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Significant Techniques for Improving the Google Ad Rank

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Google ad campaigns are the perfect ways to get quick traffic over your website. SEO campaigns take from 6 months to 1 year to display your website on top positions in the organic search, but with ad campaigns, you can display your website above the organic search

But, it is not just the rank of your website in the organic search, which matters. As a matter of fact, your ads also gain a position on Google, which is known as ad rank. Your ad gets a specific place at Google Ad search results. For example, if your ad is displayed in the second position, your ad is ranked at number two.

Here, the question that is required to understand what those factors are which affect your ad rank.

Factor for Ad Rank on Google

In the first few months of 2017, a few key changes were announced by Google AdWords. Introduction of ad rank thresholds and machine learning was one of the prominent changes in this regard.

The things, which enter into Google’s system, are your bid amount, ad quality and the ad rank threshold. Moreover, the specific keyword research is also analyzed to determine what user is exactly looking for according to his/her previous behavior on the search engines.

So, it will not be wrong to say that every search is fundamentally different. These searches trigger different Ad rank factors to carry more weight.

In some of the cases, bidding higher may be the only factor to get the high ad ranking, but this factor does not work always.

Google considers a number of factors when it evaluates your ad rank. Here are some of the factors considered by Google.

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#Bid Amount or Ad Rank Threshold

To be in a specific position, you need to bid the minimum amount. For instance, if a term costs $2, then you can’t rank first by bidding 20 cents on that.

Ad rank threshold on a specific keyword is another related factor. It means that depending upon the context of searching your bid amount is the prominent factor and is more significant as compared to the other factors.

#Quality of Ad

Your quality score is the other determining factor without any second thought. CTR, relevance and landing page experience etc. are the major deciding factors for the quality of the ad.

#The Context of Search

The context of search matters for the ad rank. To understand this more vividly, it will be a good idea to quote the words of Google itself – “The context of the person’s search – With the ad auction, context matters. When calculating Ad Rank, we look at the search terms the person has entered, the person’s location at the time of the search, the type of device they’re using (e.g., mobile or desktop), the time of the search, the nature of the search terms, other ads and search results that show on the page, and other user signals and attributes.”

#Impact from Ad Extension

The impact from ad extension is another factor, which means the impact of the additional information such as your phone number, or more links to some specific page of your website.

Google Ads makes estimates how extensions, as well as other ad formats you are using, will impact the performance of your ad.

How to Increase the Ad Rank


The above-mentioned ones are the factors, which are considered by Google to rank your advertisements. The next question that is required to be thought is what to do to give your advertisement a good ranking. Here are the ways that you can use for accomplishing this purpose.

  1. Focus Just on Relevant Ad Extensions

Bidding is a good way to increase the rank, but it is not appropriate to spend just on the clicks. You need to work upon relevant ad extensions.

Let’s see what Google says in this respect “When estimating the expected impact of extensions and ad formats, we consider such factors as the relevance, clickthrough rates, and the prominence of the extensions or formats on the search results page.”

The ad extensions should produce higher click-through rates, and align perfectly with your calls to action and campaign goals. If this is not the case, then the ad rank may go at the bottom position.

  1. Use More Specific Ad Groups to Improve Your Quality Score

In order to improve the quality score of your advertisement, you need to work upon the more specific ad groups.

You need to understand that even if the products or services you are offering are similar to some other products or services, but still there is a difference, then you need to be specific. For example, headphones and earbuds are similar products, but still, there is a difference.

Users often only want those products, which they are searching for. Of course, there are the users who sometimes change their decision on seeing the good offers on the other identical products, but still, you cannot expect this very often, and relying on the exceptional cases may not be good for your quality score.

  1. Landing Pages Should Match the Offer You Promise in Ad

There are several cases when the landing pages are different from the promise that users see in the advertisements. It is undoubtedly a frustrating thing for the users, and will not give much benefit.

The keywords used are clear indications for the users to get. On the contrary, many ads say one thing, but when they are clicked users find the generic pages, which should be avoided.

The landing pages should have a clear message match. When the landing pages have a clear message match, the chances of conversions are increased hundreds of times.

  1. Use Appropriate Keywords Using the Keyword Tools

This seems to be a basic thing, but as a matter of the fact, this is one of the most important things. You need to choose the appropriate as well as more specific keywords.

However, some of the keywords are used with the estimate, but to get the specific keyword, you need to use the keyword research tools. Google itself offers a tool named Google Keyword Planner, with the help of which you can find out the keywords, which are best for your products or services.

  1. Work on Improving Your Website

Making your website user-friendly may help you improve your quality score. The thing you need to do in this regard include:

  • Create excellent landing pages, which could impress the users. It will help you to reduce the bounce rate also.
  • Make your website SEO-friendly, which will also be helpful for you to improve upon your Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Make desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly website for better user experience.

Always remember, even if you create good ads, but your website does not fit to that level, it will reverse the impact that users have acquired from the advertisements.

To Sum Up

With the help of the above-mentioned methods, you can get a good Ad Rank for your Google AdWords campaigns. You always need to keep the factors in mind, which Google consider for the ranking of the advertisements.

If you find these factors to be overwhelming, you always have the option to hire PPC management services from a good digital marketing agency.

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