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The Top Ways to Optimize Mac Functions

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Experiencing performance issues is not uncommon with gadgets and usually encounters slow speed performance, cluttered storage spaces, and faulty functionality. Though Macs are considered better machines as compared to Windows PC, they are no exception. So if you are experiencing problems with your Mac, you should know the top ways to clean my Mac. For this, you can either choose to perform some manual procedures or use a Mac cleaning software to improve the overall health of your Mac.

There is ample Mac cleaner software available in the market, out of which our personal inclination is towards Smart Mac Care and CleanMyMac X. All these programs are highly recommended and effectively optimize your Mac.

Top Ways to Optimize Mac Functioning:

In this article, we will walk you through the top ways to clean your Mac that include both manuals as well as Mac Cleaner tools to use which can work effectively for you.

Manual Ways To Optimize Mac:

1. Close All Background Applications:

Applications installed on Mac tend to run in the background and consume substantial memory, thus affecting the smooth running of the Mac. Surprisingly, not many of us know that they are consuming memory and even running in the background.

Closing all the unwanted background applications releases a huge amount of memory. To do so, locate the application in the Dock, which has a light blue circle. Click on the application and hold it until you see the pop-up menu. Click on Quit to close the running application.

2. Restart the Mac:

Many times the most common problems are solved by simply restarting the machine. All you need to do is restart the Mac and see if it performs smoothly.

3. Disable Startup Items:

Startup items or programs refers to the programs that run when the Mac starts. If there are ample startup programs, they slow down the boot time and hamper normal functioning.

So, managing Startup items can solve the problem. To do so, navigate to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items.

The login items display the startup programs, and you can simply click on the “-” sign along with the program you wish to remove and you are done.

4. Uninstall Unwanted Applications:

Before we start discussing the Mac Storage Cleaner software, the last method is to identify and uninstall unwanted applications. Navigate to the Applications folder and locate the programs you want to remove. Drag them to the Trash and empty the Trash to recover huge chunks of storage space and optimize your Mac.

How to Optimize Your Mac Using Mac Cleaner Software

There are innumerable Mac Cleaner Tools available in the market that one can use to optimize their Mac. Below are the three top utilities that give your Mac a new life.

1. Smart Mac Care:

One excellent Mac storage cleaner software is by Systweak Software. The software aims at giving new life to your Mac. It easily detects privacy traces and malicious infections and removes unwanted junk files on your Mac that eat up disk space, infect your Mac, and slow down its performance.

It comes with four different modules named Malware Scan, Web Protection, Junk Scan, and Privacy Scan that helps in improving the overall functioning of your Mac.

All these modules effectively restore large chunks of storage space and keep your Mac protected from any infection.

Download today.

2. CleanMyMac X:

Another Mac Cleaning Software is CleanMyMac X. This again is an amazing tool that optimizes your Mac by removing malicious infection, deleting unwanted data,

It easily scans and detects unwanted files from iTunes, Mail, Photos, hidden files, etc., and restores gigs of storage space.

Doing this not only restores space also improves the speed and performance of your Mac.

Download it today.

After spending so much money on these highly advanced gadgets no one wants them to die too soon. Hence it is required that we take good care of them. Mac machines are no exception and need optimization regularly. While there are ample manual processes that you can use, they consume both time and energy. A more practical approach is to use a Mac Cleaner for your Mac and let it do the work for you.

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