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9 Successful Web App Ideas for Your Start-up

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The future will be on developing portable technology, especially on mobile applications. The evolution of mobile technology has already started to show its impact on the day-to-day activities of modern-day humans. Stepping into the development of creative web or mobile applications could be the potential source of generating income for the new startups in today’s heavily competitive world.

These days, there is a massive competition prevailing among the application development sectors to develop creative and peculiar applications. Coming up with successful web app ideas isn’t that much easy as many things. The concept of the app is the backbone for creating a successful application.

Here in this article, we have listed the top 9 web app ideas that can kick start your startup in this 2020 and also for the upcoming years.

Top 9 Web App Ideas for Your Startup

Web app development could be the potential money earning platform for young startups to boost their venture market. Take a look over the top 9 bright web app ideas that can suit perfectly for a startup to shine in this 2020 and beyond.

1. The CEO Dashboard App

Creating a dashboard application isn’t a new thing in the web app development industry. A potential dashboard provides the most straightforward view of the analysis reports over the chosen metrics. However, developing a dashboard app for CEOs could be a tricky one. By the way, stepping into the development of a CEO dashboard app would not engage you with the heavy competition.

Building a useful CEO dashboard with the potential of solving a significant problem could boost your startup in terms of revenues and also getting significant reputations.

2. CRM Apps for Startups and Small Businesses

Well, there is no doubt that the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market is a massive competitive sector, and as a startup, it could be challenging to achieve a landmark on developing a potential CRM app. However, all those exciting CRM applications mainly focused on medium and enterprise businesses. So, developing a CRM app for small business or startup business could be a potential market to land your business venture.

Moreover, developing a CRM for the startup or small business isn’t so hard. Also, the secret key to succeed in CRM app development is to keep the app super simple and focused.

3. App for Retreat Management Platform

The day-to-day work schedule of the working people around the world gives them a significant amount of stress, and that leads them to spend more time on their smartphones instead of spending their time outdoors. This created an environment where people started to search for wellness guidance from the experts by understanding the importance of maintaining mental and physical health in a balanced way.

According to the recent survey reports, the wellness industry expected to reach more than 900 Billion USD by 2022. Meanwhile, the competition on developing a wellness or retreat management app is significantly low, and it could be the right platform to kick starts your app development idea.

4. Employee Orientation Software

For every organization, employee orientation is crucial and also a necessary process because it is a process that allows the newly hired employee to introduce them to co-workers and creates a comfortable work environment.

Developing MVP oriented software for the HR department of an organization could clear their headache on poor planning of employee orientation. Moreover, the availability of a dedicated web app for employee orientation is low in the market.

5. Crime Alert Web App

A Crime Alert web app could be an awareness spreading app that allows users to post the crime incident happening in their neighborhood. This will create potential awareness in public and make them vigilant.

The functions of a crime alert app could match with the social media app; however, the localization is the factor that makes this app differs from a typical social media app. The competition on crime app development is significantly low in the current market, and this is the right time to step-in.

6. Family Apps

Creating a potential family web application involves many difficulties, and also developers need to over the moderate competition in the market. A useful family application should play a significant role in organizing family members.

By offering potential features on your family app, surely you can crack the market and reach the top place.

7. Daily Highlights Apps

In today’s busy world, often, people tend to set reminders for their to-do lists. A daily highlight web app does a similar kind of job with enhanced features. Though you can witness a significant amount of competition on developing a to-do app, you can still beat it and crack into the top position by developing a simple to-do app without over-engineering.

Creating a daily highlight web app with simple UI and easy access will do the major job of trending your app hit in the market.

8. IMDB for Books

Finding an excellent platform for a decent book review is a worry for book lovers around the world. Though you can find a few applications, still it is designed on focusing sales instead of focusing on reviewing books. Developing a book review app with a better UI and simplified review system will tackle the world book lover’s book review problem.

It is a great web app idea and easy to develop, especially for beginners. It could be a perfect niche to kick starts the app development process for startups in 2020.

9. Voice Translation App

It may sound familiar because of the presence of the word translation, but it is a new niche in web app development. Many travelers struggle to understand and to communicate in the local language of the country in which they travel.

Developing a voice translation app that translates the spoken words in real-time will resolve the traveling worries of travelers around the globe.

Bottom Line

I hope the list above may zeal you in developing a creative web app for your startup. Innovative thinking is the first step to achieve a successful goal when it comes to the mobile app development world. So, if you want to be a successful mobile app developer, then start thinking differently.

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