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Tips and Tricks to implement iPhone X Gestures

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The world famous – Apple is renowned as the most trustworthy brand when it comes to mobile devices or laptops. The company manufactures its own product and sells it across different countries of the world. It supports the own built-up Macintosh OS which is specially designed by the iPhone developers to provide some unique features for the ease of using their devices. The devices are impossible to hack or break down because of its strong operating system and code mechanism. All these characteristics make the iPhone the most popular and trustworthy brand in the world.

Let us begin by talking about the latest version of the iPhone that is X. The phone does not contain any home button. You may already know this, but what actually does it mean when it comes to using such phones? As the home button was considered as the most important button on the iPhone; it helped to awake the phone, takes you to the home screen, activation of Apple Pay, allows to use Siri, help to take a screenshot and also forces to restart the cell if any minor things go wrong. And that’s not just only about it. The iPhone X has replaced the home button with a combination of gestures along with another button usage which you are already using them.

iPhones are always incredible devices as within those digital frames lies the ability to journey through the web, play video games, stay connected with family and friends via video chat and much more. But it becomes a little difficult when you have to deal with the phone for the first time as its first impression can be quite terrifying without the home button. Apple announced it’s the new version of the iPhone for the first time in ten years without a home button and replaced it with amazing gestures. The very first question one can think of is the missing home button.

Where is the Home Button?

The most discussed question among the users is related to the missing home button in the phone as they fear how to use the functionalities hen after. But worry not. The iPhone Xs home button has got replaced with a black home bar at the bottom of the screen which can move depending on the orientation of your display or in the application you’re logged in. Whether watching a YouTube video in a landscape mode or playing video games like Mini Metro it will move your home bar to the bottom of your landscape that is oriented display. If you wish to unlock your iPhone X or want to go back to the home screen from any app you’re currently logged in, simply swipe up an inch or two from that black bar and you will be redirected to the home screen.

If you desire to see which applications were opened recently, you can simply swipe up from the home bar and pause in the middle of the display. To force close the apps, all you going to do is just hold your finger on one to access the edit mode and where you can swipe up or hit that ‘ minus’ sign alone. In case you have swiped away an application but you need to double check something or want to revisit an app which was used previously, you do not need to hunt for the icon again as just swipe from right to left on the bottom of your screen to revisit the past visited apps. Remember swiping left will bring you to the most recently opened application and not redirect you to the home screen.

How does your Display Look like?

Your phone X’s screen is mainly divided into four sections at the bottom, middle, top left, and top right. You will be curious to know what these sections depict in your phone. Well, the bottom section is the one where your four pinned applications are displayed for ease of opening the most useful ones. The middle section is for accessing the widgets and provides a way where you can search. The top left section helps to find out your notifications whereas the top right section supports in finding the control center. Originally the control center is easily accessible at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad screen but still, you need to swipe down from the top right of the iPhone X’s annoying notch cutout. Let us look at some more gestures which are introduced in the latest release.

Waking Up your iPhone

This might sound a little weird to the users but yes now you can wake up as well as put your phone to sleep. There are simply three ways to do so. First, you can simply raise it and your screen will wake just as the previous versions of iPhones do. Second, you can tap the screen or press the wake/sleep button on the side. If you’re are coming from the iPhone 6s or later version then you are very much familiar with the phone raise to wake. The last way is with the help of Face ID where you had to use Touch ID to get past the lock screen in the past. Among all the given ones, raise to wake can probably be considered as the best way to unlock the iPhone X where you just pick it up and use it.

The Face ID can actually learn to identify the user’s face in those situations where you are not looking at the face-on of your phone. Your iPhone X will prompt you in a case like this to tap in your passcode and lets you know that your sideways glance is a valid way to unlock the phone and will look for you for Face ID authentication in the near future.

Watch your Notifications

The notification center is made visible on the older iPhones with a swipe down from the screen top. On your X all you have to swipe down from the top left corner of the screen to the center of the screen when you see a green arrow on the screenshot at the right. Doing this, you can easily take a look at whatever notifications you have missed like reminders and unseen texts. This gesture keeps you aware of the latest features and notifications so you can always stay updated with the trending things. The iPhone allows to unlock your device and comes up with the middle of the screen to see recent notifications. You can stay updated with all of your latest notifications which helps you to get away from missing out any.

Switching the Applications

Your device has the ability to see the multitasking view which shows the recently used applications in the past few versions of iOS when you double tap the home button from the home screen. Such displays a series of floating app cards that you can swipe through and then begin to tap to bring up another application. With your iPhone X device, the new gesture introduction is decidedly differently as you can simply swipe to the top from the bottom of the screen and pausing with your finger can still on the screen. It is then possible to swipe left and right to switch between the applications in the multitasking view.

For those users who are having iPhone with 3D Touch, you already know that there was a gesture where you can push and hold on the left side of the screen while in an application then pull to the right to bring the last-used application into the view. Similarly, on the iPhone X, the same thing can be done by using your thumb to swipe at the top from the bottom of the screen than in an arc to the right side of the phone. Addition to this, if you see a line at the bottom whenever you are in an app, swipe left or right on this line to move to the previous or next application.

When you want to Search something!

Times come when you want to search through your iPhone’s list of contacts, applications, texts or other messages using the built-in search functionality. Not only this search functionality makes it easy to find what you are looking for either on your phone or on the web, but you can also use it as a way to declutter your home screen and remove distractions that force you to be more intentional by searching for the applications you need instead of the ones you wander absent-mindedly toward.

To activate the search function, all you need to do is swipe down from the middle of your display which will show you a list of suggested applications, and lets you search through the applications themselves for reminders, attachments or messages. You can even utilize it in the task manager applications available in the market to check out what’s on your schedule. Along with the app switching, you can also organize the applications by holding down on apps without activating the Force Touch options. This will let you move apps and rearrange them according to your liking on the screen. If you have got a bunch of apps which you want to get moved from the last page to the first or have a set of related applications you would like to add to a new folder or existing one, you can simply select and move multiple apps at a time and save more minutes from getting troubled of dragging them one by one.

Forced Shut Down

The situations arise where you have to shut down or reboot your device forcefully. We have seen how the Lock button locks the phone or activates Siri. But however, clicking them do you often perform a reboot on the iPhone X? Well, then you are likely to be a little more deliberate which needs your both hands. All you got to do is press and quickly release the Volume Up button on the left side then follow the same for the Volume Down button. You will be greeted with the familiar Slide to Poer off button when you immediately press and hold the lock button. If you get stuck with your device while trying to perform a reboot or Force Restart, then hold on to the lock button for about 10 seconds which will shut off the display. Hold on to the Lock button and release it off when the Apple boot screen gets to appear.

The sleep/wake button does exactly the same on an iPhone X by putting the device to sleep or waking it up. To reboot the iPhone requires the same gesture as it is when taking the screenshots. Also, your iPhone gives you a haptic alert indicating that Face ID has been temporarily disabled. When such a situation happens, just by looking at the screen reveals three sliding buttons for turning off power and showing your medical ID or making an emergency SOS call.

Payments through Apple Pay

iPhone X also makes the shopping experience much easier for any normal person. All you are required is to register with Apple Pay cash register and voila there you go. Next time, whenever you are standing in any of the queues at the cash counter, you just need to double tap the side button i.e. the sleep/wake button while looking at the screen. This process will let your Face ID authenticate you and the payment is made in no time at all. This method works the same when making purchases from the App Store. So, once you have decided to purchase an app, a prompt will be displayed below the screenshot at the right side that appears to remind you to double-click that button to authenticate and install.

Disable the Face ID temporarily

Imagine in a situation where you are trapped with the phone by your friend but you don’t want him to unlock your phone and see your important messages. To avoid such situations, you can disable Face ID so that your friend cannot unlock your device by forcing you to stare at it. To do so, all you need to do is grab the volume button and a side button same as you do while taking a screenshot. Just hold both of them down for a little longer and you get a little tap vibration that lets you know that Face ID is disabled and after then if you wish to unlock your phone, you’re required with the password.

What’s more in the Store?

The new iPhone X comes with a wide display that is a beautiful and tall 5.8-inch screen. So, even if you have got tiny and delicate fingers of a writer, it can be a hassle reaching up to access Control Center and other notifications. It provides you the functionality to enable the tiny-hand-friendly reachability mode to make it easier to get at those topmost applications and services. To enable this feature, just click the Settings then hit General and Accessibility. Select the interaction section by scrolling down and toggle on Reachability. You can also swipe down the bottom of the screen to use this feature which will drop your display down within reach of your fingers. Also, access the control center by swiping down from the right above the topmost app where the battery and Wi-Fi icons are placed.

With the loss of home button, it makes the Siri the most used feature in the iPhone X. You can simply open the Siri by long pressing the side button as known as the sleep/wake button. Along with this, ‘Hey Siri’ also works as usual if you need anything to search for. This allows for having the work done much easier and completes the task faster than expected. In this way, you can come up with the less instruction and more task completion method. Such attractive features help to come up with easy and quicker solutions to each and every response.

Exciting times ahead

We can conclude from this article, how the iPhone X can help to ease out your tasks by increasing your productivity. You just need to get used without the home button to get your things done and then discover how wonderfully your work is completed in minutes. This device helps to get the most of your task done within minutes thereby saving more time. A perfect mixture of less time consumption and more productivity is given out by the iPhone X.

Therefore, with the rise in digital pieces of equipment and the work satisfaction which they provide is immensely growing. We can expect such technological advancements in the near future where machines are easily replacing human efforts and getting us to work done more speedily. The users were very much worried when first introduced with the no home button device, but with these tips and tricks, you can easily slide on to your new cell without hesitation. We hope you get a clear idea after reading our quick summary on how to use the attractive gestures for your iPhone X in place of the home button. Happy learning.

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