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How Mobile Apps Have Revolutionized Healthcare

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We are seeing a revolution in the US Healthcare system. Whether you agree or disagree with what President Obama is trying to accomplish, you cannot deny that the healthcare reforms are a big deal. For good, or for bad.

But, there is another revolution in healthcare that has more to do with technology than politics. And, it is mostly good. Healthcare industry around the world, and specifically in US, UK and Europe, is embracing mobile technology. Apps targeting specific types of patients, doctors and healthcare processes are launched every day.

While a bulk of health-related apps are more lifestyle than medicine, there are hundreds of apps that have the interest of patients and doctors at their core. There is not one iPhone app development company that doesn’t list healthcare app development as a service. A lot has been written about individual apps, but today we will focus on how exactly these apps are benefiting doctors and patients.

Better Self-Health Management

Several healthcare apps in the market enable patients to monitor their medication and note down the side effects. Such apps also remind the app user to take the medicines on time, and they can also tell the user when he/she is running out of medicines. A number of people end up taking medicines twice, forgetting it altogether or missing a dose because they have run out of medicine. Healthcare apps ensure that such situations never arise.

Easier Access to Information

Almost all the data related to health, diseases and treatment you need is available online. Self-diagnosis is not a good idea, but knowledge regarding one’s condition is very helpful in fighting a disease. Also, access to doctors in the area who can help treat that disease is very useful. – But you need to be careful to have stable signal, for that be sure to acquire a Mobile Signal Booster. Interactive apps, especially ones on tablets, help the patients or their caretakers get a better understanding of the illness, enabling them to obtain better health care.

Billing and Personal Health Profiling

Medical charges are not easy to understand. Mobile apps make it very easy to access and track one’s medical data. All the billing information can be viewed and analyzed through a mobile app. Also, apps can store all the medical information regarding a patient, reducing the need to take off stacks of paperwork. Most mobile app development service providers create apps of this type, as they are in great demand.

Staying Connected

Too many patients fail to take proper care after they are discharged from the hospital. For many, it is simply not possible to visit the hospital frequently. Mobile apps function as a conduit between the doctor and the patient. Patients can simply upload the details of their condition on the app, and the doctors can take a quick look at their leisure. This saves a lot of time and effort, both on the part of the patient as well as the doctors.

Automating Hospital Administration

Managing hospitals are a tough task. There are a wide range of personnel that perform a wide range of tasks. All those tasks have different levels of difficulty, and the time taken to perform them varies. The employees work different shifts.

For example, nurses do a whole range of tasks, and they work different hours. It is not easy for a doctor or administrator to assign tasks justly. This gives birth to resentment on the part of the personnel, who wrongly or rightly think that they are given the worst jobs and have to work harder than most other people. But, an app can automate the task of assigning and monitoring work, cutting the problem at the root.


Over 1.5 people in the world use Smartphones– and the numbers are rising rapidly. Mobile apps are easy to use, and they have the power to replace most paperwork from health care. Also, the 24/7 connectivity extends the capability of mobile apps as healthcare suppliers.

Most processes – scheduling the appointments, monitoring medication, prescriptions, even diagnosis – can, at least partly, be done digitally. And, healthcare apps make things easier for the patients as well as doctors. Both – mobile app development service providers and healthcare companies are equally keen on leveraging mobile technology, and we can expect to see more innovations in this segment of app development.

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