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Mobile Apps Trends Likely to Take off in the Next 10 Years

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As a smartphone user you would obviously prefer apps that are useful or at least interesting enough to engage your attention. On the other hand almost the whole tech community behind your apps is eager to make your app perform better, solve more problems and become more useful. This focus in making the apps better and more useful does not seem to happen quickly as competition is raging.

With millions of apps at your disposal comprising every niche you only prefer a handful of them for your use or in other words not all the apps are visible enough to draw your attention. That is actually the scenario that most app users are accustomed to. But in 10 years from now what would be the scenario?

We feel tempted to figure out the future of mobile apps in the coming 10 years and while doing so we took help from some studies conducted by institutions, universities and a few development companies. Here below we present our predictions.

Collaborative video apps will take off

Connection speed is continuing to be faster and in the years to come there will be least constraints for running apps that require faster connection and bandwidth. As per the continuing progress made on connection speed and bandwidth it is obvious that in 10 years from now apps will capitalize more on bandwidth than ever before. Faster speed and bandwidth availability are likely to result in more video apps with real time collaborative capability.

  • Internet connection will be delivered in Gigabit speed making it possible to run any video without any connection constraint.
  • Real time streaming media apps will take off replacing recorded video.
  • High quality video apps like Tele-presence apps and real time collaborative video apps will take off.
  • Remote video interaction will revolutionize remote education, remote surveillance, remote medical supervision and treatment and remote business collaboration.
  • There is a strong prediction that future tech advances will make it possible for many people to use life logging technologies that would facilitate capturing everything in their daily lives and surrounding and sharing them with video streaming. This would revolutionize media coverage in a new way.

Augmented reality apps trends will rule

Already we are experiencing quite a handful of elements pertaining to virtual and augmented reality. But still most of these augmented reality applications and gadgets in our daily lives are not sufficient enough to make the boundary of reality and virtual space blurred. But in the time to come thanks to mobile apps and their increasing capacity augmented reality will rule our perceptions and our interactions in everyday life. Already for a very large number of people the store means web store apps or E-commerce apps open round the clock on their handheld devices to let them buy anything. This trend will only extend to all areas of life and every ‘real’ will increasingly be replaced by their digital avatar.

  • Virtual reality through gaming worlds and various simulated environments will make us perceive and respond to the overwhelming digital space in a real way.
  • Digital avatars will replace the presence of real human presence in occasions like business meetings.
  • With the help of a virtual reality app you can feel the real ambience of any place on the planet. For instance, enjoying a motor ride on Himalayan hill side roads will be possible just sitting in the comfort of your living room.
  • Art, sports, tourism, entertainment and similar activity niches in which surrounding, ambience and Geo-location play a very important role will be revolutionized with these augmented and virtual reality apps.

Apps will become your assistant, guide and physician

In everyday life already mobile apps are playing a robust role in doing a lot of things for us. It rings the alarm for an upcoming meeting and reminds you of your pending receipts with the courier. A mobile app monitors your fitness level and a few aspects of your health condition and it helps you to schedule an appointment with the doctor. It is also a mobile app that enables you to learn the basics of a new language prior to a business tour in a foreign country. It is a mobile app that lets you do online shopping from anywhere.

In spite of their rising capabilities mobile apps are still way behind to actually replace the real life roles. But in just 10 years from now it is very likely that mobile apps will become your constant assistant, guide, physician, teacher and caretaker.

  • In the future mobile apps will enable you to see real time analytics of your workday and productive capacity unleashed.
  • Mobile apps will present analysis of your working time by showing time spent on answering email, collaborating with team members, etc. This will obviously lead to higher productivity.
  • Mobile medical apps will replace drugstore, chemist suggestions, an array of pathological tests, fitness trainer and health monitor.
  • Mobile E-learning apps will replace all skill based training schedules either on the web or in the classroom.
  • Mobile apps will be your constant assistant for daily needs, remembering anything, ordering and booking anything, shopping and making appointments.
  • Mobile apps will facilitate keeping track and a monitoring eye on your dear ones all the time.

Apps for privacy and security contra apps to monitor and track

Mobile apps by their burgeoning capacity in addressing every area of our daily life needs also offered some paradoxical problems. One of them is the problem concerning the need to monitor people versus the problem concerning the need to maintain privacy from digital intervention. Both kinds of apps will rise and eventually will make the question of privacy more problematic than ever before.

It is already apparent that apps for tracking and monitoring will increase in capacity and user growth. On the other hand there is increasing capacity and popularity with apps preventing digital intervention in the form of monitoring and tracking. This situation will give rise to legal framework and supervision as how far intervention and privacy through mobile apps can be permitted.

  • Increasing number of apps will be there with robust geo tracking capacity and real time surveillance.
  • There will be an increasing number of service providers and apps to diffuse monitoring and Geo tracking capability of other apps.
  • The warlike situation between both types of apps and increasing concern on privacy will lead to administrative intervention and legal framework on tracking and privacy app.

The Bottom Line

The horizon waiting for the mobile apps of the future will surely be broader to encompass all areas of life previously unperturbed. The booming and all pervading and all penetrating digital space will offer overwhelming volumes of electronic data and this would obviously lead to wider, richer scopes of analytics in every sphere of digital space and corresponding benefits on life.

The upcoming mobile apps trends as mentioned above only offers a limited specter of the world taking shape in the hands of mobile devices and apps. Obviously, the overwhelming range of apps and digital interaction will open huge vistas of possibilities that can be equal to the scientific progress made by the human race in many centuries.

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