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How Mature Is ASP.NET Core Platform to Server Your Business: A Brief Look

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It is true that we have made significant progress in various web application development technologies. Today, there are multiple options that are available to cater to specific business requirements, and the latest trends reflect that enterprises are turning to ASP.Net Core, an open-source technology of Microsoft that is a great option to create modern web or internet applications, which can be deployed in the cloud.

Asp.Net is the most successful framework that offers new and extended features that help the developers build highly scalable and high-performance web applications. When it is coupled with other performance tools or application monitoring like the Profiler, it becomes a powerful solution for creating incredible apps. The in-built features help to overcome some common development challenges that help to boost the performance of your app.

Cross Platform Implementation:

The .NET framework is specifically designed to run on Windows, but the tools and applications are developed by using the .NET Core that can run on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. You can easily deploy an ASP.Net Core app to Microsoft Azure together with Visual Studio. Independent packaging, compatibility, and installation with multiple platforms make ASP.NET Core a great framework and the same codes can be reused.

Modular Framework: 

Another feature of ASP.NET core is that it is an open-source due to which you can add framework components as per your needs. Whenever a new version is released, there is no need to upgrade the entire framework. And this is definitely a great plus point as it saves a lot of time.  The modular structure allows the users to share their codes, discuss and deploy core apps and stay competitive in the market.

Asynchronous Programming Patterns:

ASP.NET Core development has excellent support for using asynchronous programming patterns. Async is implemented in almost all the .Net frameworks and in most third-party libraries. Modern applications mostly spend time and CPU cycles in waiting for their database queries, I/O operations and web service calls to complete. One reason that makes ASP.NET Core faster is its extensive use of the asynchronous patterns within the Kestrel and MVC framework.

CSRF Protection:

Security has always been of great importance while developing an application. It involves a lot of work to prevent certain types of attacks and the CSRF refers to hijacking the users authenticated session to perform any action that has not been initiated. ASP.NET Core has features to prevent such types of attacks and it also generates anti forgery tokens.

Self-Hosted Applications:

At times, you may need to create a web application that will be deployed on the desktop and not on a server that is running IIS.  With ASP.NET, you can create a self-hosted web application by using Nancy, Owin, or WCF. You can also use the standard Kestrel web server and this is a great advantage as your web application is essentially a console application.

The MVC and Web API Frameworks: 

Before ASP.NET core development came to the market, most developers were using the MVC and web API frameworks. The MVC was tailored to create web apps that served the HTML. The web API was designed specifically to create RESTful services by using JSON or XML. With ASP.Net Core, both web API and MVC have been merged together and this has helped to simplify the development process. We now also have the new Razor Pages and they extend the MVC framework and allows encapsulating the controller of a page together with two-way binding.

High Performance:

The core libraries, optimization tools help the developers to write efficient and maintainable codes that offer high performance. Moreover, the easier upgrades, new concepts, faster release cycles are all related to space and memory allocation that makes this open-source framework reliable for mobile applications and clouds.  ASP.Net’s modular framework makes sure that the users get an economical and robust solution through its applications. All these features have made ASP.NET Core one of the fastest web frameworks that are available in the market.

To conclude, we can say that ASP.NET Core is a matured platform and is gaining popularity among the developers and business owners for its robust and powerful features.  It is clearly the future of web development. So, if you are looking for high performance and server-side applications that can be easily deployed on cross platforms at reasonable costing, then ASP. NET Core is the best option.

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