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The Top 10 VoIP Development Companies in the World Today

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Communication runs on the VoIP platform. This is not an exaggeration. You have free apps that let you use the internet for chats and video conferences. There are paid solutions like IP PBX and call center software that power business communications. VoIP development companies are on a roll as demand keeps rising. VoIP revenues are expected to exceed $ 86 billion by 2020. There are about 688 businesses working as VoIP development companies. Some stand out by virtue of their excellence and expertise and some have created a niche by blending open source VoIP platforms with advanced artificial intelligence. Here are some of the top companies in the VoIP field.

1. 3CX

3CX is a globally known company offering affordable business VoIP solutions, especially unified communications and IP PBX. It serves over 250000 global businesses in 190 countries through a network of 25000 partners. You cannot go wrong when you choose 3CX VoIP solutions.

2. Genesys

Genesys is particularly known for its superior call center solutions. Based in California, the company has a global footprint and a preferred choice of call center operators worldwide. With Genesys, you get extreme customization and full support to integrate software into the existing environment, along with training.

3. Ameyo

Ameyo is another top name in the call center software space, offering a variety of software contact center solutions for specific applications. The company boasts of over 2000 customers in 60 countries. With Ameyo you get top-notch custom VoIP development to suit specific purpose but at a price.

4. Sangoma

Sangoma is another well-known brand in the VoIP solutions world. Known for its UC solutions and superb IP PBX, Sangoma relies on Asterisk and FreePBX to power its VoIP solutions. A reputed VoIP development company, Sangoma offers the right mix of value, performance, quality, and support. Apart from UC and IP PBX, the company also offers VoIP gateways, SIP trunking, fax over me, and session border controllers.

5. Cisco

Located in San Jose, California, Cisco is multi-dimensional, best known for its networking hardware and software. It also has a sizeable presence in telecom in which segment it provides equipment and services to the world’s top companies like Time Warner. Its Unified communication manager, contact center software, and Webex are well-known VoIP products with wide acceptance in international markets. However, expect to pay high prices for products and for services.

6. Huawei

Huawei is literally a global telecom giant with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Its business products include telecom equipment and also consumer electronic products. Its other segment includes high-end telecom network products and solutions like soft switches, internet multimedia systems, and Rich communications suite. Its subsidiary Huawei Softco offers IP PBX solutions.

7. Yeastar

Yeastar is best known for its S series VoIP PBX appliances and, to a lesser degree, its Linkus Unified Communication App and Linkus Softphone app. Yeaster also offers K2 VoIP PBX that combines hardware and software for large enterprise use and Cloud PBX for small and medium businesses. It is no surprise that with this wide range, Yeaster is quite popular.

8. Twilio

Twilio follows a different path, primarily offering API integration and services to integrate VoIP and SIP into mobile and web applications. This type of integration permits users to make and receive voice calls from chat apps to any carrier network.

9. Linphone

Linphone is another VoIP solutions provider mainly offering VoIP SDK and APIs for Android, iOS and web applications. With these SDKs and integrations, users can engage in voice interactions and video calls. Also offers K2 VoIP PBX that combines hardware and software for large enterprise use and Cloud PBX for small and medium businesses. It is no surprise that with this wide range, Linphone is quite popular.

10. Ecosmob

Ecosmob is a different mix altogether which is why we left their name to the last. A total VoIP solutions company, Ecosmob offers a range of VoIP based solutions like IP PBX, softswitches, session border controller, contact center software, UC, Web RTC, SMS broadcasting, API integration, CRM integration and custom VoIP development services based on FreeSwitch, Asterisk, OpenSIPs, and Kamailio. What makes Ecosmob different is that it also works in advanced artificial intelligence development using Knime, TensorFlow, and Kubernetes among others, as well as enterprise data solutions. Ecosmob is known to integrate AI into its VoIP solutions and products, making them far more advanced, easy to use, and smarter than similar products, even those from the top brands. Ecosmob may not be very well known like Cisco, Huawei, or 3CX but its products for telecom, VoIP Service providers, and enterprise, far outshine those from the top names and quality comes at a fraction of the price charged by multinational VoIP development companies. If you want diversity, value, performance, ease of use, and superb backup support then you should be looking at Ecosmob VoIP solutions.

These are a few of the names that occur to us. We may have left out some (inadvertently) but the writeup should give you an idea about players in the field and who to choose to power your communications.

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