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Necessary iPhone Apps For Small Businesses

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Modern technology is transforming the professional scene in more ways than one and is breaking even our greatest expectations of it. The development that mobile phones experience is one of the most significant breakthroughs that are currently impacting businessmen and common employees. The means by which they communicate with colleagues, operate their projects, and accomplish the most menial of tasks have evolved with newest the features available through mobile phones. Who could have thought that such a small gadget could take over computer tasks?

This is particularly true in the case of iPhones. The alterations made to the newest batch of iPhones have made it more compatible for businessmen to use both in and out of work. It will make you feel like you have all the apps and services you need right at the palm of your hands. You no longer have to be in your office to finish your daily workload; with iPhone, you can be anywhere in the world and still have positive control of your career.

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Why choose iPhone?

The primary motivation of people involved in the business world to switch to iPhones is the better communication scheme. Organizing your emails and keeping up to date with the progress of your colleagues is made easier with the latest adjustments in iPhone’s mailing system. You can categorize them according to priority (which iPhone readily brands as VIP) so you don’t have to go out of your way to check every email that lands in your inbox.

Their call setting has also been tweaked to suit your needs as a caller and a receiver of a call. Their multi-microphone setting that gives you more option on how to respond to the people on the other line. Of course, who can possibly forget about iPhone’s Maps? This is the ultimate companion of businessmen who are always on the move, needing to be at multiple locations within a day.

Luckily, iPhone has released more apps that can guarantee a superb working experience.

# 1. Evernote 


Very few people with busy schedules have time to tidy their bags and transfer their notes. Papers are stuck in their planners, their books, their wallets, and in every nook of their bag. The trouble with using pieces of paper to jot down important information from business meetings is that you will lose them unless you file them immediately. This is where Evernote makes an unforgettable entrance.

Evernote is your notepad in iPhone. It is designed to arrange an assortment of file types, ranging from lengthy documents to simple receipts. This app is made handier by the fact that you can view its contents through other devices regardless if you are online or offline.

Have you ever suffered from the tedious task of skimming through pages of electronic files just to find one paragraph for reference? Evernote lets you search for key words and phrases that will locate the specific part of the document you are searching for.


# 2. Uberconference

While iPhone already has enhanced call settings, you will still want to rely on an app like Uberconference to conduct conference calls outside your office. Uberconference calling app for iPhone is hailed as incomparable because of the convenience it offers its users.

Audio conference has a bad reputation for producing ambiguity between its callers, especially if the participants are not familiar with each other. Uberconference remedies that by creating a dashboard wherein you can see the profile of the participants. Their name and picture are highlighted whenever they speak, lessening the chance of confusion during the conference.

# 3. LinkedIn


If you are aiming to promote your business in the online world and to acquire remote employees, LinkedIn app is your perfect match.

Establishing connections with other businessmen is crucial to your company’s growth. LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals to meet, discuss matters, share their input, and acquire new clients. You can do all these in your iPhone anywhere, anytime.

Tell us what you think about these latest iPhone applications through a comment. By chance that you know people who will benefit from this knowledge, send them this article and let them know there is a solution to every business trouble they are encountering. 

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