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5 Reasons That Every Business Owner Needs A Smart Phone

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When you’re a business owner, you understand that instant communication is so important. In an increasingly digital world, business owners must always be contactable, in order to secure deals, communicate with customers and staff, and even share snaps for social media marketing. Therefore, smartphones are so important for business owners, and even sometimes their workforce. An excellent option for a communicative workforce (without too much of an expense for the business owner) is a BYOD solution. When a workforce implements a BYOD solution, workers supply their own mobile phones and install a smartphone app where business contacts are securely stored, and a centralized bill for all work calls is paid by the employer. For more information on the importance of smartphones for businesses, keep reading.

1. Smartphones Mean You Can Market Your Business On The Go

Many smartphones nowadays have incredible camera quality – even rivaling ‘real’ cameras in some cases. Utilize this incredible feature by snapping wherever you go – and then utilize the content to market your business. As a business owner, you should be taking advantage of every possibility to market your business for free, and social media is the answer. Snap, update and upload wherever possible to get your business’ name ‘out there’ and post consistently to keep your organization’s fans and customers engaged and entertained; all from one phone.

2. Instantly Network Using Smartphones

Forget out-dated business cards, you can use your smartphone to network on the go. As business cards can easily be thrown away or discarded, it’s much more effective to make a ‘virtual stamp’ on your target; once you’ve shared your details digitally, it’s less likely they’ll be misplaced or forgotten. There are many inbuilt features to smartphones that make contact and detail sharing easy, such as cloud-based sharing liked AirDrop. Additionally, networking applications mean you can network on the go, simply research and download common networking applications, such as LinkedIn, and VoIP, video call apps, like Skype.

3. Smartphones Keep Your Workforce Connected

Smartphones help keep your workforce connected, even when on the go. Various free networking and text applications that can be downloaded on personal smartphones mean that your employees and staff can keep interconnected with yourself and with each other, meaning fewer missed opportunities, and more communication – which is useful to make sure mistakes and human errors occur less frequently. 

4. Smartphones Allow for Working On The Go

Downtime is important, but in a digital world where everyone can be connected at all hours of the day (no need to wait for letters to be delivered anymore!), the ability to connect is important. With this in mind, many businesses operate a flexible working policy, and some are even entirely remote businesses. As businesses develop and the workforce becomes more and more used to flexible hours, smartphones allow employees and business owners to work from wherever, whenever.

5. Smartphones Can Actually Improve Productivity 

You might associate smartphones with virtual games and fun applications, smartphones can be used as tools to increase productivity. As a smartphone is always in your hand, bag or pocket, you tend to use it during ‘dead’ times – such as sitting on the bus, or train. From here, you can catch up with emails, make notes, sort out annoying ‘life admin’, or even make important calls. Having an all-in-one tool available to you (such as a smartphone) allows business owners and employees to productively fill the time that otherwise would be wasted.

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