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Top 10 Killer PPC Strategies to Boost Your Results for the Year

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In any typical year, PPC marketing is quite predictable. 

Nonetheless, the year 2020 was everything but normal! 

The year 2020 has been challenging, and nobody could have predicted all the things we’ve been dealing with.

Let’s hope 2021 won’t throw quite as many curveballs, although current events will forever remain in the lives of marketers and advertisers. 

In almost everything that we do, there is a new normal, and the way we live our lives has completely changed. In addition, with the boost in digital marketing, our buying behavior has also changed a lot. 

If done right, PPC can be the most effective strategy. Paid advertising, on average, has a 200% ROI. Meaning, for every dollar spent, you will earn $2. 

However, it is not very simple. 

Well, don’t worry!!

To make it easier for you, I bring the top 10 PPC marketing strategies that will help you boost your results for the year 2021. 

10 PPC Marketing Strategies to Boost your Results for 2021

Whether you own an agency or work in one, you need to be on top of the trending features that will help you develop your PPC game to the next level in 2021 and beyond. Know how…

#1 Eye-Catchy Content:

There is no distrust in the fact that content is the king of digital marketing strategy. If the content is better, you are surely going to have positive results. 

The same goes for PPC Marketing. 

The success of any campaign majorly relies on the content and quality of the message. 

Articulating your message correctly will be even more important in the year 2021. It will be essential to have a new focus on knowing who your customers are rather than just treating them as data points. 

You will lose an opportunity even if you have the right person – at the right time – at the right place but with the wrong message.  

It will be beneficial if you check the final copy of your ad before finalizing it. Your content needs to be engaging and creative with the ability to arise an emotional connection with the viewer. 

#2 The New Trend: Voice Search

Gone are the times when people used to type their search queries. With the voice search feature, people are rapidly adapting to this feature. There are 3 key reasons why you should create a campaign that focuses on voice search:  

Bonus Tip: Use long-tail keywords to target voice searchers, and make sure to use natural language to double your chances of potential customers.   

   The 3 foremost ways how voice search affects PPC are:

  • Mobile-First: Voice search is available on many devices, but it is widely used on mobile phones. 
  • Question-Oriented: The majority of the voice searches begin with question form. So, use question-oriented keywords.
  • Language: Use natural and conversational language for your keywords. 

#3 PPC Automation:

It is palpable that the use of AI is going to increase in the year 2021 and the years ahead as well. 

Automation means the use of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, which is the biggest PPC Marketing trend in the current times.


The automation industry is expected to grow rapidly in 2021 and is expected to generate around 238 billion dollars in revenue. Along with huge revenues, the market size is also expected to grow from 71.5% to 83.2% by 2021.

Ad testing plays a very important role in PPC automation.



AI and ML help PPC marketers in many ways, such as: 

  • In creating performance reports.
  • In calculating the bidding strategy for various goals.
  • In the identification of performance issues, if any.
  • In creating creative and dynamic ads on the basis of website content and user behavior.
  • In foretelling the CTR of future ads.
  • In recognizing the possibility of conversion for customers and so on. 

#4 Artificial Intelligence: 

When we talk about the role of AI in PPC, it will help marketers to create an efficient and effective ad campaign, and in particular, it will be useful: 

  • In predicting the future of CTR ads. 
  • In identifying the possibility of conversion from a given customer.
  • In optimizing the keywords, campaigns, or Ads when an event occurs. 
  • In calculating the impact of advertisements on quality score.

AI is very beneficial as it learns about your audience in detail. Thus, it is able to more accurately create targeted ads to enhance the performance of your PPC campaigns. It is not only helpful for Google or Bing ads; AI has a prominent impact on Amazon Ads, too. 

With the help of AI, one can even power up their amazon Ads campaign. 

  • In optimizing ad campaigns for long-tail keywords. 
  • In automating bids for both long-tail & short-tail keywords.
  • In giving an in-depth diagnostic report of active keywords. 

#5 Know your Audience: 

Understanding your target audience is very vital to have a successful digital marketing strategy. The same goes for effective PPC campaigns as well.

You must know about your audience in detail. Carry out extensive research about what your customers are searching on the web, the social media they use, factors based on which they make buying decisions, and so on. 

Keywords and images are the two areas through which you can reach the right audience. 

You will have the upper hand over your competitors if you know about your target audience and understand them well. When you create PPC campaigns that fall under their needs, you will indeed have positive results.   

#6 Grab benefits of Video Ads:

First, let me tell you some video stats. These stats will speak for themselves, and you will know how beneficial having video ads can be. 

Isn’t it fascinating? 

Now let me share how videos will affect PPC in the year 2021. 

  • Instagram stories will continue to dominate in video marketing.
  • Marketers will start linking products in video ads. 
  • Businesses will have to adopt Google’s vertical video ads. 
  • More marketers will try to add virtual reality to give their viewers ‘real’ experiences.  

#7 Leverage Social Media Platforms:

Earlier marketers used to rely completely on Google’s ads. Instead of doing so, marketers focus on diversifying a range of platforms to achieve their PPC campaigns. It includes YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok. 

Till now, Google and Facebook have dominated the industry with 37.2% and 19.6% of the digital marketing industry. 

In addition, with these platforms, other platforms such as Quora, LinkedIn, and Amazon are also entering into PPC. They are already doing great and are expected to play an essential role in PPC marketing. 

#8 Mobile Experience: 

Are you feeling surprised to see this in the list of PPC campaigns and trends for 2021? 

Don’t be!

With everyone having a smartphone and data connection, people now tend to surf more on their smartphones than laptops. However, many websites are yet not optimized for mobile phones. 

It is very substantial to have a website that is easy to use, even on mobile phones. It is mandatory now. If you do this, only then will you be able to have a successful PPC campaign.  

#9 Smart Bidding:

Smart bidding refers to an advertising tool provided by Google Ads. It is a subset of automated bidding plans that uses ML to optimize your ads for conversions. 

The tool provides an easy way to choose a bidding strategy that is basically designed to achieve your business goals and targets. 

Some of the goals smart bidding works for are:

  • Target CPA: To create new leads and clients for your anticipated cost per acquisition. 
  • Maximize Conversions: To increase your conversion rate.
  • Target ROAS: To achieve the best ROI.  

At the beginning of this year, Google released some new smart bidding controls, including: 

  • Seasonality Adjustments: This gives advertisers more control over ad-hoc events. For example, if you feel that your conversion rate will spike in the upcoming days, you can schedule a suitable adjustment for that period. 
  • Campaign-Level Conversion Setting: Unlike earlier times, advertisers can now get conversion goals even at the campaign level.
  • Maximize Conversions: This will help you to get the most conversions by spending your entire daily budget.  

#10 Amazon’s Role: 

Undeniably, Facebook and Google have dominated the PPC world in the earlier years. However, Amazon’s role has quite rapidly increased. 

It is emerging as an excellent platform while we talk about PPC campaigns and advertising. 

Amazon has the upper hand over Google as people are willing to buy already, and that is why they are on Amazon. The buyer’s intent is the biggest advantage of Amazon, and it can result in much better CTR and more bangs on your advertising dollars. 

Let me tell you how Amazon ads work: 

Searches type the name of a product in their search bar that they wish to buy. Amazon will show some of the searched product images on the top of the search results, above the organic results. 

Amazon’s Role:

These ads are very subtle.     


You cannot make the mistake of ignoring the trends of PPC every year. The world is changing at a breakneck speed, and you need to make sure your business is able to tackle all those changes. 

You have no option other than to leverage these PPC trends to get the best of your PPC campaigns. 

Automation and AI are the reasons businesses have changed the way of creating and running ads. There will surely be a surge in video ads in 2021 across devices. 

In a world of extensive competition, you are required to draw more in less marketing budgets. 

PPC is your rescue as it is the best help allowing you to achieve your marketing goals effortlessly and efficiently. 

I hope the strategies and information shared with you were helpful, and you relished reading them.   

Author Bio: 

Hemal Bhatt works as a Digital Marketing Strategist at e-Intelligence. e-Intelligence provides digital marketing and web development services. They are equipped with the right innovative strategy, technical knowledge, and a professional team to help achieve business goals. 

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