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Infographic: Keeping It Simple With Responsive Web Design

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If your website is not designed to make viewing on a mobile device or tablet as easy as on a PC, you are running the risk of losing valuable traffic and sales. Responsive web design is all about the creation of content that has the ability to look good and provide the same level of functionality and easy navigation regardless of what device you are using to access the website with.

This infographic gives you the heads-up on what responsive web design is all about and why progressive enhancement is so important in shaping the fundamental concept that holds everything together and makes your website work for every user.

You might need to have certain skills to be a web designer and not everyone can successfully create the coding required to create the right visual look and feel of each page, but understanding how it is all put together and why fluid grids are important, will help you to gain a better insight into how your website is structured and works.

It is not just a case of getting the content right so that visitors return to your site again in the future, there is also the important task of getting a user to like the look and aesthetics of your site, which they will when you use a responsive web design.

There is also the important consideration of search engine optimization. It is far easier for Google to crawl and index one website rather than two separate versions, so check out what you need to enhance your site with responsive web design.

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