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Reinforce Your Message By Opting For Online Meetings

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Online meetings have become something of a necessity for many businesses today, especially those that conduct business around the world.

When meetings include the training of a new technique, procedure, or software is included in those meetings, there are a few tools that offer more benefits than screen sharing. This allows people to all view the screen of the person conducting the meeting and follow along on their own computers. This can bring a new level of ease to online meetings that would otherwise never have been achieved.

The Basics of Screen Sharing

The point of most virtual style meetings is to be able to communicate face to face in a way that distance is not a factor. This can mean across town, across the country, or even around the world. The problem most companies face is when they are trying to teach something while holding a virtual meeting.

Instead of trying to use a lot of complicated lingo, many companies are turning to online screen sharing offered by providers like UberConference to start showing the participants of the meetings what they need to know. Screen sharing allows for everyone to see your screen and all of the movements that you are making, just like if they were literally standing over your shoulder. You can point out where to click, what to highlight, or even what types of errors everyone may encounter and how to fix them. This can make life very simple for everyone involved, and leave your participants with a better understanding of the process than if you simply used words.

Screen Sharing Benefits

There are a good number of benefits when using screen sharing, for both the presenter and those that participate in the meeting itself. One of the most common benefits of using screen sharing is the ability for different employees to collaborate on the same project without having to be located in the same office, or even the same country. Both people can then work on the parts of the project they need to, without missing any changes the other person has made.

Another benefit to using screen sharing is allowingmultiple people to give presentations during the same meeting. The first presenter can share his or her screen, while the remaining presenters get their information together, and the presenters can then share their portion of the presentation in order. This allows the participants to get the benefits from a collaborative effort without having to schedule multiple meetings, which could potentially waste time and money.

When to Use Screen Sharing

Virtual meetings are the ideal place to use screen sharing. This allows you to be able to combine communication methods, reaching the most people during your meetings, and get your message across more thoroughly. Some people are fully capable of learning from just hearing about a process, but other people need the visuals to be able to comprehend a process fully. Screen sharing gives you the benefits of both, and allows everyone to be able to take away more information when your meetings are complete. Some types of meetings offer a greater number of uses for screen sharing than others, and these meeting types include:

  • Remotely supporting users who are experiencing network or computer issues
  • Giving a presentation online to a large group of people with various locations
  • Training employees on a new type of software or product their company is implementing
  • Showing participants in a meeting where within specific files to locate information they require

When you are trying to make a solid point or get an important message across in any virtual setting, you can easily show people exactly what it is that you mean when you use screen sharing. People will be able to see the process, take notes if they need to, and ask questions as they arise instead of having to wait until the next time they speak with you. Give screen sharing a try and see how much more of the information you present is retained compared to the way you have run meetings in the past.

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