Tech changes at the speed of light – literally. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of how technology is changing the lives of your customers and your team members. Great tech can help you meet customers where they are in the sales cycle and empower your organization to outmaneuver the competition. Don’t be intimidated by tech. These articles will help you wrap your head around trending business technology, once read at a time.


SuiteCRM Installation Guide for New Users

SuiteCRM is used by millions of people worldwide because it is easy to customize and available to all. We presume that you all are aware of the fact that it is open-source software. It means you can download and install the software from SuiteCRM’s official website and then use it for free. Most users find […]
December 9, 2020 386 Reads share

10 Heatmap Tools You Must Use for WordPress Website!

Are you a digital marketer, blogger, or webmaster? Then, definitely, you are interested in knowing the behavior of the visitors to your website or blog. In tracking your visitor’s behavior, these heatmap tools and plugins will help you. Now, one question will surely pop up in your mind – How? To find its answer read […]
December 2, 2020 312 Reads share

Best WI-FI Extenders To Eliminate Dead Zones in Your Home and Office

If you look at the trajectory of the internet and how it penetrated our lives, you will hardly find any flat line. Since its inception, it has changed the world we live in. We cannot have a single moment without staying connected to the internet as it mysteriously entangles every sphere of life. However, this […]
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How To Choose Technologies For Software Development

When working on a web or mobile application, clients always want to see the endgame. To meet clients’ expectations, developers make their best to choose the most viable way to make things happen. But application performance depends on a gamut of aspects with a technology stack being at the forefront. The cherry-picked tech stack is […]
November 25, 2020 353 Reads share


What Is the Best Firewall To Secure Your Mac?

In a world of technology where there are so many machines that can do your work at the same time, there are viruses as well that can destroy your career. Unlike human viruses, these are computer viruses, that can harm your computer. However, they are many antivirus programs that will protect your computer from such […]
November 25, 2020 319 Reads share


How to Draw on Your Google Maps

Google Maps is a helpful tool that gives us the knowledge to travel across the entire world. If anything could improve Google Maps, it would be the ability to draw your own shapes and text on it. Luckily, Maptive, a mapping software powered by Google Maps, offers just that. Read on to find out how […]
November 24, 2020 302 Reads share

Smart City Planning To Turn the Temperature Down

Each year with the crossing of seasonal thresholds, the summers in the cities are getting worse. Due to the constant hive of human activity, skyscrapers hindering the flow of wind and dark surfaces soaking up the heat; it is constantly warming up. The heat island effect refers to these higher temperatures that are seen in […]
November 18, 2020 294 Reads share


How To Make Money With Product Testing Online

Many people are looking to make some extra cash these days, and with the recent boom in the “gig economy,” it is easier than ever to do so. One such option is to become a product tester online. To find out more about how to begin this type of job, you can check out Testerheld, […]
November 13, 2020 317 Reads share

New and Emerging Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

Drinking water sources are being contaminated due to the increase in pollution; thus, water treatment has been subjected to many demands and challenges. It is facing complex issues like an increase in contaminants, salinization, and anti-microbial resistant bacteria in drinking water sources. The below article includes innovative water treatment technologies that will help strengthen the […]
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