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How Technology Can Help Teachers Spot when Students are Struggling

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There is no doubt that technology plays a big role in every aspect and activity of our daily lives. Without it, we wouldn’t get out of bed on time or get to work safely, but there are far more amazing things that technology can offer. Teachers of the 21st century have more responsibilities than in the past, and student performance is becoming a measurement by which educators are judged.

To be able to help a student who is struggling in class, teachers need to be aware of emotional and psychological signs. A student will not always go to a teacher if they are having problems, and many are too nervous or embarrassed to ask for help. As technology becomes more integrated into the education field, here are ways that it can be utilized to spot when a student is having problems in class.


Student Engagement

Using technology in the classroom is not only beneficial for the student; it enables teachers to be more engaging and interactive with their students. Lesson and curriculum planning often takes a large portion of teachers’ free time, meaning they can dedicate less of it to students that need assistance. Software providers are designing more advanced learner management systems (LMS) that automate most of the teacher’s responsibilities. This includes setting out the curriculum by the objectives and outcomes that the student needs to achieve, and many applications even mark student exams and tests.

With smart algorithms, state-specific curriculums can be inputted with an adjusted timeline calculated. Technology such as this takes away the menial planning and teachers have more time to be available for the students that need it the most. If a teacher personally interacts with a student, they are more likely to spot areas that need improvement.


Individualized Student Analytics

Traditional classrooms can have anywhere from 15 to 30 students, and this can result in one or two being ignored or falling behind. Teachers have to control the classroom environment, and this can be difficult if there are too many students. Often in cases like this, a student may need additional tutoring or have to repeat the school year. With the help of an LMS, each student’s performance, results, academic behavior, and feedback can be loaded into one central location.

Analytics can be used here to generate a report for an individual student, to see the general trends and capabilities of that student. This system, referred to as machine learning in education, can also be set up to notify the teacher when a student is missing deadlines, or repeatedly performing poorly. Machine learning allows computer programs to accurately calculate student data and make realistic decisions on behalf of that student.

Teachers can be far more effective in managing student performance this way.


Self-Confidence Improves Learning

A teacher can’t properly educate a student if they are not aware of any difficulties they may be having. Students are less likely to engage in the classroom by participating in debates or answering questions because they lack the confidence to speak in front of people. It is not uncommon for a student to not answer a question for fear of being wrong and facing ridicule from their classmates. With the use of technology, students can choose to answer questions through an online app or website link created by the LMS or teacher.

An interesting study found that students also had no questions nor did they accept the offer of help when they were asked in front of the other students. In a single semester, student inquiries went up from 50 to an average of 500 when students were given the chance to communicate online and anonymously. A student’s performance may just be hindered because they don’t feel comfortable interacting unless on a one-on-one basis with the teacher.


Better Access To All Resources

In the past, to do a research project you had to go to the library or ask your parents for help. The use of the internet provides access to millions of resources so students can get the information they need much quicker. Student assignments can also be loaded and submitted online, which gives students a variety of resources that are easily accessible. Feedback and assistance can be improved using technology because it is instant, and even private chat lines can be created.

Teachers can use technology to the fullest by helping those students who are struggling; however, they need to be aware of these issues. By using technology in the classroom, students can be given more avenues of communication, and if possible, it should be anonymous for those that lack self-confidence. Many students struggle through the academic year simply because they don’t feel they have enough support or are less smart if they ask for help. It is important to make students aware of the benefits technology has for them, so that they can better reach out to those that can help them the most, their teachers.

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