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PHP Development Services In India Needs For Its “Digital India” Campaign

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The need of PHP development at this hour is not rocket science. However, software applications, websites and mobile apps can propel a quality revolution in India for blue chip corporations and the local micro, small and medium enterprises by bringing them under the purview of the “Digital India” campaign.

Make in India Campaign

The Digital India campaign, launched by the Government of India, is one of the bright spots shining forth in the Indian economy now, along with the “Make in India” campaign. The primary difference between these two programs from the perspective of centralized planning is that the latter is a program specifically laser focused at the manufacturing sector. It is concentrating and directing foreign capital, transfer of technology and organizational learning through the diffusion of best practices of managerial and technical knowhow with the sole aim of increasing industrial productivity.

Digital India Campaign

On the other hand the Digital India campaign is based on reviving growth momentum in the services sector by making use of software applications to enhance quality. While quality improvement is not explicitly stated in the terminology of the campaign, it makes good sense to suggest that the end effect of the usage of PHP app development will bring many individuals and institutions on the digital radar. Therefore enabling them to streamline processes of transactions and thus reduce delays, improve delivery of services, enable quick decision making and bring transparency to their working.

PHP Development Services In India Needs For Its “Digital India” Campaign

Quality vs Productivity

While there is no trade off between the two campaigns in a generic sense, it has been proven on numerous occasions that business leaders at times commit a costly mistake of compromising quality for productivity. This myopic vision stems from the fact that quality is difficult to achieve with limited resources, requires sophisticated technological progress and is capital intensive.

Moreover many business leaders the world over, including India, believe that technological progress is capital intensive and thus the best way to do the tight rope walk of cost cutting and returns on investment is to slash budgets for software applications and cut down on vendor engagements for modernization of legacy applications. While there is indeed a visible argument for cost control by slashing expenditure on software development, maintenance and troubleshooting, there are implicit costs of using such measures.

The use of software applications has proven to incur a onetime investment of financial resources and then the curve of operating costs declines. Not only this, the costs of quality decrease at an increasing rate with the deployment of web, mobile and software applications. So the vital question that arises is how Indian enterprises can bring in a quality revolution by embracing software apps development like PHP, at what costs and what is the road map for implementation?

PHP Development Services for Streamlining Business Processes

PHP development services can be the perfect starting point for institutions that want to take advantage of the Digital India campaign and make a head start. Institutions that have not been on the digital radar thus far need to first get in to the world of software and create their identity as digital citizens by creating websites. Website developments services can enable these enterprises to put their businesses on the world map at a click and thus:

  • open up numerous channels of communication,
  • explore business opportunities,
  • search for suppliers, resources and funding,
  • spot customers,
  • collect orders online
  • and receive payments through secure payment gateway integration.

Not only does the web open up a new world of opportunities but also makes them realize the latent forces of competition that are active throughout the world and which until yesterday were unknown to them. The web does not increase competition for local small business enterprises. The web does not regulate competition in any way in today’s free market but makes infant industry enterprises realize that competition exists in remote corners where they had least expected it to exist. It is an eye opener. For all practical purposes it is impossible to compete in the market without knowing – Who The Competitor Is?

A head start for some

While this is a step for baby boomers in the world of web and software, those enterprises that have already been on the web and have embraced basic usage of computing devices, mobiles and automation randomly can move on to the next level by focusing on business process re-engineering by procuring dedicated software, web and mobile applications for the execution of different business functions.

This involves the development of custom apps for better execution of:-

  • recurring billing and payment,
  • enhances customer relationship management,
  • better payroll management,
  • sales process automation for field personnel
  • and superior inventory management.

There is a diverse range of business functions that can be performed to achieve higher quality using custom applications developed on PHP.

Quality as defined as performance ratio is improved by undertaking a re-engineering exercise using web and software apps. Moreover in the broad sense quality of discharge of these functions is improved if costs are reduced, customer satisfaction is improved, cycle time of operations is reduced, resource engagement is minimized, esteem value of customers is increased and defective or erroneous production of goods and services is reduced.

The truth is that PHP application development services cater to each of these conditions. Recurring billing, payment and invoicing often involves maintaining an archive of customer history, compliance with indirect taxes like GST, VAT and excise duty on time, sending reminders to clients in the value chain (especially in the wholesale trade) and add-on billing for customers who demand customization which can be administered efficiently using a billing application.

Similarly a CRM application can enable firms to reach out to customers with better product and service offerings, better pricing strategies for individual deals and bargains, faster troubleshooting and after sales services by tracing the history of sessions and interaction with customers.

How to Achieve This Cost Effectively: Outsourcing Custom Web Development and Apps

Outsourcing custom web and applications development is a sure shot and cost effective way to achieve the quality revolution that has been discussed above. To begin with small enterprises will not find it feasible to develop software applications and web apps by devoting resources and time to engagement in non core activities that do not bring revenue.

While economic feasibility is an issue, it is not the only one. To develop a software application or come out triumphant in web development once does not solve the issue. For software and web applications to alter the DNA of a business enterprise, it must hit the point where it impacts the most: systems. Thus it is necessary to use the great repetitive model to implement the re-engineering concept regularly to achieve the agenda of consistently high levels of total quality.

To achieve this, business enterprises need to outsource website development services, because vendors who develop websites regularly have the advantage of economies of learning that cannot be replicated by firms whose core business is something else other than web development. Similarly for the fulfillment of the requirement of custom web apps, firms need to outsource custom web development services so that all functions of development, maintenance, porting, migration and modernization of applications can be centralized and thus managed easily.

To conclude PHP is more than a technology. When used effectively it becomes a strategic tool in the hands of business enterprises that leads to not just higher productivity but better quality. It is the goal of continuous quality improvement that should inspire firms to outsource PHP web development.

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