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Order Fulfilment: Does It Really Pay Off If Executed Properly?

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Even though the economy has not fully recuperated online businesses are strong performers. Do you know the primary reason behind this? The aim of writing this blog post is to reveal the secret of eCommerce success. There are numerous reasons behind its successful empire in today’s world; the most important being the order fulfilment process. As a business grows, so does the precision needed. Therefore, to determine the fate of each product and how it manages to reach its destination depends on how much importance you give to the order fulfilment process.

Order fulfilment is the act of successfully completing a business transaction. It refers to processing, shipping and tracking a package from the storage warehouse to the consumer’s desired address. The entire process is also popularly termed as distribution fulfilment. Therefore, you must take control of this important link in the customer life-cycle chain or else you headed towards disaster.

To enjoy 100% accuracy in your fulfilment system, here are a few ways to increase the speed of order fulfilment operations and keep the customer satisfied in an age of increasing demands.

Integrate your system

One of the most common obstructions to rapid order fulfilment is the lack of integration in the computing system that is used in the process. It has been observed that the majority of the orders placed on the internet end up being inaccurate. The result is increased manual labor and greater opportunities for error. Therefore, by integrating all elements in the process, your online venture can reduce manual labor and bring an improvement in the order fulfilment system.

Systematize your picking process

Two primary methods: material-handling automation and RF directed picking automate the processors for greater order fulfilment speed. The former technique such as conveyor, sortation system and carousel, effectively enhance the throughput by breaking up the order fulfilment work into a few manageable steps.

The latter saves time by instructing workers on exactly where to find orders to be picked. This method enables effective picking of multiple orders simultaneously and appreciably speeds up the order fulfilment process. This in turn leads to repeat business and larger orders.

Systematize shipment confirmation

In order to augment the speed of execution, shipment verification should be used. The checking step can be easily automated through scale weights and bar codes. This method saves both time and expenses for the whole picking, packing and shipping process and validates the containers and its expected contain.

Incorporate automatic shipment planning (ASP)

Using advanced fulfilment software to determine packing and optimal stacking arrangements in advance, ASP eliminates complex and tedious tasks. The workers find their ways to a workable stack-and-pack solution through trial and error. The physical fulfilment process can be optimized by accounting for the physical characteristics of the items to be picked.

As you improve your order fulfilment process, have you ever thought about doing anything out of the box to make your customers love your effort? Well, if not, it is high time to think about it. As an eCommerce entrepreneur you are not only responsible for pre-delivery services but also must ensure that the customers are taken care of even when the merchandise reaches their hands.

What can you do for your customers that is special?

# 1. Present your customers with free testers

It is the best way to promote your new product. Let your customer experience it. Include free samples in your next shipment and surprise them. The result being, some of them might end up buying the new products after they try it. This in turn increases the chances of converting them into buyers. However, only provide the samples with complementary products.

# 2. Include brochures

Check whether you have extra space in your shipment. If yes, then without affecting the shipping cost, include flyers or brochures. So what good does it do? Well, you have no idea of how much they can raise the chances of cross-selling your other products and services. The whole purpose is to personalize the customer experience. Flyers that showcase other items related to the ones the customer has purchased can encourage them to buy those later.

# 3. Invest in innovative packaging style

An attractive packaging box can always make a strong impression on your customers. Those little add-ons with product boxes can make it really special. The new packaging style can undoubtedly enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

# 4. Add something extras for your unhappy customers

Did any of your customers have an unpleasant experience with your online store? In that case, turn their experience into excitement. For instance, if one of your customer had an issue with the delivery of an iPhone, surprise them by adding iPhone cases along with a personalized note of apology for the delay. They are bound to appreciate your gesture and feel better about your company. Any personalized note always works like magic.

# 5. How about offering personalized shipping deals?

All consumers love free shipping. It is one of the most effectual ways to drive conversions and keep your best customers coming back to your store. However, this does not mean you will offer free shipping to every customer. Check your customer’s profile and see who the ones worth sending shipping coupons are. It is better to choose those who shop regularly with your store as they would be the ones who would actually appreciate and use it.

But this does not necessarily have to be free shipping every time. You can also offer discounts or even offer customers a complimentary upgrade from 2-day shipping to overnight.

Yes, your order fulfilment system can pay off if it is executed correctly. It is the critical part of the eCommerce customer experience.

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