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Is SVG Image Good For Your Website?

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Keeping pace with the current trends, it is vital for your website to be flexible as well as scalable. It throws in a new challenge for the web designers who wish to find new ways to manage and also to make the size of the images flexible to prevent blurry effects. With the basic programming used in web design, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) image offers a handful of benefits for your website.

SVG is always text based

If you make use of a good graphic editor, you can develop a relevant image for your site. Unlike other graphical software, SVG works in a different way. You can use other software programs, but still you feel as if you are drawing an image. With SVG, the final product looks like a good collection of beautiful words. It is important to remember that the words become more influential on the internet than images.

And the search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, look for the specific keywords or key phrases. For example, if you upload JPEG, you can effectively limit yourself to a title of your graphics as well as the alt text phrases. With the help of SVG coding, you can expand your possibilities.

That is not all. SVG images allow you to draw complex images and also have them easily rendered on the website pages. To do this, you either have to use the ‘object tags’ to embed SVG or do it with the ‘embed tags’. You can also include ‘iframe’ to incorporate SVG graphics.

SVG involves vector technology

In case of image designing, the raster image is the one created with small dots or pixels and the vector image is a combination of the lines. One of the biggest advantages of the SVG image is that it uses vector technology and is highly scalable. The vector graphics are widely used for mathematical calculations. To bring about any change in size, you only need to change the numbers.

However it is more difficult to change the image in case of the raster files than their vector counterparts. For example, if you wish to zoom in to a vector image, it is not distorted. However, if you zoom in to a raster image, it is full with tiny dots and is completely distorted. Unlike raster images, their vector counterparts can be expanded or contracted.

SVG works within different language formats

SVG logo makes use of text-based codes where SVG graphic is used as the base and CSS is also used to polish it. Such pictures can speak out a thousand words. All you need to do is develop core codes and then use design processes and make the image work whenever you wish.

SVG logo can be edited

Unless you make your logo or web design appealing, you will not be able to attract the customers. The Huffingtonpost also reports on how to make websites with best web design and development useful to attract the customers. According to this report, bad design and layout and a few other factors make any business website unappealing to the users. Here lies the importance of a good web design or layout.

An appropriate SVG image offers you an extra advantage. If you wish to make a change after taking an image, you have to take another picture to reset the whole scene. With a Scalable Vector Graphics image, you do not have to face this type of problem. If you make an error, you can easily change coordinates or word in the text editor, thus ensuring that you can complete the task easily.

SVG images are light compared to JPEG images.

If you wish to expand a JPEG image, it gets heavier. But with SVG, the weight of the image remains the same, irrespective of how large you wish it to expand. A two-inch width square weighs the same as one hundred inch width square.

With each passing day, the web users are becoming smarter. Gone are the days when flat design of the web was enough to attract the visitors to your website. To attract the users, you can use new web design style called Parallex scrolling to create a 3D impression on your web page. This XML based SVG graphics also aim to improve the look and feel of your website.  SVG uses XML to describe 2D vector images.

All popular browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, offer some degrees of SVG support. That greatly influenced the development of the SVG format for a professional website. There is also a lot of fun working with SVG graphics. While creating the images, filters, gradients as well as animation are easily available. Leverage this new-age graphic designing technology and make your site more appealing to the visitors.

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