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Youtube Ads: How to Launch Your YouTube Сampaign

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Cyrus McCormick said: ‘Trying to do business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl through a pair of green goggles. You may know what you are doing, but no one else does.’ Obviously, advertising is an important part of any business strategy. Basically, that is how the prospects hear about your business. That is why you should thoroughly think about this point. Without a doubt, these days there are a lot of startups. Thus, you definitely need to stand out from the crowd. All in all, advertising would be a great way to do it. Still, which one should you choose? Given these points, we decided to help you to make a decision. So, this post will tell you about advertising on the most popular video server and how to launch your own YouTube Campaign. Are you ready to see our recommendations?

The Main Formats of Advertising YouTube Offers

At the outset, today YouTube provides its users with TrueView advertising. In a word, such kind of advertising allows you to pay for the actual amount of views or interactions. Needless to say, it is a nice start because usually, people pay for a possible number of views their video will get. Also, your video should be uploaded on YouTube. What else should you know about? Same to all the professional servers, YouTube has a lot of technical recommendations. We recommend you to check the list before launching your campaign. To make a long story short, the recommendations will help you to avoid the most popular mistakes. You will easily choose a proper format for your advertising, etc.

Before all else, you pay only for the promo on YouTube. Still, your video will be available on the other servers as well. As a result, there will be more people to see it. What are these servers? Shortly, we talk about the display networks that have a partnership with YouTube. In addition, the only person that decides how much money to pay for your advertising is you. Therefore, you will never run out of your budget thanks to the possibility to regulate your expenses. Another benefit of using YouTube advertising is that your promo can last 30 seconds and more! Should we explain why it is so cool? In the end, the chances to interest your prospects depend on the amount of time you have.

Now let’s back to our question. What are the main advertising formats YouTube has for you?

  • To begin with, YouTube has TrueView In-Stream video advertising;
  • Also, the server provides TrueView Video Discovery advertising;
  • In addition, you can take advantage of Bumper advertising.

What Is TrueView In-Stream Video Advertising?

To make a long story short, TrueView In-Stream advertising is the video, which appears in some parts of the video stream. So, people will be able to view your promo on YouTube and its partner projects. It could be a site or an application.

Is TrueView In-Stream an effective format of advertising? Well, statistics show that it is. Still, there is one thing you should remember about. In case you want to promote your brand using this ads format, keep in mind that TrueView In-Stream has a law conversation rate. For these simple reasons, we recommend you to avoid long promotions. Make it laconic and eye-catching to grab the attention of your prospects. Are you sure that your video will be a groundbreaking one? In this case, TrueView In-Stream advertising is your choice. To sum everything us, the viewer should understand your visual message clearly. What do you want them to do? Try to make your assumption short but effective.

Given these points, you should realize that you will not be able to put tones of information in your promo. Thus, we recommend you to construct a professional online project and a page on YouTube as well. What for? Basically, your main task is to grab the attention of a viewer using TrueView In-Stream advertising. As soon as you did it, you may want to share more information about your business. Therefore, just direct your promo to other resources. Then you will be able to post a longer video on your channel or describe your services with the help of a classy site. By the way, it could be a blog or landing page.

How can you launch it? Today you can find multiple ready-to-use templates. We suggest you view out this list of business WordPress themes.

Skippable and Non-skippable Advertising

Originally, you can meet 2 types of video advertising.

As the name says, skippable advertising is the promo that you can skip easily. Usually, a viewer is able to do it within 5 seconds. The main disadvantage of this type is that the view counts only when a promo was watched for 30 seconds. In addition, don’t forget that 6 minutes (or less) is a recommended length for skippable advertising.


Logically, non-skippable advertising is the promo a viewer can’t skip. To say more, they can’t be viewed in a part. For these simple reasons, non-skippable advertising is more effective. The recommended length for non-skippable video is 15-20 seconds maximum.


What Does YouTube Advertising Show?

In a word, a standard YouTube promo shows your main info. It includes the name of the advertising, the name of your channel, and the interactional panel of the channel. Seeing that, we suggest you use a call-to-action paradigm. Just link your official website to your advertising using a special block. As a result, there will appear ‘Learn more’ button.

What Is TrueView Video Discovery Advertising

Basically, TrueView Video Discovery advertising is the promo that the server recommends you to view out. Usually, one can find them in the list called ‘Similar Videos’. Undeniably, this is an advantageous ads format because people will see the content they were interested in. What is more, another plus of using TrueView Video Discovery advertising is that the view will be counted as soon as a user clicks on the video.

Would you like your promo to look natural? Therefore, there is Ad Policy information that we suggest you view out. Reading this information, you will not only know about user right. Actually, you will find out how to make your video harmonize with the content of YouTube.

Remember we told you about the importance of a thoroughly designed website? So, let’s imagine that you are searching for the answer on YouTube. Obviously, the server contains a lot of step-by-step guides. Thus, you write the request and see the next results.

Then you will see how you can run a site with TemplateMonster. Here is how TrueView Video Discovery advertising works.

About Overlay and Display Advertising

To continue, YouTube ads can be divided into 2 other types: overlay and display.


On the one hand, there is overlay advertising. It is an advertising text block that you can see at the bottom of a promo. In general, overlay advertising takes just20% of total video’s size. Here is a real plus of the format: it doesn’t look irritating and doesn’t interrupt the viewing process. Also, the view will be counted as soon as a person opens the ad by clicking the banner.




On the other hand, you have display advertising. It is a banner you can often see on the right of the video.


Unfortunately, both of these formats work with desktops only. Thus, the views from mobiles will not be counted.

What Is Bumper Advertising?



Naturally, Bumper advertising is the promo that we usually see on smartphones. Beforehand, these videos are full-screen. That is why it is the most effective video format on YouTube. Furthermore, these videos are quite short. They took nearly 6 seconds, which means that Bumper ads do not look intrusive. Also, you are not able to skip this advertising. What is the payoff for Bumpers? Well, it starts at 1,000 commercial views.

According to Google and Eye Squire research, the combination of Bumper and TrueView ads is the most successful one. That is how you can make your promo memorable. Without a doubt, that is what you need to develop your deal! Finally, we suggest you read this post to know more.


Should we remind you that you have to make sure that all the elements work properly? All in all, the amount of your new clients depends on this point. What do you need? Just one word – keywords! Use them as much as you can and as often as you can. Create a remarkable title with the help of your keywords. In addition, don’t forget to use them in the description of your promo. Still, don’t forget that you should use only the working keywords. It means that they should clearly describe your content. If it will be so, you will get higher rates from Google and other search systems.

Setup Guide for YouTube Video Advertising

Well, not it’s time to figure out how you can set up your ad.

    1. To start with, you have to make a Google AdWords account. Then authorize and create a new campaign.
    1. Next, you need to choose the desired campaign type.


    1. Your next step will be writing the name of your promo and setting a daily budget. Basically, there are 2 options for you. Firstly, there is the Standard Display Method. Choose it if you would like YouTube to show your promo for the whole day. Secondly, there is an Accelerated Display Method. You can choose this type if you want YouTube to show your promo only at the beginning of the day. It will be shown very often and you know how active the users are in the morning. Still, this type has a disadvantage you should remember about. Choosing Accelerated Display Method, you have a chance to overrun your budget.
    1. As soon as you did, set the start and end dates for your advertising. Also, fill in the supporting information like language, locations, etc.
    1. Create the cover for your promo. In addition, don’t hesitate to use topics and keywords.
    1. Finally, you can upload your video! Before you did, we recommend you to check these requirements.
  1. Your last step will be selecting a needed format and the icon. To end with, don’t forget to preview your YouTube advertising!

Well, that’s all! Obviously, today creating your YouTube advertising is as easy as pie. By the way, as soon as you are done, you will be able to open your management panel. With it, you can change the settings and much more. Additionally, you may want to see your potential customers. In this case, use YouTube Analytics.

How to Link Your YouTube Channel to AdWords?

Actually, there is nothing complicated. Just follow the instructions.

  • First of all, you need to select your channel. Then click on ‘My Channel’ button;
  • Secondly, open Video Manager;
  • Thirdly, you have to find there ‘Advanced’;
  • Fourthly, open ‘AdWords for Video’ section;
  • Next, select ‘Link accounts’;
  • Here you will get the easy instructions.

How to Save Your Budget?

Needless to say, sometimes we all feel like it is time to cut our expenses. Surely, you will need to pay money for your YouTube advertising. So, how can you do it without running out of your budget? For these simple reasons, we are happy to introduce you this magnificent affiliate program from TemplateMonster. To make a long story short, you need to sign up and contact the manager. It will not take a lot of time. You can also promote the link by yourself and get good money from the company.

Would you like to get more information? Here is a small video for you.

To sum everything up, the recent resources allow us to promote business easily. Finally, let us know your opinion. What do you think about YouTube adds? Which format would you like to try? Have you ever used YouTube advertising and if you did what were the results? What are the other advertising formats you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

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