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How to Get the Most From Google Ads Top 6 PPC Strategies

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PPC campaigns require thoughtful planning and even more accurate execution. You should start any activities on Google with the deep brand and target audience analysis as it will give you valuable insights. Based on these discoveries you will decide what are your digital needs and how you can achieve them. PPC advertising allows you not only to drive traffic to your website but with substantial optimization, you can take care of conversions and branding as well. Check which strategy suits your brand the best!

#1 Creative copywriting

When: you launch a new brand or product and have a small budget, but want to be noticed

This strategy is concentrated mostly around copy efficiency. Great ad text will allow you to be seen by your target audience and be selected among other brands. In order to achieve great results, you need to analyze your competitors first: how many are present online, what are they offering, where they are present and how they position themselves. Once you collect all necessary observations, you need to formulate your own proposal for the clients. It’s always great to take into consideration the following:

  • The offer should be unique and appealing
  • Your posting should be based on the current market situation – do what your competitors haven’t tried yet
  • Ad text should be attractive, persuasive and informative
  • Talk about customer’s needs and mirror visitor’s end goal
  • The most important information should be in the headline
  • Make sure to include CTA in your ad: get, buy, try!

You can also consider using some external data, that would benefit your text and targeting. For example, if you sell umbrellas, you can change texts depending on the forecast for the upcoming weeks. Write some eye-catchy texts to lure people to your website when they are maximally open to making a purchase.

#2 Occupy all the places

When: you launch a new brand or product and have a big budget

This approach gives your brand high visibility as you aim to be the first in organic and paid search at the same time. You should concentrate not only on effective Google Ads but also on SEO optimization. If you expect to see fast results this strategy is not for you, as a proper search engine optimization takes approximately 6 months to be improved.

Firstly, you need to start with SEO, as it’s more time-consuming. Make sure you paid enough attention to optimize your landing page:

  • Fill your website with unique and useful information that is long enough
  • Prepare qualitative Inbound links as Google will rank your website higher
  • Your website should be optimized for mobile – make it responsive
  • The website should work as fast as possible – maximum loading time should be 5 sec
  • Keep keywords in mind and use them in texts when it is appropriate
  • Install SSL on your website as Google marks all pages without it as not secure
  • Short URLs look better and are readable for your customers

Once you implemented all these steps and your SEO is in the process start Google Ads. In the beginning, it’s better not to strive for the first place, but rather to be present on the first page. When you achieve the top 3 places in organic, you can increase the budget spend to get to the top 1 place, hence, to occupy the first part of the page with your brand only. Don’t forget to use ad extensions to increase your visibility even more.

#3 Smart competition

When: Competition is really rough, and you are not the biggest player in the market

Nowadays almost all markets are oversaturated and it’s especially hard to keep up with giant competitors over there. While some people believe that the higher position on Google you have the better. And it’s true, that is listed above the organic results works for your visibility, however, in cases of severe competition it’s not always cost-effective to strive for the first place. You need to concentrate on your main KPIs first – Conversion rate and CPA. In order to check if you are doing great in comparison to your competitors, you can use auction insights provided by Google. This report will also give you valuable insights to rethink your strategy if something is wrong. In order to do well you need to follow simple steps for every successful Google Ads campaign:

  • Control your Bid – get rid of the most expensive keywords with average performance
  • Maximize your quality score – improve your landing page and write relevant ad copies

With this approach, you will be able to easily get positions 3-5 that often have high ROI, but a smaller number of clicks than the first two. If you can achieve the perfect balance of campaign profitability in these positions – try to keep it and don’t rise CPC before it would be necessary.

#4 The Stalker

When: to build a loyal audience

Why should you concentrate on acquiring new people when you can try to close the deal with the old ones? Creating remarketing campaigns is a must have these days as the majority of people who come to your website are not fully ready to make a purchase. Besides adjusting your website and configuration Google Analytics, you need to come up with the main goals as well. Decide who you want to target people who:

  1. Didn’t complete the action you wanted them to
  2. Were in doubts and abandon the cart
  3. Haven’t seen something you want them to

As a next step, you set up a remarketing tag (on Google Ads or Google Analytics) in order to collect people who visited your website and then retarget them. Then you build a remarketing list based on the criteria you chose before (didn’t complete the purchase or expected action). In Google Ads there are multiple types of remarketing, you should choose the one which suits your goal the most:

  • Standard – shows ads to people who visited your website
  • Dynamic – show ads with specific products people viewed before
  • Remarketing lists for Search Ads – give you a possibility to adjust bids
  • Video remarketing – retargets people who watched YouTube videos
  • Mobile app users retargeting

#5 Get the most of your budget

When: at the early stages of your brand

No matter how big or small your company is you still have a fixed advertising budget which should be spent in a cost-effective way. This strategy is all about getting the maximum from what you have. Firstly, you need to analyze your previous activities. These insights will allow you to see areas for improvement and campaigns that work the best for your brand. As a next step you can do the following:

  • Cut the costs: The strategy is to lower your CPC while maximizing the number of clicks to your website. You need to get rid of expensive keywords, targets, placements, etc., in case some of the low-performing keywords are highly relevant to your brand – you can try moving them into a separate campaign. Success is based on highly elaborate work with keywords, match types and negative keywords
  • Increase Clicks: In case you have a niche product that is not that popular on the internet with low keyword potential your goal should be to increase the traffic to your website. To do so you can increase the bid, expand keyword list and improve the copy. It’s crucial to have a very informative advertising copy so people will get at least full basic information from the advertising first.

These approaches are highly different as should be used for two types of products – common and niche one. For popular products with high potential you need to maximize the efforts by lowering the CPC, while for niche products with low potential you need to find ways to maximize the number of clicks.

#6 Aim for the profit

When: people are familiar with your brand or product you are offering

The most common and frequently used strategy is the campaign’s profitability maximization. Majority of marketers use search advertising to acquire new leads and eventually sell something as it is the easiest way to find already interested customers. Also, this approach seems like the best one, it is not suitable for new brands as people have not enough information to make a decision. In cases like that, there is a sense to use strategies, we mentioned before – to drive traffic to the webpage and make people familiar with what you are selling first. If you already built some knowledge or the product you sell is highly popular you can set profit as the main KPI. To achieve the best results, you need to pay close attention to campaign optimization – check and update keywords and negative keywords, control the bid and ad copy. You should concentrate on all changes around conversions – to lower CPA and increase the number and quality of the conversions.


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