, if not it will automatically switch off the live streaming services of your channel. Youtube live streaming service provider helps you in easing out your queries of professional live streaming without any restrictions. Once you are set with a channel, follow the steps to go live stream on youtube live.

All Set to Live Webcast on YouTube Live! Here We Go Live


1. Set up Before Streaming Live

When a brand opts to live stream events on youtube, setting up everything beforehand is a must. Check your camera and microphone settings beforehand, if required hire a professional camera and microphone for carrying out hassle-free youtube broadcast video. Check whether the venue of the event has a strong internet network or not as it is the only source that will help you in reaching your audience. Without a strong network connection, your event live webcast on youtube will fall flat on the face as no one will like to catch a blurry and pixelated live footage. 

2. Make Your Audience Aware Beforehand

Prior to the date of the live webcast on youtube, make your audience aware of your event live streaming plans beforehand. Make your social media followers aware of the upcoming brand event by promoting it strategically. 

3. Have a Verified YouTube Channel With 100 Plus Subscribers

To stream live on youtube, you must have your presence on it with a channel that has 100 plus subscribers. Once you verify your account by adding your phone number, you will be enabled to upload videos that last for more than 15 minutes and can live webcast your event on youtube.

4. Click on the Creator Studio Button

To enable live streaming for your channel, click on the creator Studio button if you are streaming via desktop or laptop. If you are streaming live with a smartphone, grant permission to youtube app to access camera and microphone. 

5. Time to Set a Live Streaming Encoder

If you opted for youtube to stream live, encoding software is needed to stream live and reach millions. The choice of encoder totally depends on the type of event. 

6. Add a Title & Video Description to Your Event Live Stream

After selecting the best encoding software, an eye-catchy title to your events live stream is needed. It holds the audience’s attention and makes them excited about the live event. You can then write the youtube broadcast video description that holds the information about the live stream and gives audiences a brief about what live stream holds for them.

7. Set Privacy Settings

Set your privacy settings to the public if you want to reach a large segment of audiences around the world. If you are opting to live webcast on youtube for corporate events, keeping settings to private is a good option as it will prevent confidential information from leaking out. 

8. Enable Sharing on Various Platforms and Do a Test Run

If you want your brand event to be shared on other social platforms as well, enable the sharing options. A test run beforehand is always a good option to prevent any hassle at the last moment. If you find any, you are still left with time to fix it. 

9. All Set to Go Live

You are now all set to stream live on youtube and reach your audiences around the globe.

10. Interact With Your Live Audiences

Half of the battle is won once you are live video streaming. Engaging your potential audience interactively during the live webcast on youtube is the other half. Interact with them by answering their valuable questions and pining the most likable comments at the top. 

Let your event webcast on youtube make the buzz on the internet and help you achieve your set goals!


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