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How Responsive Web Design Can Benefit Your Business Website

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Do you really want to give your website more exposure than ever before? Then a responsive web design is what your website needs right now. A responsive design is in short, an approach or a framework that will help your users achieve an optimum experience, irrespective of the type of device from which they access it. With the increasing adoption of advanced technology, companies need to ensure their website is easily accessible from any device, be it a smart phone, a smart watch, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop. You may have a separate layout for each device but that means you would have to incur individual costs for each of them. A responsive web design on the other hand, can bring more than one solution to make a website reach more traffic.

Must Read Statistics To Help You Get An Idea About The Happening World Wide Web Trend

  • Out of the total traffic that a site receives, 30% accounts for traffic coming from mobile devices
  • Every smart phone user looks into his/her device at least 150 times a day
  • 80% of smart phone users access the Internet from their mobile devices
  • 67% of online shoppers prefer purchasing from an e-store that is mobile compatible

While the above statistics are enough to explain why responsive web design is so important, did you know your business can earn more than one benefit when responsive? Take a look at the following reasons why your website should switch to being responsive.

#1. More Traffic Conversion

Mobile is on the rise, and that means a responsive web design would make it easier and faster for people to access your site. Based on the recommendation provided by Google’s PageSpeed Developers, the upper fold of your website’s content should not take more than 1 second and the entire page should not take more than 2 seconds to load. While a website with the desktop version would take more time to load, a responsive web design lets visitors quickly access the contents of your website. This leads to more traffic flow.

#2. Google’s Recommendation

Google recommends website owners to go for a responsive web design since that would lead to a better SEO result. On a recent note, the giant search engine has also made an announcement that made every site owner sit up and take a look at their site’s mobility. As per the official announcement made by Google, websites would soon witness a change in their SERP ranking. In other words, websites having a mobile search friendly layout or a mobile app relevant content would now show up even more on the search engine results page.

However, why would Google make such a recommendation in the first place? You need to understand what Google will look for from your site. Apart from the fact that there has been a recent rise in the number of smart phone users, Google wants to make sure that every search engine user can access information with ease. Responsive web design makes it easy for the search engine bots to crawl and index website content using a single URL. On a search engine page that gives priority to user experience; you would definitely not want to make its users unhappy with a website that is difficult to access from any device.

#3. One URL To Anticipate All Device Screens

A responsive web design framework brings you the advantage to access a site from any device. With the emergence of new gadgets and technologies, it is difficult for website owners to respond quickly to every screen variation. A responsive design layout makes your site ready for any screen size.

#4. Reduce Bounce Rate

There are website owners who focus mainly on providing relevant content and forget about whether the content is easily readable, irrespective of the screen size. This is a problem suffered by many websites for not adopting the responsive design. Even if you have a mobile version for your website layout, without a responsive design the content would appear stripped down or different from that shown on a desktop or a laptop screen. As a result, viewers would immediately walk out from your site, ultimately lead to higher bounce rate.

#5. Time And Cost Effective

Setting up a stand alone website for your mobile version might be too time consuming. This is because one would have to conduct multiple site tests related to web development, maintenance and support. Imagine doing this for every web version. A responsive website on the other hand, means web developers would only need to test and manage the content and layout of one website. This makes a responsive web design both time and cost effective for website owners to go for.

#6. Follow One Platform Analytics Report

With a responsive web design, you can now maintain a single analytics report in order to track down user activities that happen across multiple platforms. Data tracking tools like Google Analytics come optimized with the ability to extract multiple responsive data reports from various devices on a single place.

#7. Increased Visibility on Search Engines

The biggest advantage of having a responsive web design is that you can manage a website using one set of hypertext links. This reduces your total time spent on site maintenance and you can focus on a more consolidated Search Engine Optimization strategy.

A good SEO strategy can be both time consuming and a costly affair. Developing a responsive layout for your website helps you to zero down your marketing strategy and tactics and give your 100% focus on how to optimize a single website for multiple devices. Besides, a single layout helps you keep your site updated with valuable content that would bring good SEO ranking instead of low level duplication, which has a direct impact on the search engine rank.

On an additional note, a responsive optimized mobile site gets prominently featured on the localized search engine results. Now that is a huge significance for e-store retailers, since this increases their chance to become more visible amongst their targets in the market.

There are other benefits to discover once you optimize your site for a mobile responsive web design. However, it is clear that a responsive web design is what you need to take away the unnecessary bother that comes when handling multiple web versions. In the meantime, you can instead focus on other factors that would help to improve your website’s performance for good.

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