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Opt Video Conferencing For Effective Corporate Communication

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Whether you want to talk to your offsite team, reach your clients or even make new friends, web conferencing solutions help make all that happen. They break geographical barriers, can be set up when and where they are required, and have proven themselves to be an effective way to interact.

The expression ‘time is money and money is time’ scripts a golden corporate business rule – be productive and profitable. The success and failures could not mean anything if the professional teams face issues interacting between themselves, regardless of the reasons. That shouldn’t happen.

In many organizations, employees find themselves in

Some of those employees might comprise of the most highly educated and experienced workers on the payroll, which is why their time and energy should be utilized effectively. This is where online cloud e-meetings through video conference comes in, and could prove a valuable resource to the management.

Meet your team

Performance check.

Need to check on how your regional teams abroad are doing? Conferencing services like Blue Jeans offer you solutions that raise the bar in terms of access and system flexibility. Designed with a ton of features that encourage content sharing, a virtual meeting with Blue Jeans provides teams with a wonderfully collaborative environment.

Promote productivity.

Want to say hi? Greet one of your team members happy birthday? According to Cisco, 87 percent of remote employees feel more connected to their teams whenever they use video conferencing. By holding weekly video meetings or even short video team sessions aimed to lift morale and keep your team happy, you can encourage your team to deliver maximum productivity.

Feedback sessions.

Because of screen sharing features, conferencing systems are a great tool to use for those feedback sessions, especially when you and one of your employees need to go over a section or two of their work. Need something revised? This feature offers ideal support for that.


Screen sharing, video and content sharing all make it possible for you to train your team, wherever in the world they might be. You could also record meetings and re-purpose them into training materials for your teams. With ongoing training, you keep your team competitive and motivated to do better.

Hiring new people.

Meet and find new hires through a video conference. Make sure you use a conferencing system that comes with a recording feature. This way, it’ll be easy for you to revisit that interview while you review the application of that candidate. No need to write notes down while the interview is going on. No need to be distracted by frantically trying to remember that interviewee against the other ten or twenty you saw the same day.

Meet and find remote teams globally.

With ever revolving technologies that continue to improve remote work conditions, you can now consider taking on global talents. Can’t seem to find the level of expertise and skill set you need in the local job market? Widen your reach. Aim for the global job market. You’re sure to find the talent you’re looking for.

Meet your clients

According to CloudTweaks, here are four ways you can meet people online via video calls:

#1. Q&A sessions.

Want to build awareness and interest for your brand? Get your customers on a live video conference where they can ask all the questions they could possibly want. Just make sure that whoever is on the other end, that the representative from your company, knows how to make the proper spin. That way, if things veer off into awkward territory, you wouldn’t have to worry about your brand dealing with a barrage of negative publicity.

#2. Meet and greet.

Have a new product in the works? You can use a video conference to launch that product globally. This is one way you could build up your brand on international markets. This also works if you’re trying to launch an old product with a slew of upgrades. You can also introduce a new face to the public, someone who stands up for your brand, via a video conference.

#3. Contests.

Want to generate strong consumer interest in your brand, product or service? Host online contests. While most will agree that higher, bigger prizes will ensure that you attract a huge amount of attention, having a remarkable—though less pricey prize—is possible. Instead of oodles of cash, why not provide collectible versions of your service or product? For instance, Amazon has the box mascot. McDonalds has a clown. What’s yours?

Spreading your announcements via video calls is certainly different from, say, sending a promotional email that might get chucked to the trash bin right away. There’s something more personable, and therefore appealing, about being in a video conference with everyone else, listening to a series of announcements than sitting at your desk and getting email announcements. The first one encourages engagement. You’re there, you’re in the moment. With email, you have the luxury to go back or simply forget.

#4. Record videos for consumers.

One way you could build awareness and brand recall is to record a series of short clips about your company, your service and your brand. People often remember what they watch more than what they read.

Meet new and old friends

Meet everyone on your custom contact list.

There are plenty of web conferencing solutions that easily allow you to reach anyone from your contacts list. Whether you just want to keep in touch or hear from old friends, all at once, these solutions

Meet new contacts.

Interested in launching a class or lecture? There are web conferencing tools that allow up to 1,000 participants on a single conference call. Take advantage of that feature to build your network, meet professional contacts and make new friends.

What do you use video conferencing for? Please let us know below.

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