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Redefine Mobile App Advertising On TV With These 5 Hot Trends In 2016

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2015 proved to be a defining moment in the world of TV mobile app advertising. So many gaming apps examples prove this point with the likes of Heroes Charge, Game of War, Clash of Clans, and so on, spending more than $15 million alone in television marketing.

Many people had this misconception of TV mobile app marketing dying out. However, the year 2015 brought about a radical change in the mindsets of users, when they saw app developers getting celebrities onboard such as Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Waltz, and many more, going about with mobile app promotion on TV.

The industry is gaining maturity with every passing year, and so does the trends related with it. These 5 mobile app TV advertising trends are most likely to redefine app marketing on television, keeping it on a whole new level altogether.

#1. Capturing human emotions through creativity

Creativity has always played a key role, no matter what products you see in the TV ads. Whether a small pin, or a large car, innovation is the only parameter keeping audiences glued to their seats, especially when combined beautifully with relevancy. Now with mobile apps getting added to this process, things become even more difficult and competitive. It is wise to create mobile app TV ads that connect with people on an emotional level, as such ads have proved to be twice more effective than normal ads.

For example, the Liam Neeson Super Bowl ad already garnering 106 million views as of 16 March, 2016: The ad has been highly successful in letting people see it repeatedly, with multiple repeat viewings from the same individual. What made the ad a clear winner is not the presence of a well-known celebrity. The ad has a real comic appeal, with Liam Neeson funny enough to play a satire on his real life character he played in the Taken series.

#2. Catering to a specific niche TV audience

App developers have already plunged into spreading their word on television in as many different languages as possible. How about the gaming app Best Fiends targeting the Spanish audience residing within the US? US has more than 50 million Spanish-speaking population, comprising 17% of the total US population. These figures clearly state that Hispanics or Latino people form the largest minority group in the US.

As per an analysis conducted by ThinkNow, Hispanics have 8% more probability of playing games on their smartphones, as compared to Non-Hispanics. Just imagine how wise is the game developer Seriously, when it thought of catering their gaming app to such a large section of a niche Spanish audience, who show more potential of buying their app than the mass audience.

#3. Thinking beyond promoting traditional way

Candy Crush Saga still remains hot-favorite in the section of extremely lucrative apps, taking the entire industry by storm. Draftkings, a leader in building football apps, has already pulled up socks by reserving more than 30 TV ad spots since 2014. A massive horde of eCommerce and retail apps are preparing to get inside the TV sets to reach the homes of millions. Indeed and Let Go have played a predominant role in establishing a humorous video ad for their apps in such creative ways, which has delivered message strongly to the target audience.

#4. Building brands rather than approaching users directly

The power of television advertising lies in the fact that businesses have to float across their message within a short span of time. As per global scientific studies, it has been proved that TV is the most effective form of marketing among all advertising mediums present online or offline. Television ads have been phenomenal in building big shot brands, due to its worldwide reach.

As we are progressing ahead in 2016, developers or managers will concentrate on building brands gradually, rather than simply providing direct responses to people looking for products or services. It is going to be more about setting long tail TV campaigns than just relying on campaign results to drive metrics. A long term success is what organizations opt for, as compared to the results achieved at the time of airing TV adverts.

#5. Television gets diversified on all sorts of devices

Today, TV broadcasting is not limited to having a broadcast on television sets. The increasing TV viewer population has shown a tremendous raise in the past 10 years, and the number still increasing as ever. Phablets are to play a crucial role in bringing television on palms of millions of users, as predicted in 2016. In the US, 77% of people watching television, operate other devices simultaneously. Of these, 49% use their smartphones in parallel while watching television. Multi-screen size is what the companies should be ready for when they decide to start with TV mobile app ad campaigning.

What have we learned?

TV app advertising has played a significant role in increasing user base for many apps, which initially people were not aware of. A market insight from a well-known mobile marketing consultancy depicts that app installs saw a rise from 56% to 74% after users saw the TV commercial. The exposure of TV advertising is such that a mobile app sees 24% increase in app installs after every 10 minutes of the ad shown on TV. Even after 30 minutes, there is a 20% increase in app installs has been observed, right after the ad being telecasted.

Television has been the most appealing visual and sound medium for showcasing products or services since the time of inception. It has revolutionized the marketing industry the way no other medium has been able to. With more and more smartphones as well as mobile apps getting launched daily, the smartphone era is here to stay forever with app usage being the top priority. Combining mobile apps advertising with television medium is a highly efficient way to let people be aware of the capabilities offered by your app.

We would love to hear your thoughts on TV mobile app advertising. Just take part in the discussion by commenting below, and let us know your perspective on the same.

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